Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Chanel on my mind

I stopped by Merisi's Vienna late last night
and thought Ah Ha! There is my post for tomorrow!
Merisi has shown the Chanel windows on Kohlmarkt 5 in Vienna. As has Paris Parfait on rue Cambon in Paris of course. I thought I'll show Chanel on 57th Street in New York!

I had BIG plans to be out in front of the windows at 8 AM!
The best laid plans of mice and men are paved with good intentions on the route to Hell. When I got there at high noon, I might as well have turned my back to the windows
and just shot the street traffic

Still Chanel must be given her due. Black and white is usually a sign of Spring on the way. But Mme Chanel was never one to follow the crowd.

And these haircuts make me want to run out and get bangs
Tout a suite!
I had a haircut like this as a kid and stick straight hair.Something happened along the way and the sticks are wavy now.

The scarlet lips are fun too

Ruching and pleats on white chiffon shirts...so Chanel! As are chains and chains of pearls and logo whatnots...
This L.L.Bean-style boot kicking the pearls around is a bit of shocker! Is there a Chanel store in your town?
Please run out and take pictures, preferably not at High Noon! Be sure and let me know.


  1. Anonymous3:49 PM

    I bet there's a wig you can buy like that hair, even with the camillia attached.

  2. If I were still in CA I would run to the South Coast Plaza and take some pictures for you of the window there.. inside. No Traffic. but alas I am not. I LOVE chanel. her syle and her perfume 'Coco' by chanel.
    I just got my bangs cut recently..Alas I am no longer in CA and my bangs look NOTHING like Chanels. Rats..on the bangs that is. ;-)
    Cris in CA.

  3. Anonymous4:36 PM

    I guess you know you're in the boonies when the nearest Chanel is 20 or 30 miles away. Thanks to you, Carol, it's a bit closer!


  4. Channel always so timeless! Always with pearls! sigh NG

  5. I can't believe you made the pilgrimage in the heat of the day all the way to 57th! So interesting, how your window looks different from the Paris and Vienna ones. The haircut seems not quite the same either, don't you think so? (I need more bangs!).
    My little artist in residence wants me to tell you that you are awesome! I share her opinion. :-)

  6. Anonymous5:41 PM

    Chanel's such a classic--I appreciate that you (like Mad Dogs and Englishmen) went out into the midday sun for us. Lovely images!

  7. First of all it isn't that hot here right now!
    Secondly I was very curious to see how the New York Chanel differed from Vienna and Paris.
    It differed ALOT IMO!
    Too conservative I thought :(
    MERISI please do another interesting post for tomorrow that I can read at midnight here and be inspired by
    Merci :)

  8. LOL, I kind of like Chanel mixed in with boots and trucks, etc.

  9. I think we have one here in Osaka, will have to check. Love the photos, trucks or not :)

  10. i love the impormptu collaged cars and trucks on the manikins (sp)...they ar in just the right places...thanks for sharing...blessings, rebecca

  11. There is a CHANEL BOUTIQUE in San Francisco, California...that is about an hour away.

    I'll be sure and check out the window the next time I'm in SF.

    Love the photos!

  12. I have Chanel on my mind, too. She's part of the book I just finished. My agent just sent me a beautiful little article on Chanel & the revamp of N. 5 from Vanity Fair that shows some of the rose fields that inspired this last book.

  13. A Chanel shop in my town? Uh, sure, definitely!

    Well, maybe not.

    At least I can buy Chanel perfume at the local Younkers...

  14. Carol, thanks for doing this! It's such fun to see the different versions of Chanel windows in various cities. I like those boots with the short pleat skirts, although I am reminded of Ellen Barkin's comment about being "age appropriate." Sigh.


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