Thursday, August 02, 2007

Desperately Seeking Roses...

English Tea Rose I've been desperately seeking roses in my neighborhood, Astoria...
It's ain't like Paris here :(
True we have been having heavy rains.
Here's a bud desperately trying to become a rose...
Rose des PeintresSome other people have all the roses!
A budlette is trying desperately to open!
You Go BUD!!!
Yellow Rose of TexasI thought roses and macarons would make a good watercolor combo.
Little did I know the local roses would elude me...
Et voila!
A local rose has decided to show it's pretty face :)

Reflection of a cherryA lack of roses meant the spoons and cherries get a SECOND ACT!


  1. May everything be coming up roses.....
    Love Jeanne

  2. I love roses as much as macarons :)

  3. Anonymous10:25 AM

    I'll trade you a Rose for a Macaron.. ;-) My Roses are gearing up for their third showing, but alas there are no Macarons in sight. :(
    What a fun post this is this morning... especially your paintings.
    Cris in OR

  4. Anonymous10:42 AM

    My maternal grandparents were from Scotland, and when they first came to America, my grandfather thought everyone in America was a cowboy. (Honest to God!)
    So, he wanted to come be a cowboy and ride horses into the sunset.
    Well,....he came to NY and NJ
    So that didn't exactly happen, but even as an elderly gentleman, my mom always sent him a dozen yellow roses for his birthday, and one year I asked her why--she said it was because it was for the yellow rose of Texas...

    Your yellow rose made me think of my dear Grandfather....

  5. Love very much the reflection of the cherry in the spoon...haven't seen very many pretty roses around here either.

  6. Anonymous11:37 AM

    Carol, those roses in your links are amazing!! Wow! I love these recent macaron/candle/rose/spoon/cherry paintings--very playful and charming. Another fun post that highlights your sense of humor to a T.

  7. love the buds! (going to be back there tomorrow, so excited!) my mom has peonies and roses in our backyard, so she always gives me updates on the flowers.

    and i love the paintings of the macaroons with the candle on it, should make a tasty birthday cake!

  8. Wonderful pictures of roses and macarons. So pleased to hear that someone else is getting lots of heavy rain. I feel as though it's all falling on me and no one else. Sounds awful but it will help the roses grow.

  9. You are the sweetest rose of them all! :-)
    Thank you.

  10. This is all simply too beautiful!!

    Discovered you through Jeanne :)

    Very pretty, and soft, and relaxing, giving off good vibes...

  11. my garden is history,
    here in Florida,
    until the fall.

    i am fortunate
    to have green leafy Anythings...

    i will take your rose buds,
    your macarons,
    your watercolor treats
    and especially your cool & yummy stories
    of past careers...

    if you were ever a fire-fighting ballerina,
    tell me NOW,
    as those are the only 2 things missing,
    i do believe, you lucky thing...


  12. The last water color is just precious!

  13. Wow - I've been gone a month and missed all the good stuff about the trials and tribulations of your career(s). It's been great reading about them/you.

  14. Anonymous5:58 AM

    So pretty! Love the reflection of the cherry on the spoon :)

  15. Anonymous7:20 AM

    So pretty, and creative! I really think the roses and macarons go so well together!

  16. Aren't Merisi's rose pictures the best? It's been a mediocre rose year here (although the hydrangeas are currently breathtaking!)

  17. i'd love to see some old english roses! :D

  18. These are gorgeous - may you be 'showered with roses' soon (minus the thorns, of course).

    The Old Roses in my garden were all set to be awesome this year - the buses were laden with buds and I was excited - but then weeks...and weeks... and weeks of rain arrived here in the UK and I lost them most of them. Sigh! At least we escaped the flooding.

  19. P.S. it would be interesting to see your full list of your jobs - you have had such a successful and varied career. 'Impressed of Devon'

  20. P.S. it would be interesting to see your full list of your jobs - you have had such a successful and varied career. 'Impressed of Devon'

  21. Delicious Macs and Roses, the perfect combo for a celebration!


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