Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Salon du Dessin


Doodle sketches drawing sqlon
Yesterday was the kickoff preview opening of 5-day  SALON DU DESSIN.  

Facade of Palais Brongniart
Always held at the grand Palais Brongniart in Place de la Bourse, home to the French stock market. Fortunately, it was a sunny 🌞 Spring day.

Stock brokers looking at drawings
Did all the stockbrokers stop trading… 

Visitors to drawing gallery
And decide to go art hunting?

Wearing white to the preview viewing
White seems to be the de rigueur color to wear

What preview guests were wearing
Along with the usual black and red. I can’t resist shooting what attendees are wearing.

Picasso colorful sketch from 1900s
The small artworks are even more irresistible. A pastel sketch of Picasso’s during his early years in Montmartre.

Wall of Vuillard small pastel sketches
A delicious wall of Edouard Vuillard small, quick studies. He must have done thousands.

One Vuillard sketch of a room
A closeup of one of the interior gems.

Stormy ocean scene with a boat
How many know Victor Hugo, the author of Les Miserable & Hunchback of Notre-Dame, was a fabulous watercolorist who painted tiny, stormy landscapes? Maybe 5” wide.

Charcoal drawing of a man carrying another man
There are always plenty of old master studies/études. This one, an artist’s copy from Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel ceiling.

Loose ink sketch of horse and man
A small Delacroix Moroccan ink sketch. Travel was the show’s theme. 

Man in top hat waiting for ballerina
Most of these treasures (a Degas) will be sold into private collections, never to be seen again.

People viewing dfrqmed drawings upclose
It’s so worth visiting this 5-day salon, if you love art, especially drawings. You can get as close as possible, ask the dealer questions, examine the back etc. All impossible when visiting a museum. Another nice change this year - they served water & fruit juice to all. Most galleries had trays of excellent macarons. After eating 3, I was done ☑️ 

Interior view of Palais Brongniart
39 international dealers were present this year. 

Inside a gallery space with art dealers
Each space feels like you’ve entered a small intimate gallery.

Small red & white roses bouquet in ceramic vase
The galleries all have stunning flower 💐 arrangements.

Small yellow & orange flower painting
Reflecting the small flower watercolor by 
Ernest Filliard, from Chambéry

Two women looking at 2 flower paintings
The gallery’s name was Härb Nuti London. Prices in most galleries were upon request.

Artist’s studio where woman looks at her painting
woman artist reflecting on her flower painting by Joseph-Roger the same gallery.

Small sketch of a child’s head in elaborate frame
You can get fresh ideas how to frame your artworks and
 small drawings from drawing salons - how to make them look auspicious. No magnets on your fridge 🙏

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Watercolor of croissant and cup of coffee


  1. Such a great exhibit where one is able to get up close and personal in a beautiful building, and macarons to boot! I liked the small flower paintings. You go to all the best places. ❤️🗼

    1. Anonymous10:58 AM

      I have been going to Salon du Dessine for maybe 5 years.
      It never disappoints.

  2. Bonnie L7:37 AM

    Wow! Fabulous Salon, Carol. I went to your Flickr account hoping to catch some prices. There was just a snippet of a price sheet next to ‘ Tête d’Enfant’. Most 5 figures…a few 4? Was just wondering if it was affordable art? Totally enjoyed your photos.

    Good to see the water level on the Seine is going down. Less rain - more sun!

    1. Anonymous10:58 AM

      Prices were sometimes on a sheet of paper in the galleries.
      But mostly by request only I suppose. So many works I would have loved to know the price 🤔

  3. Dorrance7:42 AM

    Love catching glimpses of your notebook! ❤️

  4. Anonymous7:54 AM

    Do you recall who painted the floral painting, 3rd from the bottom? It's gorgeous!

    1. Anonymous10:56 AM

      I messaged the gallery, Härb Nuti London

    2. Anonymous7:28 AM

      Ernest Filliard, aquarelliste de Chambéry Is the 🌺 artist ❤️

  5. Anonymous7:57 AM

    Very nice! So many exhibitions in Paris. Such a treat to see them through your eyes. Thank you.

  6. Haha, just imagining putting up a Michaelangelo or a Picasso on the fridge with magnets! Now that would be a way to flaunt one's wealth!

    1. Anonymous10:14 AM

      I love ❤️ your sense of humor kiwi !

  7. Anonymous8:59 AM

    Sigh . . . wish I were there. Thank you for the armchair views thousands of miles away.

  8. The frames are equally lovely.Some have coats others sleeveless .Vestiaire?

    1. Anonymous10:15 AM

      You’re concerned whether there was a coat check Monique?
      Yes there was.

  9. Anonymous9:23 AM

    Will be in Paris for a couple of days arriving Thursday. Can we meet for coffee or lunch? You can email me to

  10. Anonymous9:30 AM

    I love all your posts, Carol, but this one really captured my heart. Thanks for taking us along with you!

  11. Anonymous10:31 AM

    Great post, thank you! And we love that you photograph what people are wearing. Please keep doing that.

    1. Anonymous10:55 AM

      Thanks ☺️ My days working on 7th Avenue are not left behind.

  12. Anonymous10:48 AM

    Fascinating to know that Victor Hugo painted as well!!

    1. Anonymous10:54 AM

      He was a brilliant artist! Check the link.

  13. I'm also loving the deluxe framing! Still waiting on my frame shop to finish up with my beautiful kitty watercolor, Carol - it's getting a very fancy frame. Love this blog!!

  14. This is wonderful! Oh, what a perfect time to be in Paris. Even if you can't buy, you can look and learn and that's such fun! Thanks for taking us there!

  15. Anonymous7:20 PM

    Such treasurers. Thanks so much for sharing your journey as well as the artist thought process!

  16. Anonymous6:08 AM

    This is just wonderful. The art is unbelievable. I was surprised it was being sold off to the public. Lynne

    1. Anonymous6:09 AM

      Hmm…the art dealers won’t be able to pay their rent if they keep everything.

  17. Anonymous10:29 AM

    Please keep on painting those wonderful watercolours!

  18. Such an interesting exhibition/sales show. Thanks for showing us around!


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