Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Paris Night Walks...

Paris window chaise,watercolor on Etsy, sold 5.5" x 7.5"
OK, let's escape into the Paris night.... There's nothing like strolling around Paris at night...
You have all the windows to yourself...
And you can redecorate entirely to your heart's content - like this inviting chair in a rare bookshop window..
Oh those trecherous, unending circular staircases in Paris! I'll take a mini model instead S.V.P.
Bouquets of everlasting coral - perfection!
Parisien children's shops at night are full of stories - a sad child neglected by teddy parents...domage
A little snack for your night time journey..? A few cerises peut-etre? Crunch...crunch
At last! Bisquits...quelle domage - made of porcelaine. But no calories!
My walk from the Right bank over to the Left bank. Que Voltaire is particularly good for enticing antique boutiques for the vicarious shopper.


  1. I am embarrassed to say this, but the most memorable trip to Paris for me was in 2000 with my best friend Renate. We walked the streets, late at night. The next morning was garbage day and we found WONDERFUL champagne tins setting on the sidewalk waiting for the trash haulers to pick up. We did that for them. To this day, I keep my French Bulldog's biscuits in one of those tins.

  2. What a GREAT idea Eileen!
    Must remember to do this next visit...what exactly is a champagne tin?
    I thought it came in bottles..?

  3. Anonymous11:10 AM

    Handsome watercolor comme habitude..
    Is that a padded wall behind the French chaise?
    Could this chair be in sanitorium rather than a shop window?
    Just wondering...

  4. Anonymous11:12 AM

    Walking at night in Paris, no one shakes their finger at you if you take a picture or shoves past fact there is no one around at all.
    Where are all the Parisiens?
    Sitting in cafes I guess..or clubbing. It is quite a serene activity walking at night..

  5. Love this chair painting. Wow. This is gorgeous. I also love the photos of chairs. Great post.

  6. The tin is what a really, really good (and expensive) champagne bottle is placed into and sold in at the liquor store. The tin will usually have the same graphics as the champagne bottle. After we swooped up the tins we ran into a young man walking towards us carrying a wonderful wooden champange crate. He had the biggest smile on his face and knew he was lucky to have found the crate before we stumbled upon it.

  7. Night walking...lovely sound a shoe fall makes, a meandering , strolling sound, not drowned out by all the clatter of the busy day.

    Ooh, Champagne tins...must see one of those..

    Lovely evening trek and very intriguing windows...just like your steps along theses streets.
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. My favorite thing to do after dinner in Paris is to walk the streets, no not like that.;-) Window shopping when the stores are close somehow heightens the experience. You cannot go inside and buy anything so it only makes you want whatever is in the window even more. I didn't mean for this comment to sound sexual. But I think you know what I am trying to say.

  9. Anonymous4:38 PM

    What a lovely still lifes!

  10. Anonymous9:36 PM

    Makes me feel like taking a stroll right now. Except that all around me are homes, not shops, no windows and no trash pickup till Monday. Sigh.
    Have you begun the countdown to your next Parisien visit?

  11. Anonymous11:34 PM

    I found your blog when I was perusing the comments on Aran's Cannelle et Vanille blog. I love your paintings. They capture the ideal Paris. Bonne nuit!

  12. Truly wonderful, may I come, and traipse right along? (Thank you for warning me off the biscuits!)


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