Friday, May 21, 2010

What 2 Do In London?

Photo by André Zahn
It's been a long time since I've been to London, maybe 6-7 years. I've completely forgotten what 2 do there and I have 10 days. Help me PB readers svp.

Naturalment I'll visit Harrod's for macaron researche. Do tell.

Carrie, your painting is going out today I will absolutely visit the Grace Kelley exhibit at the V&A. I'm toying with the idea of tea at The Ritz...hmmm Definitely I'll visit Ottolenghi take-out, like every day if I can... According to Google Maps it's a 32 minute walk from... The Chelsea Arts Club, where I'm staying.
And where I'll be exhibiting the Paris Facade watercolors!You're all invited to the 'Private View' on Tuesday June 8th 6-8
143 Old Church St. Chelsea SW3

Well 40 of you are.
Please email me if you'd like to attend.
If you show up the day after moaning "I missed it" they will not let you in unless I'm there. It's a private club...ahem
There will be macarons bien sur.
Photo by André Zahn
Original photo by André Zahn
This is the typical heart attack English breakfast you get at the club minus the baked beans. Fried potatoes, fried tomatoes, fried mushrooms, fried eggs, piles of rashers of bacon, sausage. They should have a doctor on the premises. Granted I've only seen besotted diners fall into their soup.
 watercolor by Ian Sidaway
I'll be visiting with Ian Sidaway, watercolorist par excellence. I was an 'artist resident' at a Tuscan workshop he taught. Ian has written like 800 superb artbooks and he's going to let me use his studio to cut mounts/mats.Ian recently sent me this photo from our painting adventure. I've made a mess, comme d'habitude in the Tuscany landscape just like in my studio. So PLEASE tell me what 2 do in London besides the above list.
And do come to the opening if you can.


  1. That breakfast looks yummy! HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!CHEERS! Michele

  2. Carol. I thank you again.

    Now. On to London. I used to get to London at least once a year, and was very up to date. Now my recommended places might no longer exist. All the same, I always try to take the Northern Line up to Hampstead and wander around, up and down the hilly ways of the village and the heath. If the Louis Tea Room is still around, I would surely want you to stop by and sample its atmosphere, tea and cakes.

    Back in central London, Alfie's Antiques Market off the Edgware Road is also worth a visit.

    Have a grand time!

  3. Carol, what a nice adventure you are up to! It must be fun to be Carol!!!
    Enjoy your trip and make some pretty watercolors to show us later.
    Take care.

  4. Deirdre9:41 AM

    You MUST see Churchill's underground bunkers!!!

  5. Charlotte9:42 AM

    Borough Market - fabulous people watching and amazing displays of produce,
    cheese, seafood, breads, you name it!
    If you haven't been there it's definitely worth the trip.
    Yours truly,

  6. How exciting, macaron research in London! :-)

    Dare I say that I have never been to London?
    Will follow you vicariously in June!

  7. Steven R.9:49 AM

    Your posts are a daily delight each day.
    I'm afraid London doesn't quite match up to Paris on the macaroon front but may I would like to suggest Konditor and Cook in Borough Market make some of the best cakes in London.
    I'll do some research into macaroons for you.

    All the best, Steven

  8. Lesley9:54 AM

    THANKS again for the wonderful blog.

    Recently I had lunch at The Ledbury, 127 Ledbury Road.
    It has 2 Michelin stars, and it is great - beautiful room, charming staff, amazing food. You would love it because with coffee, instead of the cliched chocolate truffles, they serve a tray of goodies - including macaroons -when I was there, Earl Grey tea flavour - delicious...I had a couple.....

    The set lunch is a snip at £22.50 for 2 courses, £27.50 for 3 - no hidden extras, they supply tap water with ice and lemon etc. I had Chantilly of foie gras, divine hake, and olive oil pannacotta woth wild strawberries and violet ice ceam. Sounds weird, but it was fantastic.

    And Notting Hill is lovely to walk through at this time of year, with the white stucco houses, and all the blossom out.

    I know you will have limited time, but I think you should treat yourself to lunch here.

