Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Dedicated to the one I love...

Dedicated to Angelina's chocolat chaud
John saw this watercolor dedicated to Angelina...Dedicated to CaterinaAnd requested if he could have the same watercolor
but with his friend, Caterina's name on the cup.

What a good idea!Dedicated to Marie-NoëlleI got to thinking...
Marie-Noelle has been coaching me in the art of Frenchie ecriture handwriting...
I forget what she calls it, but I know she'll remind me shortly :)
Dedicated to my friend, Corey who sent me this picture of her teacup Wouldn't it be fun to add French terms of endearment to the watercolors
Known as, Les Petits Nom et Les Mots Doux
There could easily be thousands of these terms of endearments in French...
Here are just a few to choose from:

Pour les petits et même les grands, Joli coeur, jolie rose, louloute, ma beauté, ma belette, ma biche, ma biquette, ma canaille, ma chatounette, ma chérie, ma choupette, ma choupinette,ma belle, ma choute, ma cocotte, ma coquette, ma dame de coeur, ma douce, ma douceur, ma drollière, ma grenouille, ma jolie, Ma minouchette, ma noisette, ma petite bichette, ma petite bichette, ma petite chérie, ma petite crotte, ma petite frite, ma petite hirondelle, ma petite perle, ma petite princesse, ma petite puce, ma poule, ma poulette, ma poupette, ma princesse aux pieds dorés, ma souris, ma tortue, ma minette, mimi, mon amour...
Etc! Etc!
Just be sure you get the masculine/feminine correct!
And while we're at it..
Don't forget The Shirelles song:
Each night before you go to bed my baby
Whisper a little prayer for me my baby
This is dedicated to the one I love

This is dedicated to the one I love
This is dedicated to the one I love
This is dedicated to the one I love
Dedicated to the Shirrells


  1. Love the pink tea cup with the french writing and the Idea. I think you have a hit on your hands. You keep coming up with more and more cool ideas. How do you do it??? That brain must be going 24/7!!
    Cris in OR

  2. Anonymous11:07 AM

    Ma belette... remember Amélie Poulain saying "Je ne suis la belette de personne."
    Great cups!

  3. Your pink cup for Corey...and the sweet of you!

    I just love your watercolors...I'm here every morning for my "Paris Breakfasts"!

    Have a blessed day!

  4. Anonymous11:15 AM

    Sweet! One of my favorites is "mon petit chou." (Isn't that basically "my little cauliflower?!) lovely watercolors, Carol, and the marvelous ecriture is spot on!

  5. Anonymous11:19 AM

    Hmmmm...or is it "cabbage?" Wonderful term of endearment, anyway, eh!? :))

  6. Anonymous11:31 AM

    Lovely script!
    I dig that cuppa too!!

  7. Anonymous11:31 AM

    Looks great, she will love it. John

    "mon petit chou," which literally means "my cabbage."
    But I've heard it actually originates from "pâte à chou," a sort of pastry.

  9. Anonymous11:35 AM

    I came by way of Constance- woderfully creative post!! AND blog. And anything with French writing...well, just love it!!!

  10. Oh what a lovely idea to add the text to your watercolours. And personalisation makes an added special touch! love them!

  11. Anonymous12:13 PM

    C'est le trop de la balle!

  12. Great works, love the teacup and the sayings are wonderful. I came to you blog via Tongue and Cheek.
    New to blogging, having a great time visiting all the sights. I feel as if I'm taking a little trip each day I blog. Thanks for the inspiration from your work. Hope you'll stop by - have a magical day.

  13. Hello! Thanks for stopping by my blog to collect your award ;-)
    Very honoured that you thought my fish beautiful... BIG smile on my face.

    The idea of the French Endearments is such a cool idea. I like the 3 pictures here, especially the pink cup and script.

    Tres Beau!

  14. Anonymous2:33 PM

    You are so creative with your blog.
    You Go girl!

  15. What a wonderful idea! I can't think of anything more unique or more fun. I think I'll be adding a "Paris Breakfast painting with a saying" to my Christmas list :)

  16. oh so beautiful...the cup for corey is so full of love...blessings, rebecca

  17. Anonymous3:52 PM

    Oh what a superb idea!!
    You're on a roll!
    That pink cup. It steals my heart!

  18. I think your Frenchie handwriting looks just about right! I am sure that a true Frenchie might think otherwise, but to this untrained American it looks fabulous. I too have been wanting to learn how to write like that, but when I went to France last year I couldn't find a practice book like they have for children here when learning cursive. Good luck.

  19. that is cool that you changed the name! and the pink tea cup with french writing very nice :)

  20. "Dedicated To The One I Love" was my high school boyfriend's and my song. Still love it!
    I love the French endearments.

  21. PLUS! (more terms of endearments)
    joli cœur
    jolie rose
    ma beauté
    ma belette
    ma belle
    ma biche
    ma biquette
    ma canaille
    ma chatounette
    ma chérie
    ma chipie
    ma choupette
    ma choupinette
    ma choute
    ma cocotte
    ma coquette
    ma dame de cœur
    ma douce
    ma douceur
    ma drollière
    ma dulcinée
    ma grenouille
    ma jolie
    ma jolie poupée
    ma loutre
    ma maman à moi
    ma maman chérie
    ma minouchette
    ma noisette
    ma petite bichette
    ma petite chérie
    ma petite crotte
    ma petite frite
    ma petite hirondelle
    ma petite perle
    ma petite princesse
    ma petite puce
    ma poule
    ma poulette
    ma poupée
    ma poupette
    ma princesse aux pieds dorés
    ma souris
    ma tigresse
    ma tortue
    ma minette
    mon adorée
    mon amour
    mon ange
    mon angelette
    mon arc-en-ciel
    mon bébé
    mon bébé d'amour
    mon bébé dauphin
    mon bichon
    mon bien-aimé
    mon bijou
    mon canard
    mon canari
    mon caramel
    mon chéri
    mon chouchou
    mon cœur
    mon cœur d'artichaut
    mon crapaud
    mon doudou
    mon drôle
    mon gros nounours
    mon gros soleil
    mon joli petit lapin rose
    mon joli petit rayon de soleil
    mon lapin
    mon lapin aux grandes oreilles
    mon minou
    mon oiseau des îles
    mon papa adoré
    mon papa chéri
    mon papillon
    mon petit âne
    mon petit biquet
    mon petit bouillon
    mon petit canard
    mon petit chou
    mon petit cochon d'inde
    mon petit crottin de chavignol
    mon petit footeux
    mon petit lapin bleu
    mon petit loulou
    mon petit moineau
    mon petit ours des neiges
    mon petit poisson
    mon petit poulet
    mon petit poussin d'or
    mon petit singe
    mon petit sucre d'orge
    mon pierrot
    mon poussinet
    mon puceron
    mon p'tit gars
    mon p'tit loup
    mon sucre d'or
    mon titi
    mon trésor
    petite voyouse...

  22. Anonymous6:25 AM

    We came back from La Côte d'Azur last night - we spent a fortnight there.

    Had to catch up with my e-mails. Yours was a VERY NICE surprise... A lovely welcoming message indeed !!! THANK YOU !!!

    Back later


  23. Anonymous6:47 PM

    Oh...I want that Caterina cup!


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