Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Dogs in Paris

Meet New Yorker Amos, a Yorkiepoo and a working dog.
Amos is on vacance in Paris for a few days, but mostly you can find him monitoring dog training classes. Yes, he sits at a desk wearing a coat that says 'Principal' and makes sure the other dogs behave...ahem
His mom, Anna, formerly fulltime journalist now dog trainer was lucky Amos invited her to come to Paris.
Amos minding his Ps and Qs at café Le Select. This guy knows the ropes and doesn't miss a trick.
I was a little surprised when he ordered a croquet Madame but who am I to question this brainy little critter.
Croque Madame - that's a very cheesy croque Monsieur with a fried egg on top.
Amos performs a few brilliant tricks up his sleeve after eating his dejeuner like waving...
Sit up!
Play dead!
Pets can paint on an ipad. Who knew?
The dogs take 'Selfies' like this adorb photo Amos took with a gentle tap of his nose to the screen.
Anna is one lucky duck to work for Amos at SFTD isn't she? Trips to Paris now and then make awfully nice perks I'd say...
Dans la rue Amos practices his French and makes friends in no time at all. If you're bringing your pet to Paris what about an onsite portrait?


  1. Cute! Amos will be running Paris soon since we know how much the Parisians love their dogs! I love how easy going they are about taking your 4 legged friend into restaurants...and of course Croque Madame...the perfect choice!

  2. It's amazing how quickly Amos caught on to French. Hope he doesn't break that little white cutie's heart when he goes back home. Oh well, they'll always have Paris.

  3. Wonder what she could teach my weenie, Sister, who has taken to biting strangers in her old age?

  4. Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
    So cute!!!!!!!

    Maria Lucia Fernandes

  5. Anonymous1:44 PM

    Many thanks for devoting your entire blog today to dear darling Amos. What a lucky guy - dining in a restaurant in Paris!

  6. Barbara L1:45 PM

    What an adorable little fellow. He knows how to work it, , turning his best side to the camera. Love him xx

  7. Rosemary1:46 PM

    this is so adorable it makes me wish I had a dog!::) I will definitely recommend it to dog-lovers in any case.

  8. Anna Jane School For The Dogs1:49 PM

    Love it! Ha!
    You're such a good writer! Thanks so much. And great sketch!

  9. Bonsoir,

    Je trouve cette publication très intéressante et attachante.
    Icarus, mon dalmatien de 6 mois va à l'école des chiots depuis 2 mois. Il y apprend l'obéissance et fait de l'agility... Outre ça, cela lui permet de rencontrer plein de copains ! C'est vraiment génial.

    Gros bisous

  10. What an Adorable puppy. Cute as a button and smart as a whip. :) How cool she can take him with her.

  11. This is wonderful and way fun! I don't think I could take Lizzie Cosette into a restaurant -- and that is definitely a good thing! Amos is excellent -- he gets A+!

  12. As an Australian it rather blows my mind that you could travel with your dog overseas. We certainly can't (the dog would have 6 months quarantine coming back in, and I'm sure it would be prohibitively expensive anyway). It would be fun to do in a way, although neither of my dogs would have the personality for holidays I think.

  13. How gorgeous is that dog???
    Love that about France. You can take a dog almost everywhere.


  14. Carol, your painting of little Amos certainly did him justice! He is a cutie with a personality to match!
    I do have to admit ,though,that I am ridiculously partial to our two adorable Yorkies (who of course in our eyes have no equal!!!)

  15. We have four dogs, but none of them have ever taken us to Paris. Evidently it's our fault, because we didn't send them to school. Do you know the cost of an education these days?!

  16. I miss Paris so much! Sigh! :)

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