Thursday, April 20, 2006

Les Routes de la Lavande

Running to Paris cafés morning, noon and night for 5 days, I wasn't ready to spend the next 7 days in the Lubéron Lavande. Hey I'm a New Yorker! I caught an early TGV (07h20) at the Gare de Lyon so I have at least 4 hours in my last urban center, Avignon until the workshop ended. Then I could return to Paris and explore more cafés. 3 hours later….local art shops and cafes explored. Over a steaming cup of hot chocolate, I park myself on the terrasse of Festival des Glaces. Situated by a pedestrian boulevard, Rue de la République and facing Place de l'Horloge, the central square, you can’t miss a trick. At 2pm, the Atkinsons take us off to the tiny hamlet,Les Bassacs for a week of Provençal painting and eating in a restored country farmhouse. Why did I feel like I was being abducted?


  1. as good as being there!! No no no better!! A perfect capturing of cafe in France!!

  2. Oh Corey you are the BEST!
    Thank you for yr great support every pixel of the way!


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