Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What I ate at Salon du Chocolat Opening Night

Fortunately I squirrel away many of the samples they hand out on opening night at the Salon du Chocolat...the better to show you all.
Clever chocolatier Pierre Marcolini had a roped off area demonstrating
The bean-to-bar process of making chocolate. This includes tasting roasted beans and feves, broken up bits of bean that often can go into a bar and are quite tasty.
Enfin his exquisitely refined chocolates.
Cacao beans were everywhere in all states of development as a reminder where this luscious candy comes from...
There was plenty of goofy stuff at the Salon du Chocolat. Don't worry.
These Cemoi Petit Ourson/little chocolate marshmallow-filled bears seem to have taken on a sex. Is the 1st one pregnant?
Life-size Mikado chocolate sticks - you can find Mikado in all the supermarkets here. Top pastry chefs are fond of adding it to their creations.
The M.I.A. French squirrel can be depended upon to show up
Some of my favorite chocolates: these seasonally flavored half globes from Hugo and Victor.
Pierre Herme has a booth this year at the Salon
His smallest box is a wonderful treat!
Sadaharu Aoki has a variety of the vert croissants and cakes.
Chocolat chaud
Henri Le Roux' specially designed treat this year was pain perdu smothered in caramel au beurre sale.
I could not resist Arnaud Larher's Kouign Amann. I bought it last year and died and went to heaven. Fortunately in the taxi going home Georges took it and a number of my other irresistible Salon acquisitions off my hands (and off my hips).
Some of Larher's chocolate pastries from last night.
As soon as you come in the door Poilane + beurre Bordier + shredded chocolate as your 1st bite of the evening.
This year there is a separate floor for the candy makers. Georges Marques of Le Bonbon au Palais was in charge of organizing it.
I fell victim to these wonderful caramels made with goats milk. MIAM. Thank you Georges for taking them away with you or I'd be munching this minute.
Georges' candy stand was decorated with big wall paintings made by kids in nearby schools describing their taste experiences. By the end of the evening these bowls were near empty.
Merci mille for inviting me last night Georges!
Did I mention I've been doing pastry illustrations for Frederic Cassel Fontainebleu..? What a surprise to see them used all over the walls of his stand at the Salon! *Note that devilishly good jar of caramel au beurre sale in the right corner...
MILLE MERCI Chef Frederic!!
What to wear to opening night at the Salon du Chocolat
A DIY batch of necklaces made with Georges candies and very much inspired by Coco Jobard's pile of Chanel necklaces seen at the Petrossian event. This morning it's many splashes of cold water and cups of hot chocolate so I can get out and face another round of the Chocolate Salon. Bonne Chance!


  1. Anonymous8:47 AM

    Thank you for the amazing tour and many congratulations on having your beautiful illustrations so prominently displayed !! Mr. Cassel's team clearly has wonderful taste in more ways than one. :) annespan65

  2. That Georges..I am sure I remarked on what a nice face I thought he had in a previous post.
    I stand by my words:)
    Looks interesting and fun..
    I would go for the jewelry for me..That necklace is so grandsons would want to eat it.. I would buy the chocolates as gifts:)

    Have to say I have goosebumps of pride seeing your art exhibited:)
    So proud!
    M. FC has great taste!!

  3. Ooo la la! Cheers to Frederick Cassell for having the good sense to employ the queen of the watercolor wash!! That necklace of cant has me thinking polymer clay p anytime.
    Buck up! Eat as much chocolate/caramel au beurre sale as you must to slog through another day at the mines-er Salon du Chocolate.

  4. Anonymous12:04 PM

    Your necklace is too cute for words. What a great idea!Always find your blogs so interesting and paintings so charming.Thanks for all the fun!

  5. Miam. Congratulations - I love that your talent has been so spectacularly recognized & everyone gets to see it. Love those water colors you did for Frederic Cassell. You may soon be the lone illustrator for the pastries of France.

  6. Oh how I would love visiting this show. How exciting for you to see your own work there. Love, love your necklace and the earrings too.

  7. How very cool to have your paintings up on the wall! Or are you immune to such thrills? The necklace looks super. I don't understand why you let Georges run away with the kouign amann...or was it just that you left your sack of goodies with him accidentally? Jeff can vouch that pain perdu with caramel au beurre sale is exquisite!

  8. Anonymous5:14 PM

    How fabulous to have your beautiful pastry watercolors adorning Frederic Cassel's display! I visited his website and found your work on the opening page. Beautiful!!! Your necklace is just too much fun! Fortunately, you were surrounded by such great chocolate that you didn't have to be tempted to start eating your attire, although I would have been tempted because it is made up of some of my favorite candy. Very creative idea to make that, lest we forget that you are after all, a great artist! Carolyn

  9. LOve the Lakritz necklace... I do like a bit of 'good chocolate, preferably very dark!
    Your sketches are divine and make me want to eat chocolates:-)

    1. In the US we call it 'Allsorts' no idea why?

  10. I really just want to hang out with you! I am so delighted to see your art at Frederic Cassel -- when I first saw the photo, I thought, "That looks like Carol'!" and it was! Lovely!

  11. I have a hard time telling the real candy from your drawing of them. Nice job on having your work hung on the walls of Frederic's stand.. wow.... Congrats! Looks great.

  12. Wow, just too much :) It all looks so good......
    Nice to see your artwork on display there - congrats!

  13. Bonjour vous, la tentatrice !
    De peindre de si belles gourmandises avez-vous résisté à l'envie de les goûter ?...
    La semaine dernière on m'a offert une boîte de chocolat et aujourd'hui, je l'avoue, j'ai tout mangé !!
    Mes préférés, les Malakoffs à la pistache !

    Lorsque j'étais enfant j'adorais, aujourd'hui toujours ☺, ces petits nounours au chocolat avec la guimauve.
    Ont-ils voulu créer des nounours fille et des nounours garçon ?
    Une belle visite qui me laisse rêveuse !
    Gros bisous

    1. C'est PLUS, PLUS tentation pour MOI!
      Beaucoup, beaucoup sont irresistable
      Trés difficile

  14. Barbara Lillian3:58 AM

    Brilliant post, If I'd worn that necklace I'd have finished the evening with just the cord around my neck. I could tell by the style those illustrations were yours before I read the caption, congratulations well deserved. I've loved your style since I first read your blog. Nice to see your friend Georges again, but where was his lovely écharpe.
    Barbara Lillian

  15. How smart of you to squirrel away your tastes for later. I ate way too many samples at my visit to the Salon du Chocolat today. Soooo beautiful. I have more photos from the exhibition here

  16. I am really looking for classic and gorgeous cups of hot chocolates. I am fan of cooking and searching for quick dessert recipe tips from every blog.

    1. There were MANY cups of HOT CHOCOLATE to be had at the Salon but very few were selling the powdered mix itself. I found it only at Henri le Roux. Lots of cacao on it's on was available and I bought that too figuring it must be better quality in the supermarkets for sure.


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