Wednesday, August 05, 2009

L'Écharpe pour l'été

Have you noticed the Frenchie trend for scarves year-round has spread to this side of the ze pond? Worn on the head seems a good compromise...
Or with this straw hat - beaucoup de style!
With a tiny print summer dress....
Knotted at agnès b.
As a touch of color. The raggy look is big.
Et pour les gosses aussi/and for the kids too.
En lieu de...the cardigan instead of a scarf?
A scarfy solution for the waist...
And in the mouth bien sur!


  1. Did you taste it?
    It looks soooooo yummy!

  2. I love the look of the scarves, but can't get past the impracticality. I live in Florida and I saw a woman wearing a striped scarf around her neck the other day (temperature 93). Just looking at her gave me a hot flash.

  3. I love the look of scarves as well and everyone in France wears them. Too bad its WAY TOO HOT in Houston!

  4. Street Walker10:17 AM

    I saw exactly this look on the streets of New York yesterday!
    Ppl will do anything for fashion...
    At least this does not harm any bodily parts...

  5. I love scarves! I have developed quite a collection. An extra plus, they protect your neck from the sun in the summer! When I walk around at lunch time, I've been wearing a summer scarf and a cute hat - fashionable and protective! (yes, people have asked if I'm hot, but they always say its cute!)

  6. I have been noticing more women with scarves...also more beautiful scarves in the stores.

  7. Hi! I just stumbled across your blog yesterday and wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying it.

    Of course, now I'm dreaming about visiting Paris :-) Never been there.

  8. What a refreshing blog you have. It was a short trip to Paris for me. Thanks.

  9. Beautiful looking fabrics for those scarves, nice and airy looking!
    I love the reflections in your photo collection :-)

  10. My blood sugar starts rising just at he sight of those desserts.

  11. I m so pleased to know that the raggy look is big, because, if I wear a scarf in our summer heat, it will definitely look raggy! You know me, your slavishly devoted fashionista...I'll be wearing a scarf tomorrow when it's 94 degrees!

  12. I love them! I have a few filmy scarves that I like to wear in summer--so many buildings with their A/C so freezing, scarves do ok for me!

  13. et bien sur pour la bouche... et oui, bonjour l'été !


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