Friday, August 07, 2009

La fromagerie

Time for some CHEEEEESE!
I do not visit la fromagerie enough it's true. But I have noticed there are plenty of cows hanging out in Paris' cheese shops...
And even a sheep or two...
But dogs...ahem
Dogs are NOT allowed! It seems a tad unfair to me. Certainment dogs take up less space than cows and sheep bla bla bla...
There is no question that....
There's a lot of cheese in these shops...
A French friend used to exclaime proudly the infinite number of cheeses in France-perhaps the most in the world!
What do you think on this?
Me, I'll take the home made confiture/jam they
usually have around as an accessory to the fact...
I promise to visit more cheese shops next time around.
Don't you love this series of French postcards? How come I only have the one with the chocolate and macarons on it?


  1. Anne-marie8:19 AM

    FYI there are 56 cheeses which are classified, protected, and regulated under French law according to Wiki...ahem
    Plus many more unclassified.

    merci for la fromage

  2. I studied abroad in Angers, France in 2007 and I went to a Farmers Market one Saturday and saw this HUGE cheese wheel. Its crazy how much they like cheese there.

  3. Can't wait to go back to paris and check out more shops!!

    You should have a look at Chez Loulou blog, she knows all about French cheeses, amazing posts!

  4. I just want to dive into all the cheese!
    I think a trip to Paris is very much needed! :)

  5. Anonymous12:39 PM

    When Charles DeGaulle was asked how it was to be President of France, he said, "It is difficult to run a country that has over 400 different kinds of cheese."
    Cheers, Stephan

  6. One of my favorite quotes about France, Stephan! Of course, depending on the site where one finds the quote the number of cheeses varies. Here's the one I found on my latest search:

    "How can anyone govern a nation that has two hundred and forty-six different kinds of cheese?"

    Did you know that according to a French proverb there is a different cheese for every day of the year in France (un fromage par jour de l’année)? I'd say that was erring on the low side, n'est-ce pas?

    Merci des petits dejeuners Parisiens!

  7. OK I'm here, just got in. In your post you say - Certainment dogs take up less space than cows and sheep bla bla bla... - should that not read - Certainment dogs take up less space than cows and sheep baa baa baa...
    It's about time sheep and cows were featured here. They don't need taking for walks and never crap on the pavement or should I say sidewalk. OK that's because they are never on the pavements/sidewalks and here I rest my case.

  8. I'm not a cheese fan, so you can imagine what an outcast I would be in Paris!
    I do love the photos and I've been "Jonesing" for a red arrow, though :-)

  9. Oh to visit a real cheese shop in Paris! Thanks for the beautiful photos...almost like being there. sigh :)

  10. Foodwalker5:46 PM

    What was it DeGaule said about the diffiulty of governing a country that had 2500 different cheeses?
    And bless everyone of them.

    Thanks for the cheese!!!!


  11. Emilie5:48 PM

    How can anyone govern a nation that has two hundred and forty-six different kinds of cheese?
    Charles De Gaulle

  12. i am a true "cheese a holic" and this has to be one of the best posts i have seen in a very long time... thank you .... have a lovely weekend... x pam

  13. Your sleight of hand with the macs totally and completely distracted me from French Cheese! It is legendary for its variety, but other than roquefort, camembert and brie...what do I know?
    Perhaps it is not the SPACE les chiens take up...but their extraordinary generosity with their - dare I say "ahem"? - hair!

  14. Anonymous8:45 PM

    Oh, I love good cheeses--nothing better with a little wine and some fruit or jam...Yum. A melty brie with apricot jam drizzled over the top on a piece of baguette...

    your painting is excellent, Carol, of course! Don't you like cheese? I guess one can eat too much of it, but I like it.

  15. I love cheese and your blog :-) sweet and funny blog you have here! xx

  16. I said to myself this morning, "I wonder what Carol is posting about today?"
    And I see cheese YAY for French cheese!

  17. Stacy~Golden Bird Knit~told me about your blog. Oh my, yummy! I think I need to have fondue for dinner tonight. Lovely photos. Thanks...Dogwood

  18. I'm glad to see you watermarked your painting. Thanks for the trips to Paris everyday. If I don't have a few minutes to check your site, I tell myself I'm too busy!
    Jerie Artz
    (Still pondering one of the coffee paintings...)

  19. I adore cheese and even really enjoy some of the stronger varieties, however, I had some on a cheese plate in Boefinger that I could barely swallow. I was with my mother and we both got giggling so hard that the (French) couple next to us did too. She told me in heavily accented English about taking some stinky cheese to her son-in-law's house in England and leaving it out on the counter and how he began searching the kitchen for what was rotten!

  20. Yorkshireden12:23 PM

    I am looking forward to more cheese shops.
    Thanks and it is unfair to dogs.
    Especially little dogs. Yorkshireden


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