    Have a great trip,


  9. Because I'm OBSESSED with The Tudors on Showtime, I know that there are special exhibits and things going on to celebrate the 500th anniversary of King Henvy VIII's coronation. Perhaps a stroll through The Tower would be adventurous?

  10. You will have fun whatever you do. I would love to have tea at the Ritz. How cool to be showing your Art work there. I will be following this trip too.

  11. Have been bereft without your paintings, so SOOO enjoyed the tour of your studio (how did i miss the original post)....well, did some traveling this spring as well. So happy you are working on so many pictures simultaneously (I thought I was the only one to do that) and to be having so many shows in wonderful places gives me goosebumps for you (in a happy way). How nifty, Carol. Enjoy London (no chance to visit Rye? (It's my favorite place.) Thank you for also including more photos of you.

  12. Melissa10:06 AM

    My favorite thing in London was hearing the choir
    (exquisite blend of men's and boys' voices) under the dome (Sunday Mass) at St. Paul's. The theater was a highlight, too, but then you
    have plenty of that in NYC. I saw Wicked and Les Mis.The Eye was a fun experience, if you haven't already done it.

    My sister-in-law, swears
    by tea at Claridge's. She says it's an authentic English tea. Plus, they have a gorgeous Chihuly chandalier.
    I remember my sister-in-law saying
    to be sure to make reservations.

    If you like Halcyon Days battersea boxes, the store is nearby and
    worth a look...and, perhaps, a purchase.

    Bonne journee!


  13. One of my favourite places is "Books for Cooks" in Notting Hill (books and cookery classes)

    Not so far from High Street Kensington.

    London in June is a real dream and I wish you a marvellous trip! Et BRAVO pour l'exposition!

  14. You mentioned taking Tea at the Ritz in London - I wouldn't!! I was there last February and had Tea at the Ritz - very cold, impersonal service - the attitude was that they really didn't care if I was there at all and seemed to want to rush me out of there. The finger sandwiches were very unforgettable - I could have done that in my own kitchen and I'm not much of a cook. The pastries seemed a day or two(or more) old to me - not fresh at all. I would suggest Tea at the Lanesborough.
    Quite a marked
    difference - the service was superb and the food was delicious!
    Definitely worth the money while the Ritz was a complete waste of time and money in my opinion. I did write to the Ritz after I returned home to tell them of my disappointment and never did hear back from


  15. I remember having tea in Earl's Court for a mere 10p eons ago...
    Very grotty in a cup with no saucer and the milk already in it.
    No questions asked.
    An unforgetable experience!

  16. The Lanesborough Tea was 35 pds. It was divine and we enjoyed it very, very much. I just can't say enough good things about the service - they treated us as though we were the only guests they had!!!! A very enjoyable time and we will
    definitely go back next time we visit London.


  17. Rosemary10:37 AM

    Love your blog its wonderful !!! I never thought I would have better Macaroons than Laduree - but Sketch, at 9 Conduit Street, London W.1 just off Regent Street, has the most divine ones I have ever tried. They used to sell them in Fortnum and Masons, that is how I first tried them. Then they stopped and I had to go to "The Parlour" part of the Sketch restaurant where if you are lucky you can buy them to take away - or enjoy there of course.

  18. I am sure you will experience London the way I never have in the three small instances I have been. I picked up a variety of mini macarons (Aug 2009) at the Paul's near Covent Garden and savored the bites and the scene in the Piazza. Near covent Garden is one of my favorite places to eat, Belgo Centraal, Belgian cuisine served in a rowdy-ish beer hall or in the more subdued restaurant section, My choice, moules provencale (sp?) and tres delicieux (sp?). The Orangery tea near Kensington Palace was wonderful to us non-tea regulars, but the Ritz sounds must report back...with bear would be nice too.

  19. You simply must go to VV Rouleaux. For a creative person, it is nirvana.

  20. sandra mehl11:54 AM

    Congrats on the exhibit! Wish I could be there. Soooo jealous.

    Ians work is beautiful. You are so lucky to know and work with him. Tell him he has a new fan for me won't you!

