Friday, November 07, 2008

Just Deserts

Yesterday I was at the Bibliotheque National in the 1st arrondissement... Looking at historic pictures of pastries... For some reason these engravings inspired an awful craving...hmmm But there was not a single patisserie to be found in the area! Believe me I looked. Finally hours later, I ended up at Patisserie Gerard Mulot in the 6th arrondissement, master pastry chef with more choices than you can imagine.A plethora of choices.
Which one would you choose?
Savories anyone? You can also buy dinner at Gerard Mulot.
OK non. Back to just desserts.
How do you choose?
Bien sur you can never go wrong with Mulot's macarons.
My choice - lemon, pear-caramel, caramel, pistache...
The bill - we will not discuss the calories involved...Jamais!


  1. Anonymous2:43 AM

    Yes Please..I'll take all of the above.
    Too hard to choose.

  2. Anonymous2:44 AM

    O M G ! ! !
    Just like being there.
    Too scrumptious for words...

  3. Anonymous2:45 AM

    or Miam!

  4. Anonymous2:48 AM

    I would like to choose the LEMON TART!!!

  5. Yumm, I am almost back in Paris and these shots make me want to be there immediately. Beautiful Carla x

  6. Gerard Mulot has always been my favorite. I like seeing him behind the pastry counter.

  7. The Bib. Nat. is in the 2nd Arrondissement; the Rue des Petits Champs, to the south of the bibliotheque, is the border between the 1st and 2nd. While you were there did you happen to cross the Rue de Richelieu and enjoy the little park with the fountain representing the four major rivers of France? In my opinion, that is the finest of all of Paris's hidden parks.

  8. Mullot is one of my favorite, may be my favorite!Is-it an exhibition at the Bibliothèque nationale, I don't want to miss it, I'm fond of these fabulous drawings of amazing constructions of cakes!

  9. Anonymous10:26 AM

    I choose the lime green and red berry eclair - they look soooo divine - how do they come up with all those colours time after time...

  10. Anonymous11:21 AM

    Looks amazing.
    I have a tremendous “sweet tooth”.
    Thanks for sharing

  11. Anonymous11:23 AM

    Oh wow I bet these are amazing! :D I would LOVE to try the pear-caramel!!! :)
    Great & very yummy shots! :)

  12. Anonymous11:24 AM

    I love macarons too, so that would be my choice also...

  13. Anonymous11:25 AM

    One of each please :)

  14. Anonymous11:26 AM

    It's lovely to see something inconsequential and ephemeral after the pressure of the last days, weeks, months!
    But it has all been worth the wait.
    Delayed gratification wins the day!

  15. Anonymous3:06 PM

    Loved your fashion spread.
    More please..I live in Paris but always forward your site to my NY friends..
    A photo report on two American grocery stores and what they are doing for Thanksgiving and all the peanut butter and marshmellows would be a hit...*

  16. Anonymous3:08 PM

    Ooh la and la.
    Pauvre is soooo tough for you to have to wait a bit to get your piece of cake!
    Quelle domage..I feel for you deeply


  17. Anonymous3:11 PM

    It takes a true connoisseur to sniff out the best patisseries in Paris. As well as to know when there is none to be had and feel the pain therein.
    C'est la vie ;-]

  18. Anonymous3:18 PM

    I shouldn't log on before breakfast.
    Time for my bowl of high fiber cereal.

    Very pretty, PB!

  19. I think I've died and gone to heaven...

  20. I think I would have tried that green thingy with raspberries. What on earth is that anyway?

    Either that or I would have just bought one of everything. :))

    I think they should offer free samples...just to assist in the choosing process.

  21. I'm drawn to all the pale green desserts...

  22. it is sunday night - i guess these delicious goodies have probably all been eaten by now!!

  23. Anonymous2:10 PM

    Don't forget to get the name of the flower shop you mentioned on Sept. 26 entry.

    Beautiful flowers, beautiful pastries, beautiful architecture. I love Paris.

  24. Chocolate covered macarons. I know you said oher things worthy of responding to and yet all I can think of are chocolate covered macarons. Le sigh!

  25. Anonymous6:38 PM

    La tarte au citron, mon favori! Great photos once again!

  26. Anonymous8:37 PM

    What kind of arrondissement is it if it doesn't have any pastries??? And it calls itself the 1st! What nerve!

  27. That first picture isn't a cake. It's a galantine of turkey...the picture comes from Jules Gouffe's "Livre de Cuisine," published in the middle of the nineteenth century. Back then even the buffet dishes looked like elaborate patisserie. Love your blog!i


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