Monday, May 10, 2010

Fr. Menu Dans La Rue

Why is it
I ask myself
A on a blackboard
Always rings a chord?
Are you too Compelled to read
Each menu
Sitting dans la rue?
Your words are scrawly Your chalky is smeary
Yet never dreary
Oh menu dans la rue.
Pas elegant Cette l'ardoise(blackboard)
Pas de tout
Mais encore fascinante
It's absolutement true!
Yet I feel no compulsion
To go and eat
Inside the resto
With the sign in the street.
An addictive habit
This menu reading
Dans la street
It leaves me tres incomplete.
My feet demand:
Walk on, walk on!
Only to repeat
The process again
When next an ardoise I meet...
Parisienne Marie-Noelle made me this ardoise(blackboard)
It says:
Chez Carol
Watercolors - MacaronsHelp yourself!


Justine said...

I too am tres addicted to reading those street blackboards in Paris..
Any menu catches my eye but especially these.
They do change daily.
Could that be it?

Cindy said...

I love your watercolors. I am so happy they are back!

Anne-marie said...

Menus are the best sellers in my book!
on a blackboard or paper, I'll read em.
Your poetry this morning is riveting!

FoodWalker said...

LOVE the French chocolat pot...
simply gorgeous

Norma-Jean said...

would LOVE to know where
Macaron Maisons is in Paris..
Take me there VITE!!

Mlle Paradis said...

i'm so jealous you have your very own customized french ardoise. i have a very un-customized one that i bought at monoprix and it fell apart. (but i still have it! - where is my glue!?) it would still not have that frenchie hand lettering!

Parisbreakfasts said...

don't be jealous MILLE PARADISE,
My little ardoise broke in transit..
Evidently we are not meant to have them :(
We lack the essential plaid school smock..

Misha in Paris said...

...l'ardoise posée à même le sol ( better the expression :
"par terre") dans la rue, ce n'est pas élégant mais c'est fascinant n'est-ce pas ?
c'est absolument vrai !
l'ardoise en japonais, cela me frustre !

Je m'appelle Cynthia said...

So glad I can look at sweets and pretty things that are good to eat and not eat them - because I want to fit into my skirt in a few months when I go to Paris. And I must stop with the real sweets.

Nikon said...

Great to see the painting, Carol. I like your sketches, too. They are cute and humorous, and along with the photos, add a nice touch to the blog.

sue said...

OMG, now she's a poet. Beautiful, Carol!

A Fan said...

You are my official mid morning LOL break. I bring up your blog religiously around 10 am every day to laugh and lift my spirits.

Just have to ask...can you be hired someday as entertainment/tour guide around Paris? I've been there a couple times (on business), but it would be a totally different perspective with you leading! I've been so glad to read another person just likes to wander and take pictures of shops, bakeries and patisseries. Some of my friends would give me the crazy look when I told them I had no plans but to wander around most of the time I was there.
EXCEPT this time I've only a 13 hour layover to make a mad dash into the city (metro!) and get some lunch, a couple pastries, hot chocolate at Angelinas, and not to forget the macarons! Do you have a, or a couple favorite places that I could make a bee-line to? I'd love your suggestions!
Many thanks either way!

Parisbreakfasts said...

Send ticket to Paris and I will happily comply
I live in Astoria Naomi!
Thanks so much for brightening MY day!
Just choose an arrondissement
you can't go wrong with the 6th or the 3-4th
It's not so hard in Paris to just wonder.
Astoria is another matter...ahem
Buckets of merci!

Amy said...

This is a wonderful Parisian poem, Carol! I've been reading your blog for a little while now and just love it. I was in Paris twice last year while I was writing some music and figuring out the next steps in my life, and plan to be there again for a few days this fall before I attend a writing conference in Auvillar. Thanks for your dedicated gives me a little bit of the Paris I love until I can manage to get back!

jeanette, mistress of longears said...

Je ne mens pas: Les ardoises sont way too difficile to read pour mois!

Springfield Carriage Company said...

The menus sounds delicious. I will try that menus.