Friday, November 14, 2008

Brocante Bastille

On Sunday night up at Susanne's adorable apartment (with the Eiffel Tower out the window), Susanne insisted I must go to the brocante at the Bastille - the best annual antique market in Paris and gave me this ticket...
The tents were set up just around the corner from me and I had been flirting with a visit...
While at Susanne's we snacked on delicious quiche from her local boulangerie. I instantly fell in love with her flatware.
From Monoprix no less!
When I saw these at the brocante...
And these! You know I high tailed it over to Monoprix toute a suite to schlep back at least 2 sets to start with. More to come next trip...pas cher either..shhhh
Someone asked why bring a tapemeasure - because of these gorgeous linens, that's why.
And lace up the whazoo!
Marie-Antoinette, I'm coming...
I love this! Have not a million, gazillion antique dealers heard this?
"My granny has the same one"
Hence the title of this boutique...
Next trip I am renting this little spot to stay in...
Or this one...perfection non?
The great I did not schlep anything home from this fab brocante. Dommage :( Too busy taking pictures for you all! What I sacrifice in the name of blogging! It's criminal!!!
And here is where the dealers grab their dejeuner...
MIAM! (yum!)
No I did not dare -
commence le regime


  1. Anonymous9:03 AM

    Tu es incurable(et incroyable)--romanitque ! ! !


  2. Anonymous9:03 AM

    Tu es incurable(et incroyable)--romanitque ! ! !


  3. Anonymous9:05 AM

    Oh, wow, aren't these all just scrumptious!

  4. Anonymous9:07 AM

    The French brocanteur's life looks like fun...surrounded by all that beauty..sigh

  5. Anonymous9:09 AM

    I want those beautiful floral linens to the left!
    Oh, and those fans!
    My husband would love to frame those!

  6. Flea markets in France are just too much fun!

  7. Anonymous9:32 AM

    Carol, you capture such beauty with your camera, I love every picture. One day...oh yes one day very soon...I too look forward to visiting wonderful Paris and perhaps I will be lucky enough to venture upon such exquisite markets or perhaps have the ET framed in my window panes.
    Merci muchly, we adore your dedication to us all.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  8. Anonymous9:35 AM

    I left the comment above for you but forgot to sign.
    Merci muchly once again.

  9. Decadently delicious... I love the flatware. And I love what you are doing with your digs!! The romantic in us all *sigh* needs treasures like these.
    Miam aussi.

  10. Anonymous11:32 AM

    i will go in nov. of next year....that gives me plenty of time to start saving.

  11. Hmmmm...I just posted a comment but I guess it didn't "take." I see several chair paintings in the makings here--they must've known you were coming--they even set them up like still lifes for you. ;)) The fabrics and quilts would catch my eye, too--I always seek out all those same things here at our local flea market. Joe and I love going and browsing there. Great fun, Carol! Thanks for taking us!

  12. It's a kind of torture visiting your blog, but really I can't help myself.

  13. It makes me want to eat and spend money in a way that could lead to ruin.

  14. It's always fabulous to walk around this brocante stores! What? You have to start a diet after Paris???? I really do not understand!

  15. Anonymous1:58 PM

    My sister in law is on the plane down to Paris right now. Her daughter is here with us. I should have found some space in her suitcase and gone with her.

  16. Oh what lovely photos and how fun. I saw several things I would have gone crazy over. I am drooling here, wishing we had some fun places like this to go to.
    LOVE the silverware you found. Great find.

  17. It was nice to catch up on your blog!! Do you have any idea how much I yearn to see Paris after visiting your blog!! Love the silverware! Laurie

  18. Great images of the market. it.

    I will have to go soon.

  19. Anonymous1:53 PM

    Love the flatware from Monoprix! Can you tell me the name of the pattern? I would love to order a set (or two!) for myself!


  20. Anonymous6:00 PM

    Never mind Suzanne's about that plate!!! Seriously, I love the flatware are going to be a serious piece of France in the USA with your new imports!

  21. Oooooo
    BIG MERCI Jeanette for reminding me I must look for BLUE AND WHITE strawberry plates!
    I did take a picture and plumb forgot! :O

  22. Anonymous5:34 AM

    I would like to purchase a Café de Flore small water carafe with the café name on it. I was there 2 weeks ago and both times of day the store manager was out and the store was locked. I am in Toronto, Canada. Is there any way I can purchase and have the item sent to me??

    Hoping you have some information.



  23. Anonymous5:35 AM

    I am entranced with your blog, "Paris Breakfasts". My daughter turned me on to it some time ago, and I have thanked her numerous times. We are, in fact, off to Paris for Christmas, as I need to assuage a broken heart and where better but Paris? We have rented a flat (studio) in the Marais, but I have saved the link in your latest post, for the NEXT time I need to escape to Paris.

    Keep up the good work, and I love your paintings!

  24. It's been ages since I went to a brocante in Paris but I am loving these pictures!! I remember spending way too much on getting stuff for friends and family but oh! what fun it was!!

  25. What street is the Salon Antiquité on? I might go this week.

  26. In the 7th picture down (9th one up)you certainly have a Kingfisher with a Goldfinch on either side.

    I'm not too confident about the American species though.

  27. I'm back! Been busy whipping builders into shape :)
    I am ready to comment like you have never seen before.

  28. Forgot to say - I was there earlier in the year. Fabulous antiques fair.


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