Friday, December 24, 2021

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 “Let it snow, let it snow ❄️, let it snow ❄️” Its the day before Christmas and the Paris letter was sent out yesterday🤸‍♂️💌📮

Paris, as a rule, rarely receives any snow ❄️ at all. At most, 24 hours in the odd year. Never mind. Snow ❄️is an essential ingredient for the winter holidays. Most Parisians left town last weekend in search of snow ❄️. Solli even went to Sweden. True she is Swedish, but never mind that. 

I was inspired by the snow❄️ falling on Hotel de Ville (night time only svp).

The Christmas marché at Hotel de Ville this year is truly a lovely one.

Across the street department store BHVis a having their own snow ❄️celebration. 

Snow ❄️ wass shipped in fresh from Switzerland to fill the windows! 

Plus Swiss red🇨🇭flags. On the 3rd floor you can get Lindt chocolate balls in many colors. True, you can get them everywhere else, but never mind that.

They do have a real Swiss coucou clockavailable! Tic Tock

Back over at the Christmas marchè, cute French kiddies are objecting to having their winter scarves tied correctly. People are lining up 

For rides on the carrousel like mad. 

Big lines for the snack chalet too. This French mom is teaching her kiddie how to eat ‘barbe de papa’/candy cotton. There is a correct way to do everything in France.

I spied a dad with 3 flickering lit-up balloons.

He directed me to the lit-up balloon 🎈 man on the edge of the marché

Now I have my own lit-up balloon flickering away - my Christmas 🎄 tree of sorts 😊 *If you are not a letter subscriber you can get your own Snowy ❄️ Eiffel Tower on Etsy. 🐻Bear wishes you a lovely 🧣 holiday🎄  where ever you are dear ❤️ PBers ❤️💋🍫❄️🎁🎄🇨🇭🇫🇷🍷


  1. Lovely post to end the season. Those flickering balloons are awesome.🎄

  2. Meilleurs Voeux Carol..Beautiful aquarelle..
    Love those balloons!

  3. Lovely brings back my memories of spending Christmas in Paris !

  4. I love the balloons, too!

  5. 🎄🎄🎄Merry Christmas, Carol! 💕💕💕

  6. Beautiful watercolor of the couple on the bench…you make snow, autumn leaves, and apple blossoms fly about La Tour Eiffel…each more beautiful than the last. ❤️

    Agree that Hôtel de Ville is exceptionally beautiful this year. Precious French enfant watching is de rigueur. I could spend hours at the carousel.

    LOVE that you bought the balloon, Carol. Wish I had been following you home, videoing all the way. We could make our own holiday version of Red Balloon. Enjoy your balloon. So less messy than a tree.

  7. Love your aquarelle and that balloon is really special and fun. What are the colored ND replicas made of?

  8. Happy, Happy Christmas, and many Thanks for sharing your beautiful Paris pictures with us, it all brings back special memories for me. Much love

  9. Suki…I don’t know what colored replicas are??
    I googled it and I still don’t get it ;((

  10. Anonymous4:05 PM


    Joyeux Noel à vous!!!!

  11. Roxanne4:14 PM

    I love how you capture the specific moods. I can picture the corner you describe...and seeing a French mother teaching her child how to (properly) eat cotton candy! So true

  12. I think the colored replicas are candles made to look like Norte Dame

  13. Merry Christmas Carol! I love your letter, we still have fake snow here in Australia so feel free to add it to any Paris paintings. The balloon is very cool, enjoy as your tree replacement. Here at my house we have a 'Christmas piano' where we put most of our decorations on our piano or hanging from the top edge - no tree needed, even have some lights we put along the top too.

  14. This is so playful, wonderful, that scarf on that little girl look torturous. That cotton candy was as big as the kid. So fun thank you

  15. Thank you Ga 👏
    Those are wax Notre Dame candles Suki
    I hope they’re not soap!

  16. Joyeux Noël à toi🎄💚🇫🇷❤️
    Passez une bonne journée!

  17. Thanks, Carol for bringing Paris memories into my life throughout the year. Health and happiness to you. Your buche de noel map was a special holiday card for my friends.

  18. Jacquelyn1:27 PM can have the snow! Je prefer Soleil even is chilly & windy! Merry Xmas & merci for all your notes!

  19. Oh I would much rather be where its sunny
    Especially in gloomy ole Paris today!
    The Riviera!!

  20. Thanks so much for these wonderful scenes of Christmas! After almost three years living in Paris, I had to return to Houston — where it’s 79 degrees and sunny today!

  21. Oneof your pictures shows several colored Notre Dames and they look almost translucent. I just wondered what they were made of - plastic, ice.

  22. Got it - I love them and they’re even more special as candles.

  23. Joyeux Noel à vous...!!

  24. AWCcatering12:32 AM

    Carol, thank you for the Christmas cheer.

  25. Thank you for the lovely post!

    I hope you are enjoying the holidays as much as it appears!

  26. Thank you Cindy 😊
    If I didn't have to post regularly on Parisbreakfast and create letters on the holidays where would I be??

  27. Many thanks for a great year with all your Paris news & your art. They made my year a happy one. J’taime

  28. I hope your Christmas Day was Merry and Bright. Those balloons are the BEST! Before my friend moved, he lived on Rue du Temple and BHV was "my store" and stomping grounds. It's fun to see the marche and windows. Makes me smile.

    Happiest new year to you!


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