Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Stalking Vanessa Bruno

Last Paris trip I had definite plans to acquire the coveted Vanessa Bruno cabas.

French Girl has one of course and *note she's carrying it along side her Pierre Herme bag of birthday goodies.

Macarons + the V. Bruno bag can be seen together all the time, like here inside the PH Vaugirard patisserie on Jour Du Macarons

Evidently anyone with the good sense to love macs adores the V.B

Clever Printemps showed the Bruno bag amidst it's Alice display - who wouldn't want this bag? 

Like a stack of macarons waiting... for the addicted at Galeries Lafayette. The newest version comes in leather not canvas and studs not sequins. 

I tracked this young girl shopping with her mom into the Opera Zara. I had never seen a "mini" Vanessa Bruno before!

Vanessa Bruno I know my photo is hanging in a Paris police station. Are they on the lookout for a messy hair/baguette/dog and now Vanessa Bruno bag stalker? Are French "silver bracelets"/hand cuffs more chic than a New York pair?

I chase after a running French girl (with VB bag *note) into the Metro. It sounds insane now that I mention it. I was on my way home too, after a long, tiring day of stalking. By the way, the Metro is a great place for stalking per se, since everyone is mostly distracted and blitzed.

Vanessa Bruno Inside the Metro car can get a bit tricky. Here I'm spotted by a vigilent rider. Well heck she was carrying a Vanessa Bruno cabas. I did want to touch on the coloration of the preferred bag in Paris, which seems to be muted and dull - dove grey or French Girls' blah-claret.

The upshot of all this stalking was, I decided there's too much market saturation. Even Fr teenagers are carrying the thing. And I spotted it in a shop window on Bleeker st last Friday! The final kybosh. I'll stick with my old Fauchon cabas and quit the stalking.
But Macarons - do not let down your guard.
I am on to you encore.


  1. I've seen a lot of bags like that here, I wonder if they are all VB's??

  2. I bet they are Kat - highly coveted by the Frenchies.
    No doubt the Japanese girls are not far behind on the French trends.
    It looks like nothing too...
    it took me a while to like it, but now I'm over it :)

  3. Forget the VB's, get a Seabag--they're recycled from old sails on boats that have been 'round the world. I bought one recently that looked like this:

  4. The Petite French Girl suggests you stalk Little Marcel bags when you are next over :-)

    This time tomorrow I'll be on the Eurostar from Gare du Nord to Ashford, having hopefully had lunch at a gorgeous Italian restau in Montmartre.

  5. Site web

  6. You're right: market saturation. My French friends here & there are so over it. Some before they bought, & they're happy about it. I enjoyed the trip though.

    About the silver police cuff bracelets. While never having worn them here, I did in France (briefly) when I was caught up in a parade that I wasn't planning to be attend, much less be in--very Hitchcock--or Marx Bros. Anyway, they hurt, those bracelets, & more so because of the obnoxious behavior of the gendarmes who displayed Casablanca-the-film idiocy...

    But on to happier hopes. Ahem.


  7. Thanks for the warning Giulia the Cat.
    I think they use plastic rope now-well they do on Miami Vice
    not very attractive. Glad to hear I did not fall victim to passe trend!
    Merci G./s

  8. Oooooo Clare,
    Big Merci!
    I'm loving these LITTLE MARCEL bags!
    They are a bit faux Sonia stripy too :)

  9. yeah I'll take macarons too, I think if I can find sequined rick-rack trim, I can make my own VB bag :)

  10. Misha in Paris11:04 AM you show me all that bags ...
    it's true, I've seen several VB bags in my area ...
    I think much of them were false and very cheap in boulevard Barbès...
    next time you should check one guenuine thing and its falsification !
    Do a complete inquiry !

  11. they are darling bags but I understand about saturation. When I was there everyone told me to wear a scarf around my neck! So I did - every day - but then I realized that every! single! woman! (and men too)wears a scarf around the neck. I do like to be in fashion, but this started looking silly to me. Where is the individuality? Guess I am too much of an American. I did not like looking like everyone else!!!

    p.s. I love Bear

  12. "The Internet" is amazing:
    Here I am, sitting at my dining room table, studying.
    Quick look at Carol's latest Paris wanderings. Or shall I call them wonders? I am getting the wants. Look at the prices. Try to figure out how many of these bags I could have had instead of paying for school. Lifetime supply! Every three months a new one, at least! Alas, here I am studying, comforting myself with little striped Marcel-inos (thanks, Clare, those prices do my little soul good!).
    Oh well, what am I dreaming about? All I am carrying around is a heavy camera bag, ever since I left my beautiful red RL shouldbag on a streetcar bench, last year, on my birthday, everything now has to go into my ugly camera bag. *yikes*

    I am sure I overstepped the Twitter allowance.
    Overboarding comment.
    Feel free to delete. ;-)

  13. LAURA, I understand perfectly what you are saying - there is a daunting homogenity to the French.
    They're very attached to their habits.
    It's those small nuances that differentiate one wrapped scarf from another or one pair of ballerinas etc.
    it's perhaps the total picture one should take note of, not just the repeated details...?

  14. Anonymous12:19 PM

    A French Bag? I have my doubts ....... I have owned several Lands End bags since the early 60s as it was a standard sturdy canvas carry all for me when packed to go sailing. The style is almost identical to what was being manufactured in Wisconsin ...... they use to ship me orders to my home in Northern Ontario Canada. Everything old is new again I say but with a much higher price tag.

  15. O/T:
    your mailbox returns apparently all the mails I sent you over the last couple of days. I just received one back from the day before yesterday!
    Just wanted you to know,
    in case you miss important ones (not thinking about mine).

    You are free to delete this comment.

  16. Anonymous:
    I agree!
    Even Fresh Fields (now Whole Foods) used to carry similar canvas bags, at a few Dollars. Wonder if they still do. Those were the days .... ;-)

  17. They seem like they would hold a lot which I need but also be a pick pockets delight. :o

  18. How have I never noticed these bags?

  19. You are toooooo funny! I would love to be on the other end of that camera~ with the bag!

  20. I have the small one, I'm very happy with ! But here in Switzerland you will not find so many people with it!

  21. I like the muted colors of the bags for some reason!
    I love that metro shot......

  22. Loved all the bags here!!!!! Great post!!

  23. Hey Carol, you find those Vanessa Bruno bags on sale at the site for net-a-porter) for 56 and 76 bucks. Hurry hurry quick quick before they're all gone. I've been looking at them myself :)

  24. Wheew! you very narrowly avoided THAT has-been bag!

  25. The real stalker!Like this.

  26. That bags is all over this place.Its so in here in my place.

  27. I like this bag for my sister.Appropriate for nurses or nursing students.

  28. I like the way you stalk.So nice.

  29. Anonymous3:04 PM

    One thing I know,that is I know nothing.



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