Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Painting Blue and White

Painting Blue and White china,5.5" x 7.5"
I'm late posting today...I've been struggling with painting blue and white china. I bought a bunch of pieces at Tiny Doll House yesterday thinking it would be a whiz to paint.

Course, now that I look again at these ginger jars at Ch. Vaux le Vicomte.

Well, they don't look like a piece of cake to paint, do they?
In fact, maybe I should stick with painting cake...
This set was in the Chateau's divine gift shop... I spotted this Coalport china enroute to Tiny Doll House - definitely not easy to paint! In the same window...well someone was able to paint the damn stuff! HUMPHIn Bergdorfs' Xmas window this china would have been a killer to paint, but I LOVE blue, especially Cobalt Blue Light. Back to cakes toute a suite! This chaotic "former" still life is not the result of my wrath.
No way! I just happened to breath in the wrong direction and WHAMO! C'est la vie...
More blue and white here:


  1. I love blue & white, transfer & flow blue! Lovely painting today!

  2. Anonymous12:30 PM

    Well you have done it again. I love blue china. I have quite a few pieces. I also decorate my patio in the summer with blue glass. It looks sooooo eligent. My mouth is watering for your blue china though. Everything is so beautiful in all of your pictures. You are a big tease. ja ja ja

  3. Anonymous12:31 PM

    Love the Coalport.
    I just inherited some of it!


  4. Love the Coalport too. I have one small piece that I used to paint. oiy oh boy, not easy.

    NOT carry Cobalt blue light!? Hm. I wonder if pigments colors are like fashion trends that cycle in and out?

    Gorgeous blues, more more....

  5. Anonymous1:11 PM

    Love the blue and white and this is just a super painting...:)

  6. Anonymous1:12 PM

    Love the Coalport.
    I just inherited some of it!

  7. Anonymous2:52 PM

    Blue, blue can one ever have too much blue? How can they stop making your favorite blue?
    Do something!
    Blue is every bit as important as macarons.

  8. Lovely all the blog.

  9. I never get tired of more Chateau Vaux le Vicomte. It's now on the list of Places To See Before I Die.

    Lovely blue, very hard to capture cobalt blue.

  10. Anonymous6:47 PM

    Was there a mini bull in your mini china shop?

  11. Well, Carol, I have always loved blue/white together. Wanted to make my office/studio blue and white but it didn't quite go that way! LOL I have had rooms those colors before, though, and it's so soothing and peaceful and pretty--your painting is wonderful! Touche!

  12. No Carol, They do not look like a piece of cake to paint to me. They look down right scary actually. lol
    But you did a great job of painting them anyway. I am sure you will be painting these again & again. Practice makes perfect.
    I am loving all these blues. Your photos are great too.

  13. oh

    a wee


    you always find
    the best miniatures somehow!

  14. Anonymous9:36 PM

    very pretty painting too--cakes of course are much better than porcelin--
    vive les macarrons

  15. I have a feeling SOMEPINKFLOWERS that these tiny elephant teapot are common as church mice.
    The BABAR exhibit is about to open here at the Morgan Library,so I'm trying to think elephants..though not pink elephants if I can help it :)

  16. I have a blue and white dinner service. I love it!

  17. Anonymous5:58 AM

    What "yummy" colors!

    I'd love each and every one of these pieces en mi casa!

  18. Anonymous6:38 PM

    No more Cobalt Blue Light at Kremer's? I am astounded that your wish is not their command...
    You have risen to the challenge of the blue and white....reducing the intricate pattern to a mere suggestion which, in turn, is filled in by the mind's eye. My favorite thing about why don't I do as I like?

  19. Beautiful!
    Love your work.
    Here is my effort...
    Love your blog!


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