Saturday, January 04, 2014

Delacroix Day

Thursday I was about to go out the door to see the Braque at the Grand Palais. It closes on the 6th. Instead I thought about the rainy day drawing I'd just done and that I needed to get back into Delacroix sketchbook mode - more fluid, looser drawings with writing plus using different mediums, like pencil mixed with brown ink and watercolor. I left a fat file of Delacroix sketches back in New York.

Off to the Louvre book store to see what books they had on Delacroix. Not much but they suggested visiting musée Eugene Delacroix in the 6th arrondissment.

This book was put out by Bibliotheque de l'Image. Sounds like a place but it's a publisher of art books.
Librairie Couleur du Temps on 24, rue Dauphine, 75006 is their outlet and they had one last copy. Hooray! Marked down to 10€ too.There are lots of treasures here. Cookbooks, gardening, history many marked down. I've been coming for ages.
Time to see some real Delacroix. The museum is hidden in a courtyard off Place de Furstenberg.
Open 9:30  - 5:00 pm Closed on Tuesdays
Up the stairs a young Delacroix awaits you.
He lived here so the museum has an intimate feel to it.
He lived so many places around Paris - a wall map sited with all his residences. I wish it was still so easy to find an artist’s garret.
There's a new exhibition on of recent donations, many from Delacroix's Moroccan sketchbooks, my favorites.
An absolutely gorgeous sepia ink drawing - fluid and very contemporary in feeling. A joy to behold.
Delacroix was a master at painting interiors too...
His painting atelier is all in deep garnet red.
A small oil of a costumed Arab in the same garnet reds.
A little quiet garden separates his atelier from the rest of the house.
"My garden is decidedly charming...The view of my little garden and the cheerful appearance of my studio always makes me happy."
Delacroix painted and drew lots of cats domestic and wild.
He'd no doubt be pleased to be see this resident kitten scampering from tree to bush in his garden.


  1. You can do his style..aboslutely.. spot on to my eyes..
    Love his garden..It must have indeed made him happy!

  2. You have captured Delacroix. I really enjoyed the museum last spring when I was in Paris. The smaller museums are enjoyable to visit.

  3. Happy New Year, Carol! Beautiful images as always. Although I don't comment often, I read you every day and it's such a lovely way to start my morning. Vicariously, through you, I feel like I'm revisiting Paris every day. xo

  4. Lovely. Didn't you just want to move into the museum? I especially loved the very quiet garden.

  5. Like Claudia, I don't comment often enough to let you know how much I appreciate all the effort you put into making your blog a wonderful place to visit. Your artwork, of course, is divine; I also really appreciate your enthusiasm for getting out and appreciating our city, as well as your perspective and insights. May you have a blessed and heureuse année 2014 carol!

  6. Bonsoir ma chère amie,

    Un petit coucou avant mon départ pour l'Île Maurice... Une très belle et agréable surprise avec ce joli billet et Delacroix... Tes esquisses sont merveilleuses et feraient frémir Delacroix lui-même.
    Je te fais de gros bisous.

  7. Oh Carol! Just fabulous. Your enthusiasm is contagious! Achoo!!

  8. I have a copy of this journal and I love it. I also own Delacroix's diary.He's an inspirational person, as a painter, a traveler and a dairist.

  9. I love that bookstore and know it from many many years ago--there use to be a wonderful charcuterie right nearby-- I remember the line for fois gras for Christmas--when I passed there the last time it wasn't the same- And well of course I love the Delacroix museum--you are killing me--I need to come back asap

  10. Your second watercolor is awesome! Actually, this whole post is fascinating. I love small gardens like that.

  11. Carol, all these drawings, yours and those of M. Delacroix, are so fine. Isn't it rather wonderful to be reminded of what fun drawing can be, and how magic can happen when you see something suddenly appear on a piece of paper?

    Thank you for the reminder of the two Paris locations, too.


  12. Well I was just thinking of you because I franed & hung your macaron painting in my new home & it looks lovely. Also, I was thinking how you work so hard, doing studies & preparations, to mix the right colors, whether it be caramel or cherries...and now, here you are reminding me how hard you work to enrich your drawing or painting style. That museum: It was one of the 1st places I went (in the rain) on my 1st visit to Paris. I was so enchanted that when I left the house, I sat down in the garden & burst into tears, so happy, so moved...

  13. Lovely photo essay. The garden is a little jewel. The museum reminds me a bit of the Gustave Moreau house-museum--so great when the artists' homes can be dedicated to their work and life!

  14. What a good idea!
    I Must to the Gustave Moreau musee soon!
    Big Merci

  15. Lovely Carol! That garnet red & his residence map nailed me.

  16. Rosemary Flannery6:04 AM

    wonderful posting, Carol, makes me want to visit Delacroix’s studio again - haven’t been there in years.

  17. Vickie6:08 AM

    Your talent is leaping from your sketches and the garnet is gorgeous. You have made the museum a must see. The book stores are my downfall..

  18. What a magnificent job you did of capturing Delacroix! I tried to find the musee on one of my extensive walkings back in June/July- I got to that square, but couldn't find the musee- I think it was an evening, and getting dark. I don't think I've ever seen books marked down in France- well done for finding those too.

  19. This is a new one for me -- I don't even remember seeing it in any of the guide books when I went, and this would be just my cuppa. As you might expect, I rather love the cat drawings, but I've always enjoyed his work. I'm fond of museums set in the home -- the Victor Hugo is a little hidden gem, too. They seem more personal. Loving every sketch you did and those he did, too!

  20. I must go there the next time I make it to Paris!


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