Thursday, February 16, 2012

Paris Signs

 I'm addicted to Paris signs especially in the Metro. It can help if you get lost looking for the exit...
 I learned today at The Paris Chronicles the white 'beveled' Metro tiles are quite special - they not only reflect more light but have become a chic addition to many homeowner's kitchens and bathrooms.
 I love the separate exits in the Metro. No fighting incoming riders like in New York's MTA. Any wonder NYC makes the top of the list for rudest city?
 FYI you won't be able to use the machines if you don't have a chip in your credit card so be sure to have euros onhand.
 Leaving the inner sanctum of the Metro can set you up
 For spectacular views like l'Opera Garnier. But you'll be on an island, Pl Charles Garnier with at least 4-5 possible crossings on offer.
 I'm immersed reading Thirza Vallois on my new Kindle. She keeps you busy every single step looking this way and that, taking in historical data I previously overlooked. No wonder I see red in Paris. Formerly the cobblestones were streaming with it.
 The Pont Neuf Metro lets you out on a 16th century bridge once teaming with booths, markets, jugglers, prostitutes...
 Only les Bouquinestes were allowed to stay...
 And the pigeons...
 I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for Paris signs advertising 'La Formule' lunches come March...
 Bonjour Paris Signs!


  1. Interesting!
    I never gave the Metro white tiles a second thought. They would be handsome in a kitchen

  2. All signs point to a happy trip for you in March! (I'll take the quiche and eclair, please...)

  3. Oho I love the Metro it looks so clean too!

  4. We learn so much here!

    Oh lal..I see you have the new prove I am not a robot..Those 2 words are often brain teasers...I am so not good at them:)I can's just they are lost one into another,

  5. the new capsha(sp)
    so illegible
    I feel like a robot

  6. Great photos, the Metro does look gleaming & bright.

  7. Anonymous4:39 PM

    My first look at Paris in 1960 was coming out of the metro to see Opera Garnier rising before me. What a joy! I now have a painting (reproduction Cortez) of that same scene hanging in my bedroom.


  8. Separate entry/exits make such good sense! Just before I retired, we used that bevelled tile in one of our projects. Doubt if anyone realized just how chic it is!

  9. Love the metro pix.. it does look cheery and clean. NY subway gives me the willys looking at the pictures of people cramming in.

  10. Looks so much better than the NYC subway.

    The tiles are wonderful with the deep bevel!

    Art by Karena

  11. Quite the trip with dessert at the end.

  12. Getting on and off the trains is still tricky; no separate entrances there. I'm always in a panic that my hubby and I will get separated. All metro trips should have dessert at the end!

  13. Fun, Carol--I enjoyed that!

  14. That's it! Bingo! We're looking for tiles for our new shower room. Why didn't I think of going metro style? You're brilliant. Loved the pigeon photo then the menu - one of my favourite dishes avec les petits pois :-)

  15. Thanks for the everyday snaps of french life so interesting to one who has never been there...and will only see it thru you:) Ah, love that they love having fun with food....desserts included.

  16. always lovely to get my Paris fix... great post :-)

  17. I love reading your blog :) You make such interesting observations. I just moved to Paris so it's so fun to pop by here sometimes!

    Thank you!

    Carin (

  18. Interessante.... le metrò parigine hanno tutte un lo fascino!!


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