Thursday, August 16, 2007

Street Artist

One thing I've never tried is be a street artist. But it surely looks like fun! Here's an easel set up at the Piazza del Duomo in Florence. This artist has his bike handy so he can take off for lunch or at a moment's notice. He's painting onsite while waiting for sales. He's got a sweet little economical painting set up.Note the water bottles under the tray for watercolors and drinking.Isn't every tourist tempted at sometime or other by these artists? I bought this tiny watercolor of the archades at the Santa Maria Novella church. This painting is just 2 3/4" x 2 3/4". I went back to find him on another trip but impossible.A Parisien print dealer along the Seine. I'd LOVE to set up my portfolio like this and sell some watercolors in Paris.
Here's another street artist I can't resist. Especially the crepes with citron.
Being a beach artist isn't so bad even if you don't make any sales.


  1. Anonymous8:46 AM

    What a delightful post, Carol! I have always enjoyed street artists--there's something so brave and magical about them being right there, vulnerable and open to the comments of strangers...I recognized Firence from the Duomo building behind immediately. And the French vendors along the Seine or in Montmartre always enthralled that you peeking out at us there at the end?! Magnifique!!!

  2. Anonymous9:10 AM

    What a lovely watercolor image of Santa Maria Novella!
    That's beautiful--I can see what tempted you there.
    thanks for including the inspiration here, too!

  3. Anonymous9:11 AM

    I think in Firenze, I saw more artists outside with their wares than anywhere! Now, couldn't you ride the subway one day, and get Bloomberg to purchase your art?! He could use some at his place in Bermuda!
    ('Course, it's not quite as romantic as this!!) ;))

  4. Isnt it Romantic, was the song going thru my head as I was viewing these photos. The Ambiance these street Artists bring to a place is Romantic to me. I love the shot with the couple stolling in the background.. in the second photo. She's in a long blue dress, hat in hand, and he is in white walking shorts, stolling along the sidewalk soaking it all in. The Artist at the end looks like she could be journaling. Ahhh heaven isn't it? Bet you can't wait to get there.
    Cris in OR

  5. CRIS
    The artist at the end was not journaling in Mexico.
    I asked her :)
    Watercolors as always...

  6. Anonymous9:59 AM

    Every morning, you come up with a new and completely original idea. You're indefatigable!

    The only street art I've ever bought was a "commission" by a sketch artist in the Champs de Mars; she did a very cute sketch of my son when he was eight. I took photos of the sitting. Sure brings back fond memories.


  7. Anonymous11:23 AM

    You could TOTALLY sell your watercolors in Paris....they are beautiful! I will never forget the day I bought a sketch from a street artist in Paris....I say it's all part of the Paris experience.


  8. Your blog/website is always such a gorgeous feast for the eyes! I'm entranced every time I visit.

  9. Hi Carol!! I JUST LOVE your blog and this post is no exception .. so I hope you don't mind, but I"ve nominated you for a 'rockin' girl blogger' award ... see for info .... Lin

  10. what a fun post! I am always interested to see what artists on the streets or at natural areas (like lakes, mountains) are painting. You should give street painting a try :)

  11. I love this post too. I have always wanted to be a street artist too but Cannes is my favourite place. Yes, it's engaging with strangers... actually it always works if I sit and sketch but I never sell work that way.
    However, I am sure you could sell your work.

  12. Blessings and you always share so much joy with us.......
    Love Jeanne

  13. love this post. One of my favorite things I brought back from Paris last summer was a little watercolor of Notre Dame from an artist along the Seine. He actually painted it from the spot his little table was set up. wonderful. And cheap to boot. I wish I would have bought more.

  14. You should set up somewhere in Paris.

    You're far better than most of what passes for 'street art' around here.

    (Especially after what I saw yesterday in the Place des Vosges...yikes!)

  15. When my daughter and I were in Paris last year, we bought a few paintings from some street artists. It was definitely part of the experience. I love your watercolors.

  16. I cannot wait to show you Provence during October, with the vines in color and to sip wine with the harvest moon.
    I like the photo of you at the end. Your personal touch makes your blog one of my favorites.


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