Wednesday, February 02, 2022

Le Nouvel An Chinois lunaire 2022


Looking for tigers 🐅(it’s the year of the tiger) in all the wrong places 😬

Yesterday I planned to see the annual Chinese New Year parade at Faubourg Saint Honoré.

I walked up and down rue Saint Honoré and saw quite some chic shop. Bottega Veneta is thinking Green. Aren’t we all dreaming of green…as many East coasters shovel snow ❄️ 
Bear 🐻 is fine by the way, thank you for asking…just hibernating, as bears tend to do in Winter. Not window browsing.
I saw Givenchy for kids, fantasie butterflies and Etro

But no Chinese dragon 🐉  or banging drums :((

I passed the impressive Élysées Palace at #55.

Something was going on, but not the Chinese New Year’s parade. And none of les flics had a clue 🕵️‍♂️ 

I did find a charming, well-hidden perfume shop, Rose Desgranges, in a passage at #70.
Have you been? They are definitely ready for Valentine’s ❤️ Day 👏👏
The kind gentleman invited me inside. Extract of Vanille from Madagascar. 

They’ve been making perfumes since 1962. 

Do pay them a visit for a fun look. 

Arriving back on rue Royal, Laduree has new Valentine macaron boxes.
And I put up another past Valentines❤️ on Etsy. Do take a look.
After la poste 📮 today, I’ll try my luck again🤞The real New Year’s dragon 🐉  is performing again at 97, rue Saint-Honoré in the 13th arrondissement (not the 8th where I went yesterday)🙏🤞🤸‍♂️ Bon Courage as the French say ❤️💋🐅


  1. Your desire to see the Chinese New Year Parade took you on quite a trek!
    The windows are marvelous. I especially like the mannequins with the animal heads and the Laudree macron box with a MAP!!!
    I sure hope there aren’t any shenanigans going on at #55 like at #10 in London😬

  2. Window shopping is always fun…and you find such unique shops, Carol. Thanks for letting us faire du lèche-vitrine vicariously! ❤️

  3. As I live in the Little Saigon area of CA, I've been listening to firecrackers and something much louder and larger for 4 days now - but never made it over to the parades or lion dances. The windows are always so beautiful and imaginative in France - I love the dressed bears and I'm sure Bear would have gotten a kick out of them, but you can show him the picture,

  4. Do you think Ladurée is copying your maps? I think that might be the case.

  5. Wait, there's a rue St Honoré in the 13th? That would have mislead me too! At least you found some fun places to visit in Macron's neighborhood.

  6. Kiwi I found nuttin’ I got lost in the 13th and gave up yesterday;((

    Thank you Roseann but others do Paris maps too althoughfeware mad enough to do them every month!! 🤪

    Sukicart Bear did like Gucci outfits on those non-hibernating bears 👏👏 Maybe if I had heard firecrackers I would have found the parade🤸‍♂️

    Bonnie I figured no parade but plenty of window gazing alwys to be had on rue St Honoré!

    Ga Hahahaha 😊 no parties at #70 that anyone has heard of. No nonsense and no funny papers 👏👏👏

  7. Love your posts and photos!
    Here in Brazil we have high temperatures at this time of the year - a very hot summer!
    Your posts are very refreshing!
    Thank you for the beatiful photos and maps.

  8. You have a great sense of adventure and direction..Pas moi the latter.Lost in a phone booth .
    Love the aquarelle.


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