  21. Mary Jane12:13 PM

    Oh, London!

    I went on a "Tea in London Tour" in the Spring of 2007. It was an unforgetable experience and have been trying to get back since for another visit. The tour is being offered again this year by our wonderful guide, Denise.

    You might like The Tea Palace. They were in Notting Hill but I see they have relocated to Covent Garden.

    The Muffin Man Tea Shoppe in Kensington is a definite stop for a great cuppa and local flavor.

    A trip on the Thames to the Fan Museum in Greenwich is very interesting. Afternoon teas are served on Tuesdays and Sundays from 3pm. £5.00 (half tea) or £6.00(full tea).The Orangery Tea Salon is decorated with a mural by Jane Barraclough. It overlooks gardens with paved parterre and fan shaped flower beds, a pond and stream and Japanese inspired plantings.

    You might venture out to Woburn Abbey where Anna Maria began the tradition of Afternoon Tea.

    The Blue Badge guided tours are many and varied. Looking at their offerings can give you ideas for what you might want to seek out for yourself.

    I could offer more but you have only 10 days. Do have a wonderful time and happy macaron hunting!! Wish I were there.

    Many congratulations on the exhibit. I enjoy your blog so very much.

  22. Stephanie12:37 PM

    Definitely go to The Orangery at Kensington Gardens for Afternoon Tea.

    It’s very casual and is my favorite place for tea in London.

  23. FoodWalker12:39 PM

    Another opening, another show!
    I'd forgotten you had this one coming up. I really must stop working so damend much so I can go to things like tis. Shoot!

    They'll love you in doubt of it.


  24. Margaret in Atlanta12:41 PM

    How about taking your dear darling Bear to visit this marvelous Parisian) French ribbon shop on Sloan Square. It's the London "branch" and small, but so worth a visit (I think). I can't for the life of me recall the name, but it is just behind the pub on Sloane Square. Maybe you could check out some of their independent perfume shops? I'll try to find the name and get back to you.

    Bon voyage,


  25. BEAR will be my body guard everywhere!

  26. A Bear's Friend12:43 PM

    2 suggestions for the Bear's trip to London:

    V V Rouleaux in Marylebone Lane and the corner of Bulstrode St. (I mentioned this in my previous email) They moved their location I guess (from Sloan Square).

    The Button Queen, 76 Marylebone Lane near Wigmore. The buttons are fab and lots of antique ones. Buttons can be very artsy and good/antique buttons are hard to come by.

  27. Wonderful London!!! My husband and I just got back from our 10 wedding anniversary in London! Billy Elliot. You have to see it. The British Library with it's original Lewis Carol Books, Handel's Messiah, Magna Carter, and much more. Liberty's of London was wonderful. Top floor with the housewares. The London Eye is a must. Eat some of the best Indian Food ever! Ride in as many Taxi cabs as you can afford. Portabello Road on a Saturday with it's antiques. I could go on and on.

  28. My best friend took me to tea at the Ritz.
    So we’ve eaten our way through the tier of sandwiches and they’ve brought us another. We’re eating that, too. Lynn starts pouring hot water into the tea pot so we can each have another cup. The waiter comes over and very quietly says, “Madam, this is the Ritz. If you wish another pot of tea I will bring it immediately.”

    Yikes. He was actually pretty nice but we felt pretty stupid.

    PS It was about $100 each. We had a nice tea at Fortnum and Mason’s for much less. But the Ritz is an experience.

    Other things to do? Do you shop depot-vente? There are a couple of great shops in S. Ken. near Harrods. I lvoe the V&A—there’s a dollhouse exhibit. The Portobello Road market is also fun.
    Have fun,

  29. Carolg

    What fun a new adventure for you, bear and thee (your followers). Congratulations on the exhibit! Wish I could be there and also do a walk about, enjoy!


  30. I definitely recommend the Enchanted Palace exhibition at Kensington Palace. Also, if you have time, get the boat to Greenwich and on Wednesdays to Sundays, buy your lunch at Greenwich Market and go and sit in Greenwich Royal Park with the best views over the whole of London. It's stunning.

