Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fall Desserts

The Fall desserts are out in Paris and the nuts are back...ahem
Along with (Spring 2014) fashion collections showing all over town, Fall haute cuisine patisserie is out in force.
Coing or quince tartes at Gerard Mulot goes with seasonal fruits.
Pierre Herme is deeply into coffee beans with infiniment café in 21 variations until 20 october.
Here's a few.
Dalloyau takes the classic chocolate and nutty route.
Even chess pieces are in play. Chess is a wintery game isn't it?
Noisette paired with a creamy millefeuille from Frederic Cassel Fontainebleau.
Fauchon plays well with eclairs making this one into a double decker religieuse.
And another éclair into a Paris-Brest
Gold leafed nuts or hazelnuts spell FALL!
Or put gold leaf on chocolate leaves to make a point at Frederic Cassel
Hugo et Victor are always seasonal and fruity. A witty grape slice
HetV's seasonal fruity tarte
A main course that looks like dessert to me at Fauchon.
The vendeuse at Jean-Paul Hevin said these potatoes are available year round but they look like winter to me.  Maybe an Irish Winter?
If you're coming to Paris get ready to eat chocolate, cream, baba au rhum, nuts, and caramel.
Au revoir les Fraises et Framboises
C'est comme ca.


  1. OMG, that looks so good!
    Killer pastries :)

  2. Yours are the killerest:-)
    Love your take.
    I like coffee flavored desserts:-)

  3. Good lord. Now I really need something sweet. Those are gorgeous!

  4. Oh my delicious!
    I am SO not hungry but...I could possibly make room for one or five of these... :)

    Manda from Eat Cake

  5. Please stop doing this to us! I knew I shouldn't have looked at your post before going to bed. At least I can run downstairs and make some cinnamon raisin toast. Not nearly the same thing, but with real butter on it, I can at least survive.

  6. Anonymous11:01 PM

    Love the potato!!! Looks just like one...can we pretend
    it's full of fiber? I hadn't seen anything like this before..used to all the whimsical flirty's rather refreshing actually!

    1. How right you are!
      I will get one next time and give you the load down on it

  7. I need to work on my style and presentation. These look marvelous. Love your presentation.

  8. Oh, éclair religieuse...worth the air fare for a visit to Fauchon!

  9. How magnificent that all looks. And so different from just a few months ago. I would have a totally different holiday now, and get to eat so many deliciously different things. Although I'm glad to miss out on the infiniment cafe- that's not for me, but everything else looks game on.

  10. Katherine10:00 AM

    Wow! What a change in channel from berries to hearty fruits, nuts and chocolate. Carol, I absolutely love the fashion entry, particularly the tiered affair on the right. The colors!!!! Exquisite!

  11. I just found your blog site; love it!

    On your February 29, 2008 blog you have a photo of Chocolate Sausage.

    Do you happen to know what the ingredients? Do you have a recipe?


  12. This was heaven.....why are you not big as a house? I would have to walk miles so I could eat all of that...

    1. I would need to be an heiress to eat all these even if a rather large heiress...

  13. Deliciously speaking....we should have eaten more desserts when in Paris.......oh yes.....there is a budget to consider....that's what keeps us coming back! Bonjour! Lovely paintings Carol!

  14. Wow,Carol!
    Your painting absolutely captured HetV's grape tart,(which is gorgeous) and as for Fauchon's entrée,well, we won't even go there.
    Just too yummy!
    Thank you for sharing this with us!
    Hard to believe the Spring fashions are already in the windows! Hard to believe tomorrow is October 1st!

    1. The grape slice was so fun to paint. Thanks
      Spring fashions are on the runway only so far.
      But who is ready to look at wool scarves?
      I'm not...

  15. My oh my oh my, Carol, there I was, having a catch up on my favorites posts, just after having a supper that involved potatoes, scallions, butter, cream, Kale and Bacon, and thought I was so happy and full.

    And then, as I munched on an apple from today's Union Sq. farmers market, I came upon the glories that you've shown us.

    How meagre my earlier tastings now seem. Truly, no country does baking in the same league as France.

    I will now savor your photos. xo

  16. Gorgeous post, Carol. Just beautiful! Thank you for making all your fans drool!

  17. yes that's seems very DELICIOUS but it's verrrrryyyy expensive !!!! fortunately you can find very good pastry for cheaper in Paris (i mean for 2 to 4 euros)

    1. H &M has cheap clothes. But they are not like Dior orLanvin.
      This is the creme de la creme of patisseries.


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