Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Le Salon de l'Agriculture 2013

Dimanche 3 mars le Salon de l'Agriculture
So many handsome chickens - who could stay away from the salon de l'Agriculture?
In French conversation class at WICE (I was the only anglophone among 6 Francophones...we spoke first half in French, second half in English). A French woman said every Parisian child goes to the Agriculture salon. It is a must-do!
Now that is an event I would most definitely want to attend. Next year?  Thanks so much for you posts. It is an honour to experience Paris through you and your shoes.
I felt no different than any other French 5-year old attending.
I petted everything in sight - my 1st farm fair.
Funny to see so many cows in the middle of Paris...completely unexpected.
So many people attending on Sunday...but the expo is contained in 7 huge buildings and everyone behaved.
I could have so easily mis-behaved over this reclette sandwich...I was dying to
Wines of every region were flowing but I abstained here too.
Not sure what this boeuf-gateaux signifies but I like it.
The kouign amann were flowing too so to speak.
I saved myself for the Alsacian etoiles - my downfall. Who can wait for Christmas next for these cinnamon star cookies to show up in Paris?
Sexy Bretons were at the best pastry counters IMHO
Very sexy giant cakes of nougat from Montelimar - with caramel au beurre sale! Ooh la la  Enfin I succumbed to a portion of kouign amann warmed up and shared at dinner 3-ways. Big Merci to Trisha who suggested I enter as an international professional (I designed dog biscuit packaging).
The salon de l'Agriculture is one major Miam/Yum


  1. Anonymous7:19 AM

    Too many irresistibles in this post

  2. Anonymous8:08 AM

    I can see you had a ton of fun at the Fair! ;-)
    The poster with the cows in the middle of Paris reminds me of 17th century vedutas of Rome, which give the impression that the city back then was one big cow pasture.
    Merisi in Vienna

  3. "Not very slimming treats"..but Love them on photos!

  4. Oh Carol, this fair looks like a wonderful experience, with something for everyone to enjoy. I imagine that it was also very educational, in a very pleasing way.


  5. I just made little stars:) Must be fun to sell your home baked goods there..
    Fun fun!

  6. Carol, I love going to the agricultural fairs here in Maine, so I can only imagine how crazy I would be about the one in Paris. I'm putting it on my "must-do" list. It looks like a ball! Enjoy!

  7. Nougat from Montelimar!

    1. Anonymous7:33 PM

      I think that's a great title for your next book!

    2. Anonymous5:00 AM

      ? ? ? ? 🤷‍♀️

  8. My dream is for the Sheepfarmer and I to attend ONE DAY :) Difficult because it happens right about when most lambs have been sold and their mothers are being milked.
    The Nougat looks too good to be true…drooling.

  9. Dog biscuit packaging? What other careers could you have picked from? :) x Katie

  10. Carol-
    Isn't it "boeuf-gateaux" when it's a picture of a handsome young man with his Abs on display?

    1. Ah ha...but they had sheep-gateaux and porc-gateaux too..?

  11. Thank you Carol for taking me around Le Salon de l'agriculture, we have something similar in May at Limoges. I usually take our visitors, which they love.

  12. Anonymous12:58 PM

    Oh, Carol, I am laughing and smiling! What fun. You are doing sooooo much!!! I love it. How I would like to join you in a feast of the Alsacian etoiles and cafe au lait! Can't wait til the next post! You're seeing all as the five year old is your fountain of youth- may it ever flow. xo
    Love the rooster drawings.

  13. Oh, Carol, I LOVE your chicken drawing! Beautiful!

  14. Anonymous1:12 PM

    Well, this has to be this Kansas farm boy's all time favorite posting. This is a good reason to travel to Paris in late winter, n'est pas?

  15. I want to raise chickens. Have I ever told you that? It's true. And isn't it funny how we can have conflicting dreams - to raise chickens and to live in Paris....or could it happen at the same time???

    I don't know. You check it out for me at the Ag Salon!

  16. my hubby has always scoffed at the mention of the foire de l'agriculture but these posts will so change his mind! THX!

  17. It looked like the Minnesota State Fair until you started showing the food. Everything, and I do mean everything, at the MN Fair is on a stick and fried.

  18. It looks such fun. Even at the show the French shine with their delicious delights!

  19. I love a farm show that includes wine.

  20. I knew you'd find a way "in!" Yay! It's just like a big state fair only in Paris. and without the funnel cakes! Haaaaa. Who knew. Looks like a lot of fun, Carol.

  21. Wow.. looks like a fun place to go.. I need to go there since we just got us five chicks to raise for eggs and pets. My long time dream..Loved your journal page. Fun post!

  22. I like all of your images, but my favorites are the opening sketch, and the closing shot of the food.
    Showing nature like this is a great idea!

  23. Anonymous10:51 PM

    I loved the "boeuf-gateau" ahahahahaha
    I really wanted to be au Le Salon de Agriculture 2
    and also know that I "felt no different than any other French 5-year old attending."


  24. Have I told you how much I love your journal pages at the tops of your blog? I do!


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