Friday, February 11, 2022

Valentine ❤️ Amélie Paris map


OK, confession time. I went up to Montmartre on Saturday to research sites from the movie, Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain for the February ❤️ Valentine map.

Too boot, the film just celebrated its 20th anniversary🥂 For many people the world over its their absolute favorite movie. And the highest grossing French film ever!
A delightful love ❤️ story of a lonely, shy, introverted girl who decides (while crossing the Pont des Arts) to make other people’s lives happier by little acts of kindness. Have you seen Amélie? Its always streaming nonstop on Netflix.
I saw it when it opened in 2001 because I’d loved director Jean-Phillip Jeunet’s previous, surreal film, Delicatessen. Jeunet is meticulous in the design and coloration of his films. 
Every scene was storyboarded pre-production with the help of a comic book/BD artist.
Amélie is specially colored red(love) and green(hope) with occasional accents of bright blue.
Post-production Jeunet color-corrected digitally every single frame to his taste, also removing trash and graffiti. 
All those steps at Metro Abbesses.
Amélie put French actress Audrey Tautou on the map. Watch her charming audition. Jeunet said he knew within 3 seconds she was the one. He was crying behind the camera.
There are a gazillion youtube videos analyzing everything about Amélie. How it was made, the angle of shots, personal reviews. The soundtrack is lovely.
Geraldine of Comme Un Française
 will help you learn the film’s French expressions. 
In Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, you name it…tourists come to Paris and walk in her footsteps. 
You can follow along with the February map 🗺 
Did you love ❤️ this movie too? 
Do tell. 
I spotted her shoes on the Metro today. Shes never gone out of fashion. 
Why not walk round Paris with Amélie next trip? The new map 🗺 is on Etsy 😊 + a new letter subscription bonus watercolor. Bon Week-End dear PBers ❤️💋❤️


  1. A very good movie - I think I need to rewatch it as I haven't in a very long time. Do love strolling around Montmartre.

  2. Anonymous1:11 PM

    Thanks for the reminder of this wonderful film! I haven't seen it in years and didn't know it was on Netflix -- something to look forward to. It is magical -- I didn't know about the meticulous crafting of every frame -- colors, trash removal! Can't get to Paris these days but I can enjoy from a distance.

  3. I have not seen this film. Will look for it on Netflix. Need to find out the significance of the gnome. Crème Brûlée is one of my favorites. 🗼❤️

  4. Amélie is such a delightful film. I re-watched it after seeing your map…it still holds up, not dated at all. Yann Tiersen’s music is so quintessentially French…just lovely. Amélie and your map are perfect valentines. ❤️

  5. Loved the movie. I pursued the music themes but ran into dead ends. Can it be from 20 years ago? Thanks, Carol.

  6. Candace1:04 AM

    Thank you for this reminder to watch Amelie again…on Valentines day!
    How can it be 20 years?????

  7. Sally, for the charming music, mostly piano, just Google
    Soundtrack album by Yann Tiersen
    There are tons of videos, especially because of the recent 20th anniversary

  8. Suzanne1:37 AM

    Loved Amelie. Oui.

  9. Sweet! I’ve never seen the movie

  10. Jeanette2:47 AM

    Ah…so many scenes we saw when we were in Paris.
    What a fun map!

  11. Love the movie♥And Montmartre..Dalida was a famous resident too loved seeing her landmark also.It was a different time when we went armed gendarmerie in camo everywhere.A biit unsettling..L'armée..armée.

  12. I've heard they need Amalie tours in Montmartre. They just need your map!

  13. This is fabulous!! And yes I loved the movie have watched numerous times!

  14. Jeanie, there were 2 groups gathered around the Cafe des 2 Moulin, when I visited. None were going inside…
    the Paris tourist office has suggestions here:

  15. I LOVE Amelie! The colours are so rich and the whole thing just makes me sigh with happiness. I read an interview with the composer where he said that as his work is so rooted in nature, he actually finds it hard to have it weaving through this film. Interesting but I think he misses how well the music fits the scenes.

  16. Empress Eugenie11:58 AM

    I’m really looking forward to that Feb. map of Amelie! We have the DVD of the movie and enjoy it so much and see more new bits in it every time we watch it. We also enjoy Audrey in Coco Avant Chanel. Those 2 are our favorite DVD’s to watch when we’re in need of a Paris fix.

  17. Interesting Tonia
    The music is so perfect for that film. No question!

  18. Caroline9:25 AM

    Perfect my 12 year old daughter, Caroline who is obsessed with Amélie Poulain. She got the Amélie haircut just before Christmas, and listens to the soundtrack nonstop.
    Thank you for this map.


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