Friday, December 17, 2021

Cooking in Paris with Charlotte, IV


Last week I sat in on a cooking class with top cooking teacher, Charlotte Puckette. Its been a while. We always start out at marché Saxe-Breteuil in the 7th. 

An upper crust arrondissement with upper crust looking produce to be sure. The leçons begin.

Dirt on carrots is de rigueur. It is a preservative I’m told. These carottes des Landes*grow straighter and are tastier.

These pointy green cabbages are tastier than the others. I never even noticed them before.

Charlotte gifted me a Betterave Crapaudine beet(upper left). They’re better than regular French beets. Why did I leave it hanging on her coat rack😬

A plethora of French potatoes to choose from. The little reds Charlotte chose ended up becoming burst of pure joy. 

Back in Charlotte’s town house near Rue Cler.

We always start out making dessert 1st - a chocolate ganache tarte made with just 3 ingredients. 

So fast and so easy to make, you can’t believe it. And the smell of it…puts you in the right frame of mind. 

I always like to take a quick ‘Sherlockian’ look around. 

Many of Charlotte’s favorite knives are from, believe it or not, Ikea! 

Our starter/entré is scallops with charred tomatoes. Though the scallops are ready to cook, Charlotte shows us how to shuck our own scallop straight from the shell, should the occasion ever arise. 

The scallops are cooked plain, just patted dry with salt and pepper, in avocado oil. 

The plated dish. The contrast in textures, color and flavors was divine. 

Our main (really I could have stopped with the entrée) is a classic French dish, roasted guinea fowl breast, stuffed with mushrooms(ceps) and herb butter. I kept  busy taking pictures and salivating while the others chopped and stuffed. 

Ta da! As delish and even better than it looks. My first guinea hen too. Those incredible little red potatoes whose distinctive name I forget. All the wines🍷  were from Charlotte’s friend’s vineyard. We sat and chatted about what else? Food of course. I can highly recommend taking a cooking class with Charlotte. Who knows..she might let me come again to report all. You can still  order a your Paris Christmas🎄letter. 
❤️🎄🐻🧣🇫🇷💌 Bonne Weekend PBers🎄❤️🧣🐻🐿🇫🇷💌


  1. Beautiful photography. Thank you for sharing

  2. Looks like a great day! Leaning some new things…pointy green cabbages, IKEA has great knives but do tell “Sherlock” what’s up with the three different colors of sand in the timer.

  3. Charlotte Puckette10:49 AM

    What fun!! Thank you so much and all the best for this holiday season. And see you in the new year!!

  4. Barbara L10:51 AM

    We had a class scheduled with Charlotte (we've cooked with her before and she is awesome!) but We canceled our Christmas in
    Paris trip with great sadness. Due to the rising cases of omicron and concerns for possible quarantine,

    1. Hi Barbara, so sorry to miss you this week! Looking forward to things getting better and having you here soon. Happy Holidays!

  5. LOVE this column and the beautiful photos. I've added Charlotte's name to my 'must do' list next time I'm in Paris. And the recipes on her site are amazing - some creative and wonderful things to cook here!

  6. What a gift. If you get a chance during apricot season make her apricot tart. It is heaven and you will feel like a chef.

  7. It all looks to die for. I would have left the beet hanging on the coat rack, too.

  8. I’d love to sign up for a class!

  9. Cornelia E1:27 PM

    I think that’s ’Landes’ where the sandy carrots come from. It’s also the home of foie gras and the border collies who round up little groups of geese by age so that they can be overfed. No funnels…just geese who behave like USA couch potatoes munching potato chips & Oreos!

  10. Thanks so much Cornelia!
    Spelling was never my forté
    Will fix toute suite

  11. My, that looks like a complicated lunch to pull together so effortlessly…bravo Charlotte! The produce at Saxe-Breteuil looks fabulous! What a great idea for a fun day of cooking in Paris!

  12. Carole D11:28 PM

    Because of your recommendation, six years ago my grand daughter, daughter and I booked a cooking class with Charlotte. My grand daughter has wanted to be a chef since she was this was the highlight of our Paris get-away, along with lunch at the Eiffel Tower on another day. Today she is almost 20, and still loves specialty cooking
    This whole experience of the three of us making this trip is definitely something I will never forget.

    1. Hi Carole, what a lovely comment! Thank you! So special to be a part of someone’s Paris experience! Charlotte

  13. Suzanne11:31 PM

    Sounds great! I love scallops. I like to simply sear them with butter and I love small red potatoes. I cook them a lot. Delicious roasted, simple with butter and parsley, etc. I smile knowing you’re heading out on good adventures. ❤️

  14. Hey Suzanne,
    Charlotte’s roasted potato trick was to par boil them first, before roasting.
    They were A-mazing! I’m going to try it today.
    They were each like little bursts of flavor.

  15. Suzanne1:18 AM

    Ah, that’s what my grandmother always taught us to do and hers were fabulous. She was such a good cook. Yum.

  16. Always listen to yr grandma!! 👏👏👏

  17. I would love this..could the wee potatoes have been called grelots?
    Love the main course presentation..standing at attention;)

  18. AWC catering12:54 PM

    Ahhhh. Scallops with the roe!!!

  19. I don’t know Monique
    There are so many varieties here. I am going back Wednesday to find the mystery potatoes


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