Thursday, April 20, 2006

Les Routes de la Lavande

Running to Paris cafés morning, noon and night for 5 days, I just wasn't ready to spend the next 7 in the Lubéron Lavande. Hey I'm a New Yorker! I caught an early TGV (07h20) at the Gare de Lyon so I'd have at least 4 hours in my last urban center, Avignon until the workshop ended.
Then I could return to Paris to explore more cafés...
3 hours later - local art shops explored first and then the café. Over a steaming cup of hot chocolate, I parked myself on the terrasse of the Festival des Glaces. Situated by a pedestrian boulevard, Rue de la République and facing Place de l'Horloge, the central square, you don't miss a trick. At 2pm, the Atkinsons would take us off to the tiny hamlet of Les Bassacs for a week of Provençal painting and eating in a restored farmhouse.
Why did I feel like I was being abducted?


  1. as good as being there!! No no no better!! A perfect capturing of cafe in France!!

  2. Oh Corey you are the BEST!
    Thank you for yr great support every pixel of the way!

  3. Beautiful photography and paintings! Very atmospheric and well captured :)

  4. What a good idea to show the original photo and what is done in the wonderful watercolor renditions. The little personal touch is a real treat.


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