Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentin Bebe

 Talk of growing up in France leading the good life has made me decide to be reborn in Paris.
 Then I could growup to wear these ballerinas...
Start out wearing this little red cardi...

And grow up to wear red nails and red pull...
Bebe chausettes rouge...

Lounge in a red pousette for starters.

And relax on on a red canope/sofa later.
Learn to write French script on a mini ardoise.

And write notes to myself in a chic cahier/notebook later.

Cupcakes are ageless.
Still I wouldn't mind growing up to appreciate a charlotte framboises.
Little red riding hood ring (seen on rue Cler) also ageless.
Bonne reve et bonne Saint-Valentin Jour!


  1. Wonderful images Carol, I would love all of these!

    Happy Valentines!

    Art by Karena

  2. I never realized this until now but you must not stop "clicking away" when you go to Pari, Carol ;-) I wonder how many pictures you bring back after each trip, and most importantly, how and when you organize them. Do you have a "red" folder; a "children shoes" folder; a "brand name shoe folder"??? Very intriguing... Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  3. FYI Veronique,
    I come back with thousands of photos, all organized by day/date.
    Searching for themes is like a quikie trip to Paris.
    Plus I get other post ideas whilst looking for some obscure photo I remember vaguely taking..

  4. My father always told me that red is THE Chinese color but the Chinese have nothing on the French in the red department!
    That shot of the woman disappearing through a door - incredibly chic!!!

  5. Makes me want to be born there also..that little Red Riding Hood ring..that store looks adorable..

    Love the touches of red everywhere..splashes I guess..

    The notebook..tout..tout est beau.
    Fun fun..I admired the Italian and French fashions for les petits while there..the quality..the cuteness..Really lovely..

  6. What about 2nd childhoods? I'm ready to go now! I have red ballerinas & a red beret already!

  7. wonderful, Carol--a very happy Valentine's to you!

  8. I love your color posts. You take bits and pieces of photos and make them into such fun posts. I loved the cupcakes..oh and those pink shoes too. Le Sigh. :)

  9. Delightful!! Happy Valentine's, Carol. Your wit and arty eye makes life more delicious for all!

  10. Don't we all want to be a little French girl????? Tres mignon.

  11. Connie: ain't that the truth..
    I remember planning on changing my name to Claudette as a kid..
    I did not care for Carol at all :(

  12. Terry G2:40 PM

    I've become an avid follower of your blog. What a wonderful way to start my day.
    Thank you for all those lovely and delicious tid-bits.
    Stephen and I ended up staying at the Hotel Vernueil when we were in Paris this last fall.
    I did love the looks of the hotel you recommended.
    Maybe next trip

  13. Et bonne Saint-Valentin Jour a vous! A bientot! (kiss right cheek, kiss left cheek, kiss right cheek)

  14. Great photos, Carol! I think that you have all of the credentials of someone who grew up in Paris!

  15. A very late Happy Valentine's Day to you, Carol, and merci for all these lovely photos of what makes Paris so jolie and chic.

    Yes, those children must start their lecons very early.


  16. Happy Valentine's Day!
    Thank you for the glorious blog...it starts my day perfectly!
    Au 'voir,

  17. Elizabeth5:37 AM

    And you would be born wearing a scarf! :)

  18. Love these pictures, particularly the one with Gerard Mulot charlotte ... :)

  19. I love my visits here:)

  20. I LOVE the shot of the purple-tighted-and-shoed leg sprinting through the door! So Parisian!

    The red couch is fantastic, too. It would take Harry the Cat exactly 3 minutes to get it all covered in fluffy white Harry hairs...

  21. I'm dying over the Little Red Riding Hood ring. It's so creepy fun!

    I need to gift that to someone!

    Great photos!

    Happy belated V Day!


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