  31. For tea, skip the Ritz. The best places are Fortnum & Mason, Claridge's or the Grosvenor House.

    Also, if you're there on the right day (I can't remember which one but people should be able to tell you). Be sure to visit the Portobello market. You will get a lot of inspiration from the food and fruit displays, as well as some great deals. Just be sure to bargain on the antiques!

    Love your site!

  32. Misha in Paris1:21 PM

    hello Star Carol
    (par excell E nce)
    nice photo,
    nice smile !

  33. If you'd like to combine your love for all things French and London, you should check out the restaurant Aubaine -
    The food is excellent, in particular the pastries.
    I love your blog!

  34. great location the chelsea arts club!

    i was supposed to be in london this past week and stayed home instead (silly me - but i got so much done here!). hope the weather stays gorgeous for you.

    of course there are all the shops nearby to the chelsea arts club - the shop at bluebird, designers guild, green and stone for art supplies, graham and green. there is a pain quotidien on kings road and baker and spice on denyer st. - the ottolenghi guys trained and met here.

    if you are a pubby kind of girl the anglesea arms and pigs ear each about 5 min. away from the club are recommended and farrow and ball (housepaint) and butler and wilson (vintage accessories) on fulham road - you might like. few and far on brompton road heading towards the v&a.

    for eating, ALWAYS BIBENDUM on Fulham Road (and the flowers at the Conran Shop there) and J. Sheekeys in Wyndham Alley off Tottenham Court Road. (cozy atmosphere - great for lo-key celebrity spotting - oh did i mention delicious food? walk in and sit at the bar.) you can eat well at both the pigs ear and the ebury on pimlico road (great window shopping). and for chocolates the artisan chocolatier on lower sloane st.

    Oh have a lovely time! Look forward to your posts! email me with any questions at all.

  35. Sharman2:15 PM

    Carol - I am so jealous. I was born there but left when I was 5 I try and go every other year.
    If you love silver a great place are the London silver vaults, near Covent garden .You can hunt and hunt for beautiful items. You can walk under the Thames from East dock to Greenwich then go to the market in Greenwich.
    Have you checked out the fabric and scarves at Liberty's ?
    Had lunch at the top of Peter Jones ? Camden Lock has a funky market and you can take a barge ride through Little Venice and past Regents Park and end up at Camden Lock
    There is a fairly new Museum of War History just across the Westminister Bridge.

  36. Sharman2:21 PM

    Carol - You are just in time for the Chelsea Flower Show - A must see of amazing flowers but also great people watching !

  37. There are no macarons,
    nor goodies you can really eat...
    but you might thoroughly enjoy -- if not adore --visiting this phenomenal place-
    Dennis Severs House
    I went with a group of friends and we were spellbound. I think it would lend itself to one of your magical blogs.


  38. Wow, you are really stepping out!
    When do you leave?

  39. We honeymooned in London and I've been back a couple times, most recently in November 2007, but I only had a few days. Love the city, but the exchange is a killer. A must-do for me is Portabello Road. And of course the V&A, which you've already mentioned. On my last visit I went to the British Museum which had changed a great deal since my prior visits. Very nice.

  40. Ah! I was supposed to be arrives in London today, and would have LOVED to see your work at the Chelsea Arts Club. Unfortunately I'm rescheduled to arrive in 10 days, the day you depart. >_< I do hope you have many delicious experiences to report back to us! :)

  41. Anonymous6:05 PM

    Tea at Fortnum and Mason,plus a look around their fab foodhall.
    Breakfast at The Wolseley ( across the road from the Ritz)
    Burlington Arcade..great,unusual shops.
    V&A museum.
    Have fun

  42. Sarah Jane6:15 PM

    A chocolatier in Notting Hill called "Melt" would be a great place to check out as well as the "River Cafe". Ever hear of either? I have never been but would love to, even vicariously.

  43. Your plans sounds fabulous dear Carol...wish I can visit you in London /actually we are freakin' close to each other now/.

    I would go to the Grace Kelly exhibit with you and would finish your blog design between 2 heart killer English breakfasts...

