Sunday, February 05, 2023

Seeing Yellow/Jaune

Ever since I got my new yellow scarf and turtleneck 

I’ve been seeing yellow everywhere

It started with a yellow-hatted woman on the Metro
We were stopped at Pont Neuf with all-yellow seats of course.
Does that happen to you? Yesterday while on the bus,
Looking out the window (a good reason to take the bus) I kept seeing yellow.
After I went to la Poste yesterday (who’s brand color is jaune/yellow)
I went for a Chandeleur pancake at Lenotre. You have till 
Sunday/dimanche to eat a pancake the poster warns. Does a crepe count as yellowish?
Malheureusement this was not a good idea. Take it home and crisp it up in a hot pan. If like me, you suffer from Instant gratification and like to eat immediatement, it will be cold and floppy😳
Who does not love citron tarte yellow which you can always eat immediatement 👏 Yum
PBer emailed me,”Constantly eating”
I would say “Constantly browsing”. 
It’s research non? 
Should I stop 🛑 posting Paris food pictures?

Why do we love 💛 yellow?

Monet was mad 💛 for yellow/jaune. He painted his dining room jaune in Giverny…this is a model.

Even his Limoge china is yellow (for sale in the Giverny giftshop).
Yellow is the most noticeable of all colors to the human eye.
The radiant color of yellow promotes happiness and optimism in the observer. Yellow promotes happiness more than any of the other colors. Believed to have an influence on the left side of the human brain, yellow helps foster strong analytical thinking.

“How wonderful yellow is. It stands for the sun 🌞”  
Vincent Van Gogh
Does yellow remind you of a bouquet of Mimosa?

Mimosa are at all the fleuristes in Paris

La Fête du Mimosa is on in the south of France from 8-12 Février. 

The Menton Fete du Citron starts 11 Février. Who doesn’t want to go ? France LOVES 💛 YELLOW!
Today the sun 🌞 is supposed to come out in Paris🤞🙏🤸🏾‍♀️
Please stay warm East Coasters🙏😳
Meanwhile I’m still painting more Paris when it drizzles ☂ 


  1. Anonymous2:59 AM

    I love your food pics! And yes, yellow is everything this winter. I saw a femme d'un certain âge wearing bright mustard colored tights. 😉

    1. Anonymous3:49 AM

      Ah…mustard tights! I must search for this..but maybe not a good idea for me 😳 I did find mustard pants!

  2. Anonymous4:40 AM

    You swim a lot so you earn your little indulgences!

    1. Anonymous5:54 AM

      I don’t swim/watergym 🏊🏽‍♀️ enough to balance it out 😳

  3. Anonymous5:33 AM

    I adore your Tour de Jaune! I really like yellow and find it uplifting. But i never wear it since "it's not my colour" and i haven't decorated with it because it's tiring (just very ALIVE). I'm changing that grâce à vous - small scatterings here and there to bring in dabs of the joie de vivre that's evident throughout the Paris of your day's jaunt. That is a wonderfully happy maneki neko - how could it not bring good fortune! -karen.
    [ I've read articles here in US about the absence of Dijon mustard in Dijon. If you visit in your new outfit you'll be the only moutarde in town ;) ]

    1. Anonymous5:53 AM

      First of all mustard is BACK. This is summer news btw.
      FYI since July 15 2009, Dijon mustard is no longer manufactured and packaged in the town of Dijon, but in the neighbouring town of Chevigny-Saint-Sauveur, and 80% of mustard seeds used in the manufacture of contemporary Dijon mustard come from Canada.
      There was drought in Canada causing the shortage.
      I have a big jar of Maille (average size is 360g) from the supermarché. I forget what I paid, but my new absolute favorite and pricey is Moutarde aux brisures de Truffe 130g(btwn 4-6€).
      Simply slather on a turkey or chicken breast pre-sautéing and it will taste heavenly 👍

    2. Anonymous6:15 AM

      What interesting information re Dijon mustard. How sad for a town or region to lose a product so deeply associated with it - synonymous, really. And HA! the town saving Dijon mustard (such as it is today) is Chevigny-Saint-Sauveur - parfait! Too bad the seeds aren't coming from Saint-Sauveur Québec, which would be truly cosmic. These are certainly hard times. Thank you for taking the time to flesh out your stories as comments arrive.

    3. Anonymous7:10 AM

      There’s a good reason Chevigny-Saint-Sauveur is NOT Moutarde HQ and Dijon is. CSS has 11,000 population and Dijon has 155,000.
      Aside from being a town loaded with Burgundian history, wonderful cuisine 🐌 and a major tourist destination
      Things to Do in Dijon:
      Jardin de l'Arquebuse.
      Musée des beaux-arts.
      Tour Phillippe le Bon.
      Musée Magnin.
      Musée de la vie Bourgognienne.
      La chouette – Notre-Dame de Dijon.
      Mustard shops: Maille and la Moutarderie Edmond Fallot.
      Les Halles – Covered and Outdoor Market
      I am ready to go there today after finding this out 👍

    4. Anonymous8:29 AM

      Less for? Never! I love your browsing instincts. Thank you!

    5. Anonymous12:45 PM

      Read about making Dijon Moutarde in Dijon.

  4. Anonymous6:01 AM

    Please Carol, don't stop postíng food, pastry and ice cream in Paris. Everything you post from food to art is interesting and I look forward to watching it. Yellow is a very vibrant colour. It is the colour of the sun. Have a great Sunday.

  5. Il ne faut jamais arrêter a déguster les tétines special! Ca nous fait plaisir a voir et imaginer! Merci! Bon appetit!

