Monday, April 24, 2006

Bon Voyage...Peut-etre

This entry is about whether I make the trip over to Typepad or stay put. I started out at Typepad & made no headway for 20 of the 30 days alloted free trial. After much tearing of hair & tears, I decided to give Blogger a try. I was up & running in 2 hours! Bravo!!! But there are a few bells & whistles missing over here & perhaps way too many at Typepad... Hmmm...
So I'm showing you my "desk top" littered with chewed chocolate, Blogging For Dummies book, favorite soothing music (not working today), Lucky Cats (also not working today) and...

A 2" high (2 3/4" when opened) sewing machine formerly a resident in my dollhouse long time ago. The little blue wheel actually drives the needle up & down!? No, the peddle does not work, nor does this sew anything. But it has survived as has it's owner. So I'm trying to stitch together this blog with the bits & pieces of my life...

This 1 1/4" garbage pail is another dollhouse remnant originally bought at Woolworths 5 & 10. It does say "GARBAGE" on the lid and the peddle used to work, but I lost an important metal pin in transit somewhere...So I'm going out to clear my head of pixels.
Cya :)


  1. Great way how you wove this story together, and the photos are perfect, I see what you mean about not wrapping the text!! Every time i send you an email it comes back!! I have at least five or more returned emails???

    so are you on both blogger and typepad??

  2. Hi Tongue in cheek enfin!:)
    I am here @ Blogger for the time being...Until I get a brain transplant or start eating spinach. Thanks for the comments! I think AOL is the culprit...Grrrr Did you get my 2 emails today? I threw away hundreds of old ones thinking my box was plugged up.I am an email pack rat...

  3. I receive your emails...but you don't receive mine!!


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