Sunday, October 27, 2013

Les Bonne Boulangeries

Chausson au pomme may be one of my 25 TOP viennoiseries/pastires to munch on in Paris...
I had my 1st chausson from Du Pain et des Idees yesterday (eaten dans le rue ahem).
Normalment a chausson is full of apple compote so you feel slightly less guilty eating it. But Du Pains has a whole slice of apple baked inside with the skin left on! Quelle surprise & trés delish. This is a chausson au pomme not to be missed.
Trish Deseine is a big fan of DPEDI and includes them in her top 5 cake stops in Paris.
She also raves about the antique interior decor.
And I'm nuts for their FAB vintage tin collection in the windows
David Lebovitz' Paris Pastry lists DPEDI in his best Paris TOP 25. Plus you don't need internet to access most of his info. I found out wandering on rue Yves Toudic last Sunday hoping to buy a croissant etc. I also found out Du Pain is closed on Saturdays and Sundays Thanks to David's app.
I hit on boulangerie Aux Peches Normands also on rue Yves Toudic yesterday.
They have a tiny cafe in the back for your petit Dejeuner.
Along with the usual suspects they have many Normande specialties
These criss-cross apple tartes were all over Rouen when I visited in September.
Both of these delightful boulangerie are on either end of rue Yves Toudic. Clever Agnes B. has two old fashioned bakers posted outside their shop as a clue to keep walking. You’ll be rewarded 🥐
I was pleased to see David lists Au 140 on my home turf in his Top 25.
I go here all the time. There is ALWAYS a line.
They have won best baguette and best croissant. No wonder.
They always have the latest seasonal fruit in a tarte planted in the window. This is why the Paris boulangerie must not be missed. Patisseries are for elaborate gateaux. But for your basic seasonal fruit tarte head to any boulangerie SVP.
My chausson au pomme was terrific but now I'm mad for the baked apple slice at Du Pain. By the way Trish Deseine likes Au 140. Almost all boulangeries have illustrations of bakers and croissants on their bags which I find endearing and highly collectable even when butter stained...


  1. Their anni poratarit is absolutely charming!
    Comme tes chaussons:)
    Love the tin collection also.
    I have to say Boullangeries please me too..An instant smile crosses my face when walking into a cute one..

  2. it is time for me to begin my strict weight-loss regime so I will be ready in a few months to sample to delights you describe!

  3. Marilyn10:18 AM

    What a neat picture to capture the memory of a romantic moment in celebrating an anniversary.
    No better city than Paris.

  4. Nice to know you can find something you like close to home! Your painting of the Chausson au pomme is perfect! And I'd be wanting every tin in that collection. Darned charming!

    1. Yes the vintage tins or the pastries
      Tough choice!

  5. I'm salivating and trying to imagine what size and variety of apple to use try to imitate DPEDI's pommel au chausse…..and I'm not even a fan of apple pies, tarts, pastries!
    Regarding the lines: could they be the secret to the slim Parisian? So much time waiting just has to "eat" into eating time?

    1. Like a 1/4 slice (think bread) of an apple or slightly less

  6. I would be running around with my head cut off like a chicken, afraid I may have missed something special...I live to eat....

    1. Be Very glad you live in AZ Lynne
      Its Hellish here for the like of those with no self control or resistance

  7. Yvonne1:14 PM

    Thanks for this one. I've informed my daughter & companions that the next trip to Paris will include an apple croissant type of wonderment from a Paris Boulangerie or similar yummy establishment! :-D Yvonne

  8. sheer torment.
    it is time for me to begin my strict weight-loss regime so I will be ready in a few months to sample to delights you describe!

    1. Please read this post:

  9. Just wanted to tell you that I think your recent pastry/caramel is very appealing. I also love how you did Judy and her husband. They must be delighted! Congrats to the artist.l

  10. Bonsoir chère amie,

    Les illustrations de vos viennoiseries sont merveilleuses. En ce qui me concerne je craque littéralement devant n'importe quelle viennoiserie... Cependant mon allergie au gluten me ralentit ! grrrrrrr. Toutefois je fais l'exception de temps en temps sur au moins une !...
    Vous êtes une tentatrice ma chère avec vos magnifiques photos qui me donnent l'eau à la bouche.
    Gros bisous

  11. Carolyn2:12 PM

    Apple pastries yummmmmm! Reading your blog is somewhat problematic for me because I am feeling the need to schedule another trip to Paris! Carolyn

  12. I'm sure you're following me.....I was here last week! Well I was stocking up on apple turnovers from Du Pain et des Idees. Magnifique!

  13. Wonderful anniversary portrait,Carol!
    And! SENSATIONAL pastries!

  14. Very nice portrait!
    I like Du Pain for the antiques, not just the turnovers - the interior is fabulous & the window display.

  15. How I would love an apple turnover right now! Well, I'd eat apple anything right at the moment. It makes me think of my dear grandmother who made the best apple pie I've ever tasted. I know. Not a Parisian pastry, but mouth watering good!

  16. Completely agree with you about the chausson aux pommes. It's so delicious, especially first thing in the morning!!!! Mmmm....


  17. Delicious post as always Carol. I think I only had one chausson aux pomme on my visit this year- but it was fabulous- from Poilane. I haven't visited either of these fabulous boulangeries- always so much left to do for next time.


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