Monday, March 11, 2024

Paris Café Festival 2024 (9-11 March)


Collage sketch of coffee beans, cups, coffee machines
Sunday I went to the 5th edition of Paris Café Festival at Carreau du Temple in the Marais.

Sniffing cups of cocoa coffee at show
My first time to the Coffee Festival but definitely not my last. 

Display of French workers navy jacket, & beret.
What a blast of energy, fun and excitement. 

Young woman smelling freshly brewed coffee
Can you smell the coffee?

Multi-colored ceramic coffee cups
For the price of admission you can drink all the specialty coffees you can dream of. 

Colored paper drinking cups
And hold onto your paper cup. You’ll be reusing it.

Bags of coffee beans and coffee machines
My coat is still full of coffee aromas and my pockets are full of coffee beans.

 Do you know the coffee taster’s flavor wheel from SCA

Have you tried specialty coffees? This is a cupping tasting table. Sniff, inhale, slurp, taste.

Layout map plan of festival exhibitors
Your plan for the Festival.

Personal coffee bean roaster
Would you like your own coffee bean roaster? $3,500 from Aillio.

Or your own mini travel coffee bean grinder? About
 230€ from Comandante

Woman pouring water into brewing coffee
I was fascinated by beautiful swan 🦢 neck kettles all the coffee stands used. 

A row of kettles lined up
Bonavita kettles control and vary the temperature of the water

Muffin, brownie and lemon cake for sale at festiva.
I was told there was only coffee ☕️ tasting. No food 🍔 

I ate the best chocolate rye cookie sprinkled with sea salt 🍪 I ever tasted from Ten Bells at the Festival. 

I chatted with Cafe Coutume owner, Aussie Tom Clark. 

Tom Clark at cafe coutume in 2011
I wrote about Coutume in 2011 on PB. They were the 1st specialty coffee house in Paris & laid the groundwork for an enormously popular trend. 

Bag of Coutume coffee
I see Cyril Grolet just opened a coffee shop with ‘pizza’ style slice cookies loaded with nutz 🥜 & icing.

I’m completely converted to coffee ☕️ culture

3 US coffee cup stamps
I can’t remember who sent me these cute coffee ☕️ cup stamps. 👏 Raise your hand 👋 please.
Thanks for reading PB! 
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  1. I immediately looked for a recipe for rye chocolate cookies. Thanks for the introduction to this treat

    1. Anonymous7:56 AM

      I included the recipe link Lynne. I was surprised to find it online too. Ten Bells used 70% chocolat noir Virunga Congo made by Encuentro available in bars at Grand Epicerie.

    2. Anonymous12:36 PM

      Thank you soooo much for including the recipe! Nothing Blue Zone forbidden in this cookie!

  2. Does this you mean you drink coffee now?

    1. Anonymous7:55 AM

      Umm…no. But inhaling there was like a full cup of coffee ☕️

  3. Rick would love this. I'm not a coffee fan but I love the smell!

    1. Anonymous10:22 AM

      I cant drink it either - makes me even more hyper! But I Loved this event 👏

  4. Bonnie L9:05 AM

    SO fun, Carol! We got into ‘coffee culture’ during covid lockdowns. In fact we have that Bonavita kettle…it’s a marvel at keeping your water at just the right temperature. We use the Chemex carafe and grind our own beans. Yum!

    Love the coffee eep-stairs (hipsters) clothing…that grey felt hat! ❤️

    1. Anonymous10:21 AM

      Very hipster clothing 👍
      You have all those accoutrements!? Wow Fun

  5. Margie9:54 AM

    Alas I can't take credit for sending the stamps but when they came out I bought 3 books of them and made them last for a long time!

    1. Anonymous3:16 PM

      Your heart ❤️ is in the right place 😊

  6. Anonymous10:59 AM

    Really enjoyed all your photos from the Paris Cafe Festival. Love the colorful cups, the smell of coffee and was fascinated with the flavor color wheel. I absolutely love rye chocolate cookies with flake salt but have never made them myself. Thank you Carol for the link to the recipe. I also remember those forever coffee cup stamps. I wish I had bought a lot more of them. Guess I better go make a slow drip cup of coffee now. :) -Suzanne P.

    1. Anonymous3:07 PM

      Your comment made me laugh Suzanne 😂

  7. Elizabeth L11:22 AM

    Love your coverage of these kinds of events! Where can one find out what’s happening like this going forward? We’ll be in Paris in the first week of April and again in mid-September and I’d love to go to one of these food-centric events if any are happening then.

    1. Anonymous3:11 PM

      The best way is to subscribe to the Eng edition of
      They send out 1-3 emails a day with detailed alerts.
      And posters in the Metro - which won’t help you much Elizabeth

  8. Anonymous12:18 PM

    Hi Carol, It is so much fun to trip through Paris vicariously with you. I drink decaf every morning, going through a French press ritual. It's delicious and pretty fun. There is something about a morning ritual that is so satisfying -- maybe especially to those of us who love craft.

    1. Anonymous3:15 PM

      I know what you mean…I used to concoct mocha ☕️ with decaf + hot chocolate + cocoa powder + milk. But I gave it up for thé vert/menthe tea when I developed an allergy to milk 😳 I miss the ritual.

  9. Barb Tingley9:07 PM

    Hi Carol, how divine! I love, love, love coffee. I have coffee after dance class 2X a week with my classmates. They would love this!

    1. Anonymous4:01 AM

      I think it’s an international festival Barb

  10. Anonymous8:37 AM

    The woman in your second photo immediately reminded me of Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring!

    1. Anonymous11:40 AM

      And I thought the woman pouring the kettle was Vermeer-esque. There are many Vermeers walking around.

  11. Anonymous4:27 PM

    How wonderful! I love coffee and would be over the moon on a place like this. All the coffee you desire and tasting different flavours. Thank you for this, lovely reading ☕

  12. Love that you went to this, Carol. Also intrigued by that coffee flavour wheel - your photos and descriptions do make it possible to even smell it!


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