    And at least but definitely not last I would get lost in your gorgeous watercolors...

    Enjoy your London time dear Carol!

    Much love: Evi

  44. rococo chocolates on Kings Road at Beaufort St. The first location in London - 2 other locations now. I lived right around the corner and would allow myself 3 truffles every few weeks - delish

  45. Go to London Silver Vaults that is fun and also to teapot museum. There is also VV Rouloux for ribbons and fun trims.

    Tea at RItz is fun so is tea at Brown's Hotel. Very Agatha Christie! V and A has wonderful collection of hand folding fans if you like that artwork on them is beautiful. Walking around Chelsea is fun too.
    Marie Arden Pink Living.

  46. Priscilla9:22 PM

    ...The Church of Englands "St Martin of the Fields" at Trafalgar Square across from the Portrait Museum, wonderful stain glass windows and in the basement some evenings they have concerts you can also get a bite to eat (do not however remember Macarons) but nice museum type

  47. Brenda9:28 PM

    Hi Carol,
    I don't know that I found much to eat in London that was as good as
    Paris, but there are some fun things to see. The pubs don't allow smoking now so that's a definite bonus! These choices are biased towards pubs and miniatures and I don't know anything about fashion though the London Shops book has lots of suggestions.

    Blackfriars pub - love the walls with their "proverbs" - Blackfriars bridge and then you can walk over to the Tate Modern that's in an old power house. Also like Sherlock Holmes pub and Bunch of Grapes on Brompton Road

    Speaking of powerhouses, I'd love to see you do a painting of the
    Battersea powerhouse that was on a Pink Floyd (or Led Zeppelin??) album cover

    incredible miniature shop - the miniature equivalent of Denise Acabo - near Gospel Oak Station, on Mansfield Road. Kristin Baybars is the owner

    Bethnal Green museum for toys and dolls houses


  48. Janet in Seattle9:56 PM


    If you haven't done this lately - or ever! - go the the Silver Vaults below Chancery Lane. This is in the City of London (the original square mile) and to the left off Fleet Street. Well worth your time.

    Also, the same Ye Olde Curiousity Shop that Charles Dickens wrote about is still there! I believe the easiest way to find it is to enter the front door of the Law Courts, just inside Aldgate and kind of opposite the Twinings tea shop & museum, walk through and go out the back door, then follow the road around to the left. The Shop should be on your right at the next corner or so.

    THAT's what you do in London!
    P.S. If the weather is decent and you have a little time, walk Hampstead Heath also.


  49. V&A is an absolute must. portabello road is very cool. borough markets.high street shopping. they eye is cool, v cool. national gallery. kensington park'll have a ball!

  50. I was in London last summer and LOVED it..
    Sounds cliche' but if BUCKINGHAM PALACE is open-GO!!
    It's a wonderful tour and you can do the whole thing in little over an hour.
    I've spent several hours walking and sitting in ST. JAMES PARK in front of the palace. It was a wonderful way to soak up the atmosphere--which I feel is essential to truly understand a city.
    Eat lunch at THE IVY and walk across the street and attend the play THE MOUSETRAP---the longest running play in London..
    Then take a RIVER CRUISE of the THAMES.
    If you have a minute more, take a break and eat at the OUTDOOR CAFE at HARRODS. It has a wonderful view of FABULOUS FLATS directly across the street. You can sit there and imagine you live in one of them.
    Have a great trip!!


  51. Just for the record, I am up and I am NOT leaving a comment at Rick's!
    Oh, to be in London for 10 days! You can't go wrong no matter what you do....cross the prime meridian, see the headquarters of BBC, just stand around listening to people talk, oh, you should see when Chelsea garden show is... an the horse chestnuts should be in bloom. Go to a garden for me.

  52. Pret-a-portea at the Berkeley hotel! A fashionable high tea with cookies and desserts in the shape of designer dresses.

    ♥ Daniëlle

    This is for you Carol: ☺☻☼♠♣♦♪♫♥

  53. Chelea Flower Show starts on Monday I think so that will be over. It is possible that Hampton Court Flower Show will be on - Google it.

