Monday, February 13, 2012

Paris My Sweet

 Eating croissants for breakfast doesn't seem too bad.

 While gazing out the window at Paris rooftops.

 So what if you have to climb up 6 flights to reach your chambre de bonne...
 As long as Milo is waiting for you...
 Amy Thomas of Sweet Freak did this for a year and a half
 And ultimately wrote of her eating adventures in Paris My Sweet.
 Amy rode her Velib bike to all the best patisseries like Pierre Herme...
 She even tasted Herme's famous FAB chocolate gateaux with the cerise on the top - something I'm still dreaming about.
 We met at Carrette for a gouter/snack but keeping up with Amy's capacity for sweets has me running in place.
 Amy's book is full of sweet eating tales of both New York and Paris (Amy ate these last week from the new Georgetown Cupcake. She doesn't miss a trick in either city sweet-wise).
 Maybe I if Velibed aroung Paris...
Or climbed 6 flights for a croissant, I could catch up to Amy but I kind of doubt it.
Bon Appetit Amy!


  1. How sweet it is, having the cake and then eat it!
    Riding the bike around town probably is essential to escape ballooning and drifting away over the rooftops of Paris as a montgolfière.

    A truly sweet Monday, Carol, and your watercolor puts one immediately into the right mood. Merci! :-)

  2. I agree the watercolor sets the mood right away..
    My friend took photos of rooftops also..I loved the trees in Paris in January.They are so beautifully skeletal against the old backgrounds of buildings..The book sounds good!

  3. I wouldn't even need a croissant to lure me up to the 6th floor if the view is like that! And to think, I was so sorry for you the time you rented the 6 floor walkup...I had no idea the roofs were so beautiful.

  4. Delicious treat! Thank you.

  5. There's something magical about those rooftop views, isn't there...

  6. I just finished Amy's book this weekend. It was DELISH! How sweet (pun intended) for you to give her a lovely promo as only you can.

  7. Love the watercolor, Carol. Did you illustrate her book? I couldn't see it large enough to see if it looked like your work. Charming. Happy almost Valentine's day, Carol.

  8. I love the watercolor, Carol and that last photo has beautiful composition.
    I love the rooftops, too :)
    That FAB chocolate looks like heaven!

  9. Geoff4:42 PM

    Speaking of roof top views, have you seen Fabrice Moireau's book
    "Rooftops of Paris"? As you probably know, his paintings can be seen
    at Galerie des Editions du Pacifique, 5, rue Saint Romain, 75006 Paris.

  10. Jeanette,
    the chambre de bonne/maid's' rooms were always at the top a hellish climb for them and for moi
    Great views though..

  11. Carol, we have different rhythms and routines, but at the end of the day, we'd both climb 20 flights of stairs for visions of Paris rooftops and croissants - preferably from Pierre Hermé or Sadaharu Aoki!

    Merci for the lovely post and memories! xo

  12. Carol, I am laughing as I realize that those Georgetown Cupcakes are not very far away from where I spend my working days.

    All the same, what I think I really, really want to do is to mix up some batter, bake some cupcakes of my own and then ... figure out what icing to slip on the top.

    I am still obviously trying to figure out how to make best use of my extra day off each week. This week it was a visit to the dentist for some filling repairs/icings.

    Best wishes to you and Bear. xo

  13. Anonymous10:09 PM


  14. Love the watercolor. What a great view for sketching the rooftops up there. Since I have a fear of heights I could never get up those steps to even view it.

  15. I would love to sit on a Paris rooftop to eat my crossoint ! I know the perfect one! 6 flights up nothing to slogging through snow to the barn carrying 2 five gallon buckets of hot water.


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