Saturday, May 11, 2019

Monet at Giverny and the May Paris letter

I hear it all the time, "Oh visiting GIVERNY is on my 'bucket list'". Well cross it off and JUST GO!
The May Paris Letter comes complete with train and shuttle schedules.
Only 42 minutes from Paris. What are you waiting for?
Don't forget - take the underpass and visit the Lilly ponds and famous Monet green bridges.
I admit my favorite is Monet's kitchen.
You can take his stunning blue and egg-yolk yellow porcelain home from the gift shop if you're so inclined.
I ran to Giverny on overcast Wednesday and it was still beautiful. Afternoons and mid-week are less crowded than mornings and weekends.
My Monet doodles and
1st sketch struggles...
*Do not forget to buy some Normand Camembert or Neufchatel right from the source at a Vernon fromagerie or even at the local Monoprix.
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xxx💋Carolg et Bear 🐻 back in Paris


  1. Would have loved to go..but didn't..
    Thanks for taking me..I love when you visit!I did enjoy Monoprix though;)Love him holding his paintbrushes!

    1. It was either paintbrushes or a bouquet.
      Brushes was easier 😄

  2. Scrumptious.
    Have always wanted to go there.

  3. Marilyn S.11:46 AM

    Been to Giverny twice. Love it there.
    My favorite room is the dining room. Love the yellow. My kitchen is mustard yellow.
    The gardens are stunning no matter when you go.

    1. I think he dining table is in the yellow and blue kitchen...
      I wonder if Monet cooked much?

  4. Have visited 3 times and it's always a treat - it's so easy to imagine him walking through and sketching or sitting and painting - just like Carol.

    1. Exactly Suki!
      I try to go 2 X every year. It never disappoints. Except for the time I did not take the waiting shuttle bus. Big mistake. Walking 3 kilameters is near impossible. Live and learn 😳

    2. I love that you go twice a year Carol! Of course - why not, but it's still impressive. 😊

  5. I had the chance on my first trip to Paris in the month of May, but there was too much to see in Paris!! Same for subsequent trips. I need one more trip so I can do this.
    And love the doodle page!

    1. You would definiteky love it Rita,
      Its any artists dream...all the colors.
      And there is an excellent museum nearby.
      It is hard to leave Paris...I understand that too.

  6. Can you draw there without a permit?

    1. No restrictions on sketching at Giverny but you can no longer use paint unfortunately.
      I guess we're too messy.

  7. I just returned from Paris this past week. Thanks to your blog and your own explorations of France, I was inspired to FINALLY make the time to visit and LOVED it.
    I just wanted to thank you for your writing and artwork - I appreciate the hard work that goes in to creating your blog and beautiful art (love, love love the desserts!). I will be ordering Letters from Paris this weekend.

  8. Love your May letter, Carol! Giverny is such a wonder...along with those local cheeses! Looks like you had a beautiful day, weather wise, to visit.

  9. Judy J11:19 PM

    all of that pale pink makes me swoon. Beautiful post.

  10. Kathryn12:30 AM

    OH, Carol, steady my heart. You have no idea how I lust after those dishes. I know they can be purchased. $$$. And the pinks and blues! I love Monet's fist full of paintbrushes and the large brush symbolism.

  11. Janine1:34 AM

    You are a wonderful artist.
    You know how to capture the essence of your travels.
    Miss "Normandie"....the "fromages"..."la creme fraiche".
    Aloha from Hawaii.

  12. At the top of my favorites from my trip in September. Lovely despite the crowds.

  13. Lynne C1:27 PM

    I loved this. The kitchen is great and I love his china color combo. Very nice

  14. Anonymous3:20 PM

    We went to Giverny on our first trip to Paris. We loved seeing the gardens and
    all of the colors in Monet's home. The American Art Museum, just down the road,
    was also a treat.

  15. Giverny! I do plan to go one day, so close to Paris no excuse really. Thanks as always for the excellent advice and beautiful paintings and photos Carol.

  16. How I adored Giverny. I would love that china and looked it up thinking maybe the prices were museum-shop-sticker-shock. Nope. Nowhere is it close to a bargain. Two place settings would buy me a ticket to Paris! Priorities!

    Love your Monet/Giverny art. And yes, the kitchen is my favorite room but that dining room is a darned close second.


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