Sunday, December 19, 2021

Paris Christmas Windows, Part 2

As promised, more Paris windowsEvery year G.Thuillier is fully lite up.

This year Champagne bubbles cover rue de la Canette.

Chocolaterie La Mere de Famille always decks the halls with bows of holly and sparkling lights.

Go inside and choose some of the best Paris chocolates🍫

Next door, on rue Bonaparte Pierre Hermé with their big new Christmas window.

It used to be 4 little ones.

Across the street, Nerides jewelry

With their twirling Christmas ballerinas gathered in a double necklace.

Shoppers wait their turn outside Parfumerie Annick Goutal on rue Saint Sulpice.

Cafe La Maire is waiting for tired shoppers.

Uptown festive red and green tableware in Galeries Lafayette Maison Gourmand’s window.

Cartier’s doorman, toute en rouge/red. 

Some Christmas Carol background music while you’re window dreaming by Benjamin Britten on BBC4
La la la la la la la🎄Yesterday I saw the big tree at Galeries Lafayette, a must-do every year.  Thanks for reading Parisbreakfasts PBers❤️ Please share with friends. And take a look in my Etsy shop for some lovely never-too-late gifts 🎁 🎄🌟🐻BONNE DIMANCHE🎁🎄🌟🐻


  1. JerieA6:00 AM



  2. Just returned from Paris after two weeks. The windows are stunning. Miss them already!

    Merci beaucoup for sharing.

  3. Yup, its a good year for windows!

  4. These windows are beautiful! Love the gondolas, ballerina necklace, and this devine burgundy velvet shoes. After all of that window shopping I would need to stop at Cafe la Mairie for a coffee. That is such a great area in Paris.🗼🎄🛍🎁☕️

  5. Beautiful.
    And that Nutcracker necklace..OHMY♥

  6. How nice of you to take us to so many shop windows! Your photos are charming.
    I did get to Galeries Lafayette, but found the "Space Santa" tree a bit weird. Then they had paper maché mannekin Santas in random places around the store that had a completely bored expression on their faces! Who gets paid to create this stuff?

  7. Must get to Galleries Lafayette to see the windows outside and that gorgeous tree in the rotunda. I agree with Kiwi: that Space Santa is a bit weird! 🤷🏼‍♀️ Thank you for bringing us all of these fabulous photos. No one does holiday windows like the French! ❤️

  8. Thank you for the Christmas windows. I think the "perfect" job would be photographing shop windows. I put my favorite photos from previous trips on bulletin boards over my desk so I can see them every day.
    Merry Christmas from one of your grateful followers in Oklahoma.

  9. Kiwi et Bonnie, its all for the kids, not for us. Blame Jeff.
    It can’t be easy coming up with new themes year after year. They’re already planning for next year. Maybe you could volunteer your services😊
    Franchement, I don’t give a damn what they do, as long as they keep doing it 🙏
    Hermés has bathtubs with outer space views.
    Now that was weird imho.

  10. JA, a French friend had exactly the job - shooting store windows. Sometimes I went out with her at night, the best time and no people. It was really fun!

  11. It would be impossible not to get into the Christmas spirit surrounded by all those windows - thanks for sharing with us, Carol. I"m not big on jewelry but that Nutcracker necklace is really marvelous.

  12. I love the window displays -- so very clever! And is there no end to them?

  13. Anonymous10:38 AM

    Such great photos! I don't know which one to choose: One more beautiful than the other!
    Absolutely enchanted with that illustration of Prince Albert of Saxe Coburg and Gotha (that handsome German) showing the British what a Christmas Tree looks like.......
    Merry Christmas!
    Maria Russell

  14. Carolyn7:42 AM

    I love your post of the Christmas windows! Just wish I could be there with you walking around at night to enjoy the beautiful lights!


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