    1. Anonymous7:02 AM

      Translation: You should never stop tasting the special tastes! It makes us happy to see and imagine! THANKS! Enjoy your food!

    2. Anonymous7:03 AM

      Merci Jerie ❤️
      If I couldn’t taste everything that looks interesting I would leave France

  6. Uplifting and energizing post, Carol. Artists and color make lives better! Although I also love gray, drizzly days.

  7. Yellow is my favorite color💛. I love it with blue💙, red❤️! The front door of my former house was yellow. It is such a happy, warm, and welcoming color. Too bad I don’t look good in yellow🙁. Please keep sending food photos.🗼❤️

  8. Anonymous7:36 AM

    What a delightful post.

  9. Bonnie L7:57 AM

    Yellow is my favorite color as well…it makes me happy. It is especially uplifting during these grey winter days.

    I think I remember reading that Fallot Mustard continues to grow most of their mustard seeds in France thereby avoiding the Canadian shortage. Anyhoo, I can still find their mustard at Trader Joe’s.

    Please keep eating/browsing. It brings this reader a great deal of pleasure. Bon dimanche, Carol.

    1. Anonymous8:35 AM

      I think I bought Fallot’s 1 lb big brassy logo bucket to put my paint brushes in. I don’t know what I did with all that mustard?? 😊

  10. Anonymous7:57 AM

    I too love the food posts. Don't stop!

  11. Anonymous8:25 AM

    I love the color yellow. Great post. Anabel

  12. Please don't stop posting food photos! I love the color studies, too. Yellow is the color of hope.

  13. Anonymous9:20 AM

    Your pictures of yellow today are timely for me because I, who don’t look good in yellow, recently bought a bright yellow rain jacket with fold up flaps with reflective strips. It’s to make sure I’m seen at dusk walking my dog across a busy street, especially in the rain. In my area more cars are driving too fast. But I haven’t decided if I’m going to keep it, I feel self conscious in it! I guess I should just take the plunge and wear the brightness.

    1. Anonymous9:44 AM

      Please, Please keep it as a safety measure🙏
      I dont know where you live but I am reading of an increase in cars hitting pedestrians. Its really disturbing. Here we have ‘killer bikers’ who dont stop for red lights…also disturbing😳
      And the bikers wear yellow jackets so the cars don’t hit them 😵‍💫

  14. Anonymous9:37 AM


  15. MrsCatz9:50 AM

    Carol, we were in Paris Saturday too, and amused ourselves whilst queuing by counting berets at the arc du triumph.

  16. Who wouldn't want a lttle happiness in their lives? The many shades of yellow suit many different people...and never give up showing the pastries. It is a highlight for many of us.

  17. On the dreary days of winter yellow picks our spirits up. As does getting a post from you Carol! Food, colour, or trends in what is worn in Paris this season, it’s all good and a welcome treat.

  18. Anonymous12:10 PM

    This is one of your best columns, yet Carol! So full of color, texture, and solid info about the psych/ neurological positivity that produces. Thank you for brightening our day, wherever we live.

  19. Anonymous12:40 PM

    PLEASE don’t stop posting food pictures! They are so much fun to see….like a vicarious gourmet trip to Paris.

  20. Carol, your happy post encourages me to look for something yellow in my closet! We have the same gray weather here! Even better I’ll take your lead and go on a sunny search for all things yellow. Wish we had the mimosa here. I remember seeing it in Paris flower shops right after Christmas. Like a future vision of summer. And yes, more food please!

  21. Please , please never stop painting your Paris food scene photos. They are delightful. This Jaune tour was wonderful. I am not well currently and seeing them cheered me.up. Jaune is an uplifting color. Thank you.

  22. Please, Carol, NEVER stop posting food pictures - we love them all. Yellow is such a happy color.

  23. "One can never have too much yellow" - Bonnard.

  24. Anonymous3:12 PM

    The gray drizzle background of Paris really makes colors pop, love the mimosa yellow! I don’t think I can wear it, maybe a scarf or jewelry though? perfume has a golden hue! Please don’t ever stop your food posts, food is such an integral part of French culture, and you.bring it to your readers with such style & pizazz 💕💕

  25. Anonymous9:54 PM

    I think I recognize the first picture - is it Sacha Finkelstejn in the Marais? Jane

    1. Anonymous9:56 PM

      Actually no.
      A shop on bd. Faubourg Saint Antoine
      Yellow storefronts are popular.

  26. Anonymous4:29 AM

    French food are works of art my god I do not understand anyone who complains about looking at food. Keep it up. Lynne

  27. Je vis entourée de jaune inside out.I have not tired of it.When the sun's paradise.Which yellows do you LOVE the most in watercolors? :)

    1. Anonymous3:36 AM

      NAPLES YELLOW…not very yellow. Then Permanent yellow, Areolin, yellow ochre

  28. Anonymous6:18 PM

    We eat with our eyes, too, but it would be crazy to do that when living in pastry Heaven. Don't stop!

  29. I painted my old, beaten up back door a wonderful shade of yellow. It cheers me up whenever I see it, and when the light comes through the glass in the door it sometimes appears sunny outside, even when it is not.

  30. I love yellow too! I have a yellow wool jumper for winter and also a yellow raincoat, which helps in cooler/rainy times of year. Never stop the food and drink posting, how would we pretend we were also in Paris?!?

  31. Anonymous10:20 AM

    Please please do not stop posting food pictures. I love to see them. I have two yellow raincoats and a yellow puffy jacket. I am in love with yellow too.


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