Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Pigment Stores in Florence...

Late last night I got a comment from michael.

He said...What a wonderful pleasure to stumble upon your blog while researching for pigment stores in Florence...(know any?). Your blog is beautiful!Naturally, being of an impulsive nature, I had to find the name of that pigment store in Florence tout a suite.
I started pawing through my fat file on Italy - mostly Tuscany. Such yummy Tuscan earth colors. I could do a post on that I thought!
Camille Corot went to Italy to paint for 3 years in 1825, and everyone followed. I got to Italy for wine adventures, shoe design and a 3 week artist residency in Poppi. Ideally, I would really like a Fullbright Scholarship researching Gelato. So far I've heard niente/nuttin'.

Painting while on the train is a fun thing to do in Italy.
There are tons of trains and the landscape is perfect for sketchbook recording. And sometimes the trains go very slowly.

You can't think about Tuscan colors without thinking of painter, Piero Della Francesca. His deep reds, ochres, siennas are the archetypal Tuscan colors that always come to mind.

You better come prepared with Tuscan earth colors in your paintbox or just stay home! True, you can always pick them up in ZECCHI's in Florence.

Well, I hope I answered your question Michael 

And Grazie tanto for giving me an idea for today's Paris Breakfasts post!


  1. Wow..wonderful post today. I love it when you get inspired by someone. ;-)
    I went thru a Tuscany faze and still love it..But then my Dad was Italian.
    Cris in OR

  2. Anonymous1:41 PM

    If you do get that fullbright, let me know--I'll schlep your bags for you.;)) Nothing like that wonderful gelato. These landscape sketches are beautiful, Carol...ciao bella.

  3. Anonymous1:45 PM

    More lovely landscapes!

  4. Anonymous1:47 PM

    These are lovely, Carol--
    They remind me of so many places in that whole area...

  5. Anonymous1:48 PM

    Oh, Zecchi!
    We in Florence know it very well.

  6. There's a graduate in our dept who is, in fact, doing her dissertation on French Gastronomy. Wish I had thought of that! So why not Gelato? Sounds good to me!

  7. Thank you for the beautiful watercolors. I was in Tuscany a few years ago and your pictures are true to nature.

  8. Dear paris breakfast,

    while we cannot nominate you for a Fulbright Scholarship (you'll have to apply for that one yourself), wouldn't it be a great idea if we tried to nominate you to the Selection Committee of the McArthur Foundation? I mean, with your portfolio you should be a prime candidate.

    I once was very keen to see as many Piero della Francesca works (and other Quattrocento arists), would be about time I continue that quest (memo to myself *g*).
    I must confess that when I think of della Francesca, besides his dark reds his blues immediately come to mind when his name is mentioned.

    Your painting are fabulous. I want to go to Tuscany right now.

  9. ...another wonderful post, done with "esprit", and perfect, nice watercolours!

  10. Anonymous5:55 PM

    Carol, havent been hear for some time but these landscapes are wonderful. you bring everything to life like we were doing this ourselves. Just beatiful

  11. Anonymous6:24 PM

    Clearly, it is time for the Fullright folks to re-examine their priorities!

  12. Anonymous7:02 PM

    Your blog is one of my absolute favorites. I especially love the Pylones watercolors. Checking for postings to your blog is the first thing I do each day--along with my French Roast coffee. Merci beaucoup!

  13. Let me know when you get that scholarship, so I can apply for it too :)

  14. Anonymous7:57 PM

    Hi Carol,

    If you're looking for ideas, may I suggest cupcakes?
    They're my favorite! Every year I get a cake for my daughter's birthday, but I also get her a fancy cupcake from a most excellent bakery, Icing on the Cake, in Los Gatos, CA.
    She's turning 3 next month, so I'll soon be breaking out my small pedestal and dome and making birthday magic for her.

    Who wouldn't want their own cupcake on a pedestal?

  15. Grazie tanto Tutti!
    (a lot of thanks everyone)

    Merisi, you are absolutely correct about Della Francesca's Blue, very much like Tuscan blue skies.

    BLAME IT ON PARIS and K&S, have given me a brill idea! I shall now rename my research, Gelatoranomy.
    It sounds infinitely more esoteric.

    Paige, you have convinced me I can no longer avoid the almighty American CUPCAKE. I shall plunge in and do some research immediatement!
    merci :)

  16. He sure is right about your blog! I really enjoyed your post, so lovely.

  17. What a lovely journey... Gelatoranomy. Love it!!!

  18. Your blog is undeniably a cut above - no, make that five - no TEN - cuts above! Always so delightful to look at and enjoy your sense of humor too.

  19. Anonymous8:37 AM

    Today, your Tuscan post has warmed my heart. Grazie!

  20. Anonymous9:05 AM

    Gotta' get you to our cabin in Maine, so we can go painting together! I'm sitting here, looking out at our sparkling cove...but your paintings of late
    make me yearn for the Tuscan hills and towns.
    Luscious as always.

  21. Anonymous10:48 AM

    Fabulous fabulous paintings.

  22. I LOVE Tuscan colours. We get them on the hills outside our cottage on a sunny evening but it only lasts for around 10 minutes and then it's gone.
    So your getting comments from men late at night - I read on a great speed but he was only asking for colours, no gossip there then?

  23. Anonymous12:33 PM

    You amaze me.
    The last painting with its wave of green rolling hills. Fantastic feeling comes from it.
    Lucky am I to know you!!

  24. Oh, I love them all...AND the lions on down the way make my heart skip a beat.

  25. Answered... and more. Zecchi awaits..as do the iron oxides in the Tuscan hills..mille grazie Carol.

  26. Practically the first thing we did after getting off the plane in Italy (besides getting on the train to take us closer to where we were staying) was trot over to a tiny church-museum art show that was featuring Piero Della Francesca frescoes. Reds, blues and gilded golds... Pretty breath-taking in person.

  27. Anonymous9:16 PM

    your watercolors are too, too beautiful.

  28. Anonymous4:43 AM

    Oh Carol. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.....

    I am going back to Venice again for the first week of October. This time I plan to tgake the train down to Firenze, and I will bring my sketchbook....and my pen and mmoleskin of course.


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