Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Goult - Café de la Poste

Continuing on with my café adventures...since I was not allowed to stay behind and paint the breakfast leftovers and I did not want to paint Provence's pink houses, I made a plan for my week. I would find the local café in each village visited, order breakfast (again) and paint it on site. Café de la Poste is the only café in the beautiful town of Goult, as is often the case. You can buy lottery tickets, magazines, post cards, stamps within and outside sunbathe with your espresso on the terrasse. Nice multi-tasking. The menu @ I learned on this trip that there's no need to ask for Evian or Badoit in a café. Just say (du l'eau) and you will get a handsome glass carafe of very drinkable local water. An antique shop in the Village Saint Paul, in Paris' 4th arrondissement, specializes in antique carafes and other bistro paraphrenalia. The owner (brocanteur) at LES VIRTUOSES DE LA RÉCLAME, 5, rue Saint Paul, may be a little grumpy, but it's still well worth a look. Here's a site with pictures of other Village Saint Paul shops, even if you can't read Japanese.
The results of my efforts. Tasted very good too!


  1. sometimes I cannot tell the difference between your painting and the real scene...parfait!!

  2. How I wish that were true...actually I am not a "realist" painter- more of a slash and burn. My teacher says lose the subject ALL THE TIME!Not that easy to do...

  3. I think you are!!
    When you write to me use a different email address, the one you use doesn't allow me to resend!!

  4. Your paintings are really pretty, I love your style. Painting coffe cups and croissant is a more original view from France than the traditionnal Eiffel Tower !
    I discovered your site yesterday, and it is already registered in the favorites of my computer ;-)


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