Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Paris Saint-Valentin

This is the 'early' Paris Saint-Valentin report. Next week I should have more...
So what are you wishing for on the 14th?
Besides George...
Guerlain is promoting la Petite Robe Noir
On a brief waltz down rue du Bac 75007 quite a few places were ready for St.V day like the new Angelina.
They have a blowout special dinner with champagne and lobster at their rue de Rivoli shop. Or you can get this his and hers white chocolate and dark chocolate yin/yang gateau.
I fell hard for their piece monte made of simply madeleines. Elegant and maybe a year's supply..?
Dalloyau down the street has a special heart-shaped gateau called 'Red Kisses'.
But this framboise charlotte looked even more tempting.
Rose-colored glasses galore on rue du Bac.
The newish Pierre Marcolini is famous for their red framboise chocolate ganache heart candies.
You can buy a ton of them in this round box...
Or inside a red chocolate heart called 'Cache Coeur' hidden heart.
At the end of rue du Bac, La Grand Epicerie is lollypop Central. Their selection of sucette is endless.
Make your own mini chocolat moelleux hearts with this mold.
 And for Spot, a nice water bowl (probably a torte pan..?).
I lurve these gorgeous transparent red water bottles.
But pink champers from Fauchon is more appropriate I guess.
Fauchon's windows say, "French Art To Kiss" whatever that means. You tell me ;))
Les Fees Patissieres has a valentine for him or her with the traditional French daisy petals (unlike ours "he loves me, he loves me not). Theirs says "he loves me a little, he loves me madly, he loves me passionately".
My dream of a valentine would be this lobster heart from Fauchon. They offer it all year if you don't get the chance next week by the way.
But I'd be quite happy with a bouquet of French breakfast radi/radishes. KISS
Saint-Valentines in a beauty salon.
At top chocolatier Patrick Roger you never know what to expect. You tell me what's going on here. Kusmi Tea has a dreamy commercial of lovers underwater amidst swirling silk. Just beautiful! More to come next week.
And wifi is coming to chez moi TOMORROW! Yay


La Table De Nana said...

Jeanette, Mistress of Longears said...

I once bought a bottle of Tynant water just to get my hands on the gorgeous cobalt blue bottle....I was severely disappointed to find the plain glass bottle was shrink-wrapped in a sheet of blue plastic!!!
As for Patrick Roge, I believe he has shown penguin love...the guy on the left and the emaciated female model on the right.

Connie said...

Je te souhaite un bouquet de radis. Avec amour, Connie xxxxxooooo ;-)

Barbara Lilian in France said...

At the moment those red coated chocolate hearts are not tempting me. Love the rose coloured specs. how about you ?

Karen@PasGrand-Chose said...

I discovered Belgian Pierre Marcolini in Bruges last year ... yum, never looked back.
Hope you are settling in!

Nikon said...

Amazing photos. I like the "blue hour" photo of Angelina's and Pierre Marcolini's.
Then there are lots & lots of bright pinks in there!

Marie B said...

The name of the tall cake made of madeleines is "piece montee"

Katheryn Owls Head said...

All of it! xo

crazy4paris said...

Love the Fauchon lobster heart and Laduree Ying Yang cakes! Laduree just opened a restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner in Soho!

Kathy said...

The pictures are seems more romantic over there than here.

Parisbreakfasts said...

It is. Everything is more romantic in Paris...

Jeanie said...

I need rose colored glasses these days. It all looks so lovely!

Carolyn said...

This post brought back wonderful memories of the tarte framboise that Vanessa and I fell in love with in a little spot on rue de buci. It will be our first stop when we return in September. Cannot find anything like it in Seattle!

Coco said...

Do you know that when you buy radis,
do not put them in réfrigérateur
they have to be kept
like a bouquet de fleurs, leaves in water !!!

Frances said...

Carol, it was such fun to see how Paris encourages everyone to be romantic as February 14 draws near. Not just romantic, of course, but stylishly romantic. And doesn't romance deserve a bit of style?

Difficult to pick a favorite photograph from this collection.

I am glad to hear that you're just about sorted with wifi in your new location. What a true Parisienne you are becoming!


Parisbreakfasts said...

You Have to taste them.
Mind-blowing delish

Unknown said...

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