Saturday, August 07, 2021

‘Yves Saint Laurent, les coulisses de la Haute Couture à Lyon’

 Is there another Paris designer who has used silk fabrics so extravagantly, with more abandon then Yves Saint Laurent?  

The new exciting exhibit at the YSL museum  is a hymn to Lyon’s silk makers who worked so closely with YSL. 

An inside look at his relationship with the 6 Lyon-based textile manufacturers and suppliers puts Yves Saint Laurent’s creative genius in a new light. 

Stunning shoes and baubles made from Cigaline, a kind of specially created brocade from Bucol.

His assistants put together gorgeous inspo boards of color swatches for him to choose from.

When I went to Parsons School of Design aeons ago, they used to say, “There are ‘draper designers’ and ‘sketcher designers’”. I was definitively the latter. Everything was drawn on paper first. I dreaded picking up fabric and draping it on the dummy. Yves Saint Laurent was both a superb draper and his sketches were fabulous.

YSL in thought at his simple work table made from saw horses and a board in his studio. 

His studio is now open at the end of the exhibit. In the past you had to book a tour.

Choosing the fabric is the most important step in the creative process, the thing that requires the most concentration and also brings the most joy “.

Big heavy books of sample silk swatches to choose patterns from.

Obviously design students. They were sketching and taking notes.

Watch a short video on the exhibit from the Lyon musee de Tissue.

I was so smitten with the gold runway chairs in the YSL show clips I had to draw them. There’s impossible-to-miss Suzy Menkes from Vogue.