Tuesday, December 07, 2021

The Daum Collection, Nancy Part 2


I wasn’t much of a fan of art glass before coming to France. 

After visiting the Daum Collection I was converted.

This grouping of 300 examples (another 600 are in storage) in the basement of the Nancy, Musée des Beaux Arts 
Is perfectly presented and perfectly lit.
A purely visual experience.
Placards and labels are thankfully minimized. A tiny bit of background - a notary public, Jean Daum moved to Nancy and bought a glassworks factory in 1876. With the assistance of his two sons, they produced both household and artistic pieces. 
They invited artists like Jacques Gruber and Henri Bergé to create exquisite glassware that evolved into Art Nouveau styles and onward.

The perfect transition from the Daum collection is a visit to the museum’s Yayoi Kusama’s Fireflies mirrored room. Only 2 people at a time. You close the mirror door and stand on a narrow platform surrounded by water, mirrors, hanging lights and a sense of infinite space. A unique experience.
Onward to one of Nancy’s 8 Christmas marchés. With directions from the tourist office I found myself at Le Grand Village de Saint Nicolas

Here the lights sparkle just as bright. There are other artisan markets. 

This marché is for food and fun. 

From red steaming pots of spiced wine/vin chaud. 
Make your way to the glassy red Saint Nicolas candies at Confiserie Lefèvre-Lemoine, near the train station. 

Cross the threshold into a time machine. You are instantly 5 again. Bergamot and mirabelle. Did you get the impression the town of Nancy is a magical feast for the eyes and the tastebuds. It certainly is😊 and just an hour and a half from Paris. I hope you will visit next trip. Thanks for reading ParisbreakfastIf you'd like to receive Parisbreakfast letters 💌 maps and watercolors in your mailbox 📮 look in my Etsy shop. ❤️🎄🐻 ❤️🧣


  1. Your entire trip to Nancy is a feast for the eyes from the gorgeous Daum Collection, mirrored room (a bit claustrophobic?0 to the glittering lights of the markets.
    Thank you Carol for putting some French sparkle into our holidays.🎄

  2. Anonymous11:05 AM

    I miss France so much! Every picture on you site is a treasure. Thank you for the lovely visions.

  3. What a beautiful collection. I can see why you'd be smitten!

  4. Glassware and china are mini-obsessions of mine…I would love to see the Daum Collection…it looks fabulous! Everything you have pictured is so beautiful, Carol. Artisan markets, and local food specialties, Nancy is a definite must-visit.

  5. Nancy looks more interesting than I thought. Isn't it fun that you ended up at the food Marche. It all looks spectacular.

  6. Love the tiny lights everywhere!
    In the Daum ceiling and Kusama room and at the Nancy Christmas market!
    So delicate and pretty

  7. Sybille12:48 AM

    What a festival of candy shops in Nancy!
    A child’s fairy tale for sure ❤️

  8. Miranda12:50 AM

    Nancy is so unlike Paris!
    You forget too easily about the unique treasures all over France!
    Thanks for the reminder. Next trip Nancy is on the list bien sur 👏

  9. ‘Shine bright like a diamond’
    Nancy looks fabulous!
    Thanks for sharing

  10. Oh! The Mirror Room!! I was stunned when I first saw the work on Dale Chihuly at the Portland Museum of Art, and then in Boston. What a beautiful medium. I espeically like the glass grape!

  11. You know it Rita? I’ve always wanted to see Kusama’s work
    My first experience👏👏👏

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  13. Anonymous5:52 AM

    Looking at those pictures of glass fruits & vegetables...
    They remind me of that (mouth watering) étagère of Bunny Mellon.

    Stay warm and cozy, Carol!
    Please take care!
    Happy Holidays!
    Maria Russell


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