Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Paris Christmas windows, Part 1


Yesterday, after a run to the post office 📮to mail out your Paris letters💌

I made a run up (last day) to see 
Karl Lagerfeld auction at Sotheby’s on upper rue Saint Honoré.

It turned out the walk across rue Royale was a joyous display of Christmas windows was much more glittery. 

I had to share it with you😊 Do you want to see Part2?

Especially after D. said you ‘You have to see this Chicago Posh shop every Parisian is showing their stuff’. 

What? Not this Parisian😮

If you know what’s going on in Hermé’s windows, please tell. Looks like we’re on a deluxe ‘Orient Express’ type train with filmed views out the window of outer spacial snow ⛄️  scenes. *Note there are 2 moons.. 

Or are we on Jeff Bezo’s fancy space ship??

Cartier’s panther embracing their building..

No Christmas decor for YSL. Just rows of clothes with the appropriate single shoe to wear in front?!

Wonderfully festive shoes from I don’t know where on rue Saint Honoré.
An elaborate Paris snow globe.

Get the kids some Couture clothes up near the Elysées palais. 

Glorious city lights on upper rue Saint Honoré. 
BBC4 has a lovely 5-part series on Wintering by Katherine May. Maybe you heard of this book on how to accept the changing, darkening days Winter brings us. So beautifully narrated. Events like Thanksgiving, Christmas, News Year give us the breaks to cope with Wintering. 
Do you want more Paris Christmas windows ?
You still probably can get your Paris Christmas🎄letter in time depending..Bonne Mardi PBers🎄❤️🧣🐻🐿🇫🇷



  1. As always, fabulous. Thank you for ferreting out all of the wonderful things your wonderful eye brings to us. You are much appreciated! Wishing you a safe and happy holidays. Sincerely, Leslie Haws

  2. Outstanding! No one does POSH better than the French!!!
    When I worked at a book store many moons ago I was given the opportunity to do the window displays. That truly is an art & a challenge.❤️🎄🎁
    More windows please!

  3. These are spectacular and I love them all! It's like walking through a story book. Yes, please. More!

  4. C’etait une joie a lire et voire! Merci pour l’information de « wintering. » j’ai deja ecouter les deux premiere episodes. Joyeux Noel! Jerie artz

  5. I would love to see more windows. Any time of year the displays are so creative.
    Merry Christmas

  6. Good idea Judy!
    I should do store windows as a regular thing.
    I used to when I didn’t live in Paris!
    Go figure

  7. Honestly,Leslie, its not me.
    Paris is an artful town as much outside as inside the Louvre.
    Its tradition.
    Just point and shoot 📸

  8. Ahhh yes Jerie, WINTERING is truly a gem
    Especially this year in grey, chilly, bleak, wintery Paris.
    I’m glad you’re enjoying it.

    Ga from Dekalb - I don’t envy you that job…spacial relationships..not easy.

  9. Beautiful photos, Carol! Paris is a fabulous place to be over the holidays. SO beautiful! I loved the Cartier panther slinking down their building but was disappointed with Hermes windows...quite lackluster. More please, Madame. 🙏🏻

  10. Sybille2:39 AM

    Love this post on the windows…gosh you take great photos with that iPad!


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