Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hello Eiffel Tower

WE DID IT! We finally got upclose and personal with the Eiffel Tower.BIG MERCI to PBer Susanne, for not letting me off the hook on that one. Susanne just happens to live in the 7th arrondissement, so the Eiffel Tower is her very good neighbor. On the return trip from Chateau Vaux le Vicomte, Susanne made a swing around the tower in her Smart car! YAY The lights were just about to come on....
Five minutes every hour, the Eiffel Tower lights up like a...are there even words to describe this?
We got out of the car for a closer look too...
Susanne has her own special view out her window.
She practically owns the thing!!

Oooops I forgot to show you this fab chocolate Eiffel at the Chateau...
Here's another Eiffel Susanne showed me. I went to Bertrand's yesterday, but more on that later.

So it's bye-bye for now Eiffel Tower and Paris.

I hop on the plane this afternoon. Well I do if I can fit all my stuff back into my tiny suitcase. I'll see you soon in New York and please have the JetLag medicine ready. I'll need it!

PS I've been remiss not to introduce you to Susanne! et voila...


  1. Anonymous1:04 AM

    So glad you didn't miss THAT ONE!!!
    Very dreamy pictures...takes me back...sigh
    sniff sniff

  2. Anonymous1:07 AM

    Beautiful images...!
    the essence of Paris in the evening...

  3. Anonymous1:13 AM

    Oh! I love looking at the Eiffel Tower - it never gets stale, no matter what form it takes - real or imagined...
    MERCI!!! et bon voyage PB

  4. Anonymous1:16 AM

    Just magical!
    Thanks for taking us all back there with you dear tour guide :)
    Enjoyed the trip immensely as ever.
    How do you always come up with new delicious things to show us?
    It's a mystery...

  5. Anonymous1:16 AM

    thank you, merci!


  6. Anonymous1:25 AM

    This is SO beautiful!!!!!!!!!

  7. Oh my gosh is it time for you to come home already? That went fast.
    I love the photos of the Tower. They are fantastic. I really can't believe you have never gotten close to it before. Lucky Susanne for having that awesome view to see daily! You even got lovers kissing underneath it. :))
    Thanks for sharing. looking forward to seeing the rest of the photos. Have a safe trip home.

  8. Anonymous3:13 AM

    If Susanne lives THAT close to the
    Eiffel Tower, she just may own part of it. I love the blue lights they
    added this year, but I did hear that they may take them down and stop the
    show due to the economy. Say it isn't true!

  9. Great photos... Glad you got to see the TE up close and personal like that!!! Bon retour aux States!! Au revoir et bon voyage!
    Leesa : )

  10. Dear Anonymouse,
    IT IS NOT SO that they are shutting off the lights.
    They just cut them back to 5 minutes from 15 in order to go GREEN.
    Susanne's place IS divine and I'll show more of it later :)

  11. Anonymous3:41 AM

    WOW !

  12. Great photos...fancy living that close to the Eiffel Tower.

    I hear you had a great time meeting Leesa and Barbara, at Aimee's great Tea shop..saw some good photos on Leesa's blog. That must of been a great day.

  13. oh carol this is gorgeous!

  14. That photo gave me goose bumps - the one where the lights were turned on. In 2000 we took our kids there - that year the Eiffel Tower was painted gold... oh what a site.

  15. Bonjour Carol:

    I am really knocked out by the blurry movement image of the Eiffel Tower just above the text "Five minutes every hour, the Eiffel Tower lights up like a...are there even words to describe this?"

    I've been snipping many photos of the tower off the web over the last three years and have never seen one like that one! Most all I have seen are usually rock sharp and very composed and formal.

    Your image imposes a movement of life to the old lady. She seems to shimmer and levitate, if not launch herself, as if to dance. "I've had it, standing around all these years on these four legs, let's kick em up! It's the 21st century"

    I've been watching the weather in Paris during your visit, and it seemed to have been particularly dreary and rainy today.

    Did you notice any events around the celebration of veterans day during your visit. When I was there years ago at this time, I was most impressed. My wife and I wore the poppy for a week before the event. So did most all of the population as well as every politician and news presentor.

    Kudos for your great photos and reporting from all the chocolat salons this visit. Oh I am so envious!

    Salut Obama!

    Oh, did you observe all the celebrations in regards to his win, and, as an American, were you treated a bit nicer?


    Stef in chilly Chicago

  16. I am so proud of you. I knew you were a tower of strength and that you could manage the monument built be Eiffel. I think I have the strength to take the chocolate tower.
    And, I love kitty. Adorable!!!

  17. Ooh, bee- you- ti- ful! Ahh, What a view! Lucky , lucky, Susanne. Great job. Thanks. :-)

  18. So glad you FINALLY made it to see it! Isn't it magical?

  19. Anonymous11:23 AM

    Oh that blue lighting and adornment is so cool! When I get to see the eiffel tower all lit up, I can't stop whispering to myself "twinkle! twinkle!"

  20. Gorgeous! I love the little lights all over the Eiffel Tower--it looks more magical than ever. And that cat looks like it's living the good life! LOL--can't wait to see more of Susanne's place. So glad you shared all your photos and stories with us, Carol. Thanks! Safe travels home and try to sleep some on the plane if you can, I guess?!

  21. Anonymous12:40 PM

    Great shots of my obsession, La Tour Eiffel! Bon Voyage!

  22. Anonymous1:17 PM

    WOW! fabulous fabulous fabulous!!!! So glad you got there :-)

  23. the twinkle of the city is caught in yoru pics. I haven't been to Paris in so long and thank you for reminding me of it's beauty. Tres Bien and Bon Voyage.

  24. Anonymous10:05 PM

    Returning already? It seems like you just got there! Some tower! Love the lights. Safe travels.

  25. I love it when the Tour Eiffel lights up and twinkles!

  26. Suzanne is beautiful, the Eiffel Tower is beautiful.. Ahhhh.... Paris. You lucky girl to have your Paris Breakfasts.... Thanks for sharing!

  27. Le 7ième is a perfect area! I still miss it! Hope you had a nice fight back to NYC

  28. Magnificent photos!!!!!! ADORE the TOWER... le chat is gorgeous too!
    Ooooh how I wish I were there... lucky you!

  29. Anonymous3:49 AM

    By any chance, will you be there under the Eiffel Tower again today ?

    A very different spectacle indeed : shepherds with flocks of sheep will walk peacefully under the tower...
    demonstrating against our "ministre de l'agriculture" !!!
    shears !
    sorry... I mean "cheers"

  30. Anonymous1:33 AM

    Every French boy builds with Legos a high structure which before destructions calls it the Eiffel Tour. My 4 year has been destroying them all week. Never cared much for it myself but may have to take a train to see it before year's end!


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