Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Les Fleurs at Chateau Vaux Le Vicomte

Back to Chateau Vaux le Vicomte .Another much-needed escape from realite.
Les Hortensia,Are you tired of visiting the chateau - not that I'll listen mind you.

I was just telling Corey I took 5000 pictures last trip, so you'll just have to sit tight a bit longer. Shes done Hortensia (Hydrangeas) post today too. Great minds..

 There are tons of flowers where ever you look at the chateau. This tapestry chair is a beauty.  And P., please do not ask me to bring back this chair for you.

Fleural prints are huge and caught my eye immediately upon entry to the chateau.

Definitely not minis.
A rather elaborate vase...a bit overdone in my opinion. But the flowers.
There were so many bouquets...I wish I'd taken more pictures. Please click to view watercolors on Etsy.


  1. Anonymous10:21 AM

    Those panels behind the vase of flowers in the last photograph! That is what I want!
    Do you have any more photographs of those exquisite panels?
    And we rented Vatel and Ridicule (Moliere arrives tomorrow). Vatel was just scene after scene of breathtaking beauty!
    Thanks for the recommendations!

  2. I never tire of anything to do with France. I so enjoy all your pictures, paintings and comments. Even from Maine! A lovely escape before heading off to work!

  3. Those cups are exquisite! :-)
    I imagine taking a sip of tea and then a dainty bite off a macaron, heaven. ;-)

    I was heavy into passamenterie this morning, at Duke Albert von Sachsen-Teschen's "Albertina" palace. He was married to another, more fortunate daughter (than her poor sister Marie Antoinette) of empress Maria Theresa, Marie Christine. They lived in what is now the Albertina Museum.

  4. Looooove the tea cups and macaron painting. Wonderful painting. No I am not sick of the Chateau. bring on more. I love flowers so I am enjoying this post today. I will be back to look at it again. :)

  5. Anonymous4:52 PM

    I just have to tell you how much I appreciate the time and effort you put into your daily posts.
    You take me to places I know I will never get to see.
    Paris I know I will probably never see in person, NYC, well that is a dream of mine to get to go there sometime.

    Thank you again for what you share.
    God Bless

  6. Anonymous4:53 PM

    Thanks so much for all your pictures and watercolors. They add just the right sparkle in a sometimes dreary day.

  7. Anonymous5:05 PM

    Thought you might be interested in these topics (especially Chateau Vaux le Vicomte) that FIAF is sponsoring.
    They all sound wonderful!
    All the best!


  8. ABSOLUTEMENT ! ! ! !
    BIG MERCI Rona !
    Perfecto !

  9. Anonymous5:08 PM

    Love the way the theme of flowers is carried out throughout the chateau...so damn elegant!

  10. Anonymous5:26 PM

    5000 photos in two weeks!
    350 per idem
    29 pictures an hour...if you shoot while you sleep, which you probably do!

  11. That painting is another beauty, Carol--how'd my comment not "take," last night!? I'm loving the photos, too--no need to stop on my account, anyway! ;))

  12. Was your clicking finger sore? 5000? I haven't even taken that many in my whole life and I am old :)

  13. Anonymous6:42 PM

    When one is tired of Vaux, one is tired of life.....to parphrase Moritmer paraphrasing Dr. Johnson (I think?)


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