    Harrods had just been sold - Mr. Fayed as at long last got rid of it so hopefully it would be undergoing an internal facelift while you are there.

    Double decker buses are no more and the tube has been revamped.

    Agree about Hampstead - that is a must. Find Lower Terrace, Flask Walk and look for the Admirals House near Lower Terrace. Don't forget Kenwood House where they filmed a bit of Notting Hill and don't forget Portobello Road market.

    You have to book for tea at The Ritz so if I was you I'd get on to that toute suite! The Savoy is closed for refubishment so try Browns Hotel instead. Alternatively, the hotel at Hyde Park Corner (can't remember the name). There is a lovely small hotel in St James's Place called The Stafford.

    Talk a walk round Spitalfields. It's used a lot for film sets and has gorgeous houses. Avoid Oxford Street and Regent Street like the plague, but take in Marylebone High Street and the Kings Road instead. Oh and don't forget Peter Jones in Sloane Square and Sloane Street for shopping!

    Anything I've forgotten? LOL

  54. MON DIEU!!!
    I am going to B soooooooooo BUSY!!!
    Hampton Ct Palace Flower show is in early July.
    One less thing 2 do!!
    Heamstead is a MUST-do!
    Thank gawd I have all yr comments here in plain view. I will be referring to them daily and making lists. Many to-do lists.
    BIG MERCI PBers!!!

  55. I forgot!!
    Harvey Nichols and apparently the restaurant is a MUST. You might even find the elusive macarons in their food hall.

    Fortnum's has undergone a refurbishment too - have no idea what it is like.

    Very very very very posh hotel is The Cavendish Hotel somewhere round the
    back of Jermyn Street.

    Can't wait for your London blog posts!

    Clare x

  56. How fun to find someone else who asked for a Paul's breakfast painting. My daughter and I have our hanging on our kitchen walls reminding us of our week in Paris in 2006!

    Melissa in El Cajon, CA

  57. The V&A is a must and you're so luck to see that exhibit.

    The Square is a great restaurant (try it for lunch) - I'm doing a post about it next week. Oh yes, go to Tea at the Ritz!

    I also love the Tate Modern and Master Fish has a great mustard fish 'n chips (at least I liked it). It's a block or 2 from the Old Vic so if you catch a show there, it's nice.

  58. London is fantastic, you will have such a a great time there!

    Don't forget to go to Wolseley, you will love it :)

    Also there is a good restaurant in Chelsea, called Tom's Kitchen. It is great for Sunday brunches.

    Enjoy London and please post pictures from your visit!

  59. Have tea (and cake, bien sur) at the Wolseley—you will not be disappointed!

    Nor will you be with breakfast, lunch or a snack at Lantana Cafe.

    And, don't forget Hummingbird Bakery!

  60. Kew Gardens is always fun and if you're going, stop by Newens for tea - very old fashioned and their maids of honour tarts are gorgeous.

    Like Frances says, Hampstead is very nice and Louis Patisserie is so lovely.

    A lot of the expensive restaurants have more affordable set lunch menus that are excellent - I liked the ones at Launceston Place and Hibiscus.

    Pierre Herme macarons are now available at Selfridges - he's supposed to also open a patisserie in Knightsbridge soon but there's been no report of it opening yet.

    The V&A is one of my favourite museums (check out their new Medieval Galleries and if you go, you MUST check out the museum shop - I think you'll love it!) and I also have to recommend the Courtauld Gallery - it really is excellent for a smaller collection. Also the Wallace Collection.

    Lots more on my blog if you need it!

  61. Oh, Carol--have a wonderful trip and congratulations and good luck all rolled into one!!! Yay! I should have known you know Ian Sidway--and what a great photo of you! Love it. I love Ian's work, too. Who knew. I'm so excited for you! Go for it, woman--do have tea at the Ritz, so I can live vicariously through you. Or for that matter, whatever you do, I know I'll enjoy it. Have a blast. xo

  62. ps
    that would be "Sidaway" of course--duh. I can't type!! I'm a huge fan.

