Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Paris Gourmet 2

More from Trish Deseine's THE PARIS GOURMET on shopping in  the marches.

This time the Sunday organic marché Bio at rue Raspail, 75006. If you go on tuesdays and Fridays the organic producteurs will not be there.
The first thing to greet my eyes coming up out of Metro Rennes station were these enticing Provencal cotton quilts.
Two steps away this fabulous nutty, figgy bread.
But the lines were too long. French lines are probably the only thing keeping me from blowing up and floating away. Even the credit card machines tell you to be patient and wait...
Pick out your oysters...
And they will shuck them on the spot for you to eat straight away. It's oyster season again!
Natural/ organic wines seem to be preferred over anything 'industrial'.
Look you can grow you're own kale for a mere 18 euros.. You lucky USers, gather your kale while you may in big curly bunches for a song.
Definitely the tomatoes are better here than in the supermarche.
And the jams/confiture
Another landmine for me especially when the titles are handwritten or the jam is liquidy if you turn it upside down - a sign there isn't too much pectin (so industrial). This is strictly my biased opinion but Trish's yellow book will guide you to all the right places. Then you decide based on your own taste buds.
Yesterday I went back to Marche Grenelle to see if the Apple Lady from the Loire vallee was back. Of course she was.
I couldn't resist her mini noisettes/hazelnuts I hope from her own back yard. She counted them out exactly on the scale. Heaven forbid I should get an extra one for my 2 euros. Still her mini pears are deliciously ripe and ready to eat today.
Trish says,
"Only touch the produce if you're invited - and be gentle. Sometimes you will be invited to choose your own fruit and vegetables, sometimes this will get you into big trouble. Go with it. Poking, prodding and squeezing is frowned upon - unless you buy of course'. The Apple Lady has remaindered fruit on the side and you can help yourself.
"Steal me a grape - and no one will mind'"says Trish. "It is acceptable to steal a grape or a Mirabelle and try it without asking the seller. I've no idea why this should be. Do not, under any circumstances try this with other fruit".
 I've become a fearless grape thief in Paris thanks to Trish. Her book has given me the bravado to taste and try many new foods. Certainly a visit to a marche in Paris is essential to understand what's in season and what you should be ordering in restaurants. They are joined at the hip. Well the good ones are.
"Parisian dogs can go to markets too. Dogs are fine, but remember the size limit is set at cocker spaniel or Kind Charles. Nothing bigger".
I suppose bigger hounds of Paris will have to browse or lecher vitrine... Whatever Trish says goes in my eyes.


  1. Love the crates of veggies turned on the diagonal! I have a lot of trouble overcooking my jams....I always worry they haven't gelled enough.

  2. How I wish I could have/see in person the Provencal quilts!!! and the Nutty Figgy Bread too!

  3. The fabrics..draw my eye for sure..

    And..your lady..and the grapes:)

    I tried oils today:)

  4. I am in love with the quilts. The colors are just glorious.

  5. Milecar3:35 AM

    Wow, what a Great experience!

  6. This book is the perfect tour guide to paris!
    Very helpful information

  7. This reminds me that I should rather go out shopping some food than sit here behind my PC. At least, this post gave me appetite! :-)

  8. Laurie V.9:42 AM

    It is so sad that the best dogs IMHO have to be left outside. I feel so sorry for the dog in the picture! As for the breed you mentioned earlier in the post, it is a King (not Kind) Charles, and while too small for my taste, it is a great favorite among Parisian dog owners. Fashion leaves me cold, but dogs are another story. Please post more pictures of them!

  9. I'm so glad you are sharing more about this book. It sounds fascinating! And essential for marketing in Paris! Thanks. (Oh, those quilts are to die for!)

  10. Bonsoir,

    Une sortie au marché... Un plaisir sans cesse renouvelé en ce qui me concerne...
    Des photos excellentes, des photos gourmandes...
    Une publication tellement dynamique ! J'adore...
    Gros bisous

  11. You are really into the swing of things now, with all the inside info you have from Trish. It's so easy when you know the etiquette expected, for only touching the fruit & when it's OK. to taste. Would love to have been able to taste the nut & fig bread. enjoy ' le weekend. '

    1. Yes, knowing lots of little details make a big difference here

  12. That's fascinating facts about the dogs and supermarkets.OMG that nutty, figgy bread looks sensational. We were very close to Marche Raspail on our last visit, but only got to visit once. The produce is so different this time of year.

    1. BTW I just cracked and have now ordered Paris Gourmet... Essential knowledge for my next trip.

  13. I wish we had a market like that here in RI; it would be great to find fresh oysters, bread, and everything else in one spot.
    Love the dog :)

  14. Anonymous2:13 AM

    I am in love, love, love with the photograph of grapes. The colors are fabulous and the translucency captured with your ipad is amazing! Now those would be tricky to paint I should think! Carolyn

  15. Anonymous2:49 AM

    Maybe it is because I am so freakin hungry, I don't know, but your blog today made my mouth water. I thought of the wonderful cider we purchased made by the apple lady, and the talk of jam just about made me come undone. I am sure I have told you that my favorite food is TOAST, and being a toast lover, one also has to love jam! And I so loved the Raspail market.
    And when you mentioned the Grenelle market, I thought of the pillow shams that I didn't buy :( I am still lusting after those!
    BUT, the photo of the grapes is soooooo beautiful. I feel I should design a room around those colors. I would like to say I would like to do a watercolor of them but how crazy would that be. How could you get them to look translucent, and get that frosty finish ( I am sure it has a name).
    Nice way to end my day. Thanks! Carolyn

  16. The quilts are has impressive . The colors and patterns are perfect.

  17. Patricia Cowan4:32 PM

    My 14 year old Border Collie had a stroke and passed away a week touching for me to see and be moved only by the photo of the Retriever outside the market...the other pictures were smashing, but...


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