Saturday, April 22, 2006

Natures Mortes, Les Bassacs

I'm a lark so I would join David A. for the 6AM run to the boulangerie in Saint Saturnin-lès-Apt for the breakfast croissants. Petit dejéuner at the workshop is never petit! Home-made apricot confiture, local honey, country butter, fresh fruit, OJ, coffee, tea, cereal, chocolat chaud, yogurt, and those still warm croissants.
Eating this feast while sitting at the communal table, you can look through the open French doors to the swimming pool. And beyond, an impressive view of the Lubéron mountains. At 9am we would go off each day to a different village to paint watercolors till noon.Then back for lunch time and more wonderful regional cuisine. Later,off again to another village.
I had to tear myself away from those breakfast still lifes. If only I could stay behind to paint the jam jars and croissants...If only they didn't have to clear away all the dishes to get ready for lunch. Not that anyone thought to leave me even a crumb for my imagined still lives.

Note the empty basket and devastated jam jars...


  1. come to the south, we can make cherry jam and fig jam and can them in antique jam jars...which you can paint... after we eat warm baguettes with jam! Cherries are ready in fin mai!

  2. I'm on my way TODAY! Can I just sketch, photograph, paint & taste :) It does sound like fun & way better than the nonstop déluge we're having in NYC at this moment. My dad used to make cherry always provoke memories TICA!


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