  63. Anonymous5:25 PM

    You lucky thing staying at the Chelsea Arts Club. It's just fabulous there - more like a British university bar than a gent's club, though it is a long time since I have been.

    We had dinner in the lovely garden one summer evening and it was just magical.

  64. What a great time you're going to have! Tons of great suggestions here and of course you know mine is the flea markets. Can't wait to see pics of all you do! Have a ball!

  65. I have been about 6 times and still not through seeing everything.
    I even loved Pollucks Toy Museum in a 3 story, creaky old house.
    And Charles Dicken's home was interesting.
    The Windsor/Spencer home was lovely where Diana was raised and buried. Nice museum there too. The War headquarters was interesting just to see it.
    I had 5 teas all over the place including Kensington.
    Enjoyed Buckingham Palace tour. Don't miss it.
    Also go around the side and tour the stables to see the horses and the royal carriages close up.

  66. Have tea at the Orangery at Kensington Palace.

    Have tea at the Lanesborough.

    Visit the Laduree outlet in Burlington Arcade.

    Go to Dennis Sever's House (a sort-of museum/experience hybrid - look it up on line). Almost indescribable, but amazing!

    Go to the Columbia Road Flower Market (Sundays).

    Go to Borough Market (weekends) - an amazing food market.

    Go on some London Walks - Apparitions, Alleyways and Ales is my favourite! The Bloomsbury one is good too, and some of the pub walks.

    Wander the shops of Marylebone, and Brompton Cross in Kensington, and the Carnaby Street area leading down towards Mayfair, and Bond Street/Brook Street.

    Wander the lanes of Knightsbridge with their whitewashed and candy-coloured mews houses - you'll almost think you're in Cornwall.

    Visit Highgate Cemetary.

    Avoid Horrible Harrod's like the plague!

  67. Tea at The Wolseley most definitely! Its wonderful on a sunny afternoon with the warm rays shining in through the sky high windows. Also, don't forget to visit the Enchanted Palace exhibition at Kensington Palace, you'll love it!

  68. Have a fabulous time in London Carol, looking forward to your posts about your time there! All the best with the exhibition. Hope you see the Queen! :-O

  69. Liberty of London for browsing!

  70. What about "The Wallace Collection?". They has a collection of Sèvres porcelain.In fact, this is why I think you may like this museum.
    Here follows some information I have found on internet (
    "The Wallace Collection is a national museum which displays the wonderful works of art collected in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries by the first four Marquesses of Hertford and Sir Richard Wallace, the son of the 4th Marquess. It was bequeathed to the British nation by Sir Richard's widow, Lady Wallace, in 1897".

    It is located ate Manchester Square, London W1U 3BN.

    I think it is near to the BOND STREET Station. But if go there, please check it before - there is a long time I've have been at Wallace Collection.

    Somtimes I come to see you blog. But I'm too shy to comment. This is the first time.

    I hope you apreciate the hint.

    I'm Liniane, from São Paulo, Brasil. Also crazy about Paris.

    Congratulations for your work.


  71. Anonymous4:14 PM

    Here's an easy one, go in to any Waitrose grocery store and go to the refrigerated shelves and look for the GU desserts, that's GU wit 2 ..Over the U. You will have the best dessert choices that come in cute little dishes to tuck into your suitcase to use to hold watercolor rinses. I never leave London without at least 4 or more. Forget $$ teas, $$ cookies, just try GU.

  72. I have just found your website - it has life and charm.
    Do not bother with tea at the Ritz, expensive and sandwiches so pre-prepared and cold they make your teeth ache.
    Best wishes

  73. By all means, walk the Millennium Bridge!
    You can visit the Tate Modern on one side and St. Paul's on the other.
    If you enjoy music, but don't like to pay exorbitant fees to see landmark cathedrals, go to St. Paul's for evensong, entry is free and if you go early you may get to sit in the choir!

  74. I liked the cruise down to tour Hampton Palace of Henry VIII
    Also the British Library.
    Tea at the Ritz, Kensington Palace organgerie, Harrods, Gloucester Hotel and Fortnum and Mason's.
    I stay at the Rueben Hotel across from the stables of buck house.
    walk along the Thames stopping at the Shakespeare theatre etc.
    Florence Nightingale's museum was interesting.

    and of course, my favorite museum anywhere is the Victoria and Albert.

  75. Anonymous5:52 PM

    Pierre Hermes - Selfridges. Poilane - Pimlico. Goyard - Mount Street. Chelsea Buns from Fernandez and Wells. Coffee from Flat White or Milk Bar. Pizza from Franco Manca or Santa Maria. A visit to the Whitehall Gallery of the ICA. Books and a cup of tea from the London Review of Books. Saturday at Broadway Market.Udon from Koya in Soho.A film at the BFI.I could go on...welcome to Londres.

  76. Caroline Crisp12:42 AM

    Carol - I share your love for Paris even though I haven't been (yet). I read your blog every day!
    Rachel Ashwell's new London Shabby Chic shop has a grand opening on 06/09 - might be fun to go can probably find out where it is online. I love her decorating style and have all her books.

    Enjoy your trip and take lots of pics!

  77. I am so jealous, i would kill to be in London right now!

    Ok so the TOP 5 must dos in London are

    1. Spend saturday at Portabello Road
    2. Go and see a show, I saw the lion king last year and it was beyond amazing
    3. Spend an afternoon in covent garden, never a dull moment and the best strawberry tart to be had at patisserie valerie
    4. visit windsor castle/ take a jack the ripper walking tour
    5. shop on oxford street (if you get off the tube at bond street station, you can smell these amazing belgian waffles as you walk up the stairs, best to have some to sustain you for shopping)

    Have fun in London!
    P.S. my macaroon shipment arrived yesterday, unfortunately, the heat caused the caramel to run out of a couple :(

  78. I am putting together a list of things you MUST do whilst in London, will email it when it's ready. I thought the opening was 18th June. I can't be there on the 8th :( Is it possible for me to come down any time during the 4 weeks you are there? And by the way we don't all eat those great big greasy breakfasts :)

  79. Ok, I did not read the other 79 comments so I hope this hasn't been mentioned.

    Go to Kensington Palace and see the new multi media exhibit called An Enchanted Palace. It looks fabulous!

  80. I'm late in commenting, but anyway...
    To second what other people have said, you should go to the Wallace Collection and The Enchanted Palace (at Kensington Palace). The Wallace Collection is beautiful, the artwork and the house. The Enchanted Palace is like walking through a fairy tale.

    On your way to or from The Wallace Collection, you can look through Selfridges on Oxford Street.

    Brick Lane Market is a good place to have curry in a tin for lunch and walk around on a Saturday.

    The British Museum is an obvious place to say but... just a reminder that it is great.

  81. JJ Allemande7:23 PM

    Just the other day I wondered if bear will ever travel to London - cause I will do so next week and despreatly need some PB-like input of what to do... :-)) What a coincidence...

  82. the grace kelly exhibit looks should have an excellent time!! lucky u !!

  83. Anonymous6:43 PM

    My daughter and I loved High Tea at the Orangerie at Kensington Palace. Beautiful food and lovely atmosphere.

  84. Anonymous6:44 PM

    My daughter and I loved High Tea at the Orangerie, Kensington Palace. Luscious food and great atmosphere.

  85. I love your blog and painting and often have my Mac on while I eat my breakfast WITH Paris breakfast.

    Aubaine has the best Pistachio Eclair ever. We flew from DC to London just to eat those wonderful Eclair and there red chicken. Pistachio Eclair are seasonal please check with Aubaine before boarding your flight.

  86. Buona sera Carol, Just at the bottom of the street in the Kings road you should visit the Roccoco Chocolate shop( i think that they are the best ) and you can have a tasting session and try things like Sea salt, Cardoman,Chili mmmmm to surprise your chums, then 2 minutes down Church street you will find Chelsea OLD church where Queen Elizabeth the First used to attend and Thomas Moores statue is 1 minute away on the embankment ps Sheekys fish restauarant (the bar ) is SUPERBE in Covent Garden enjoy Fay da Firenze


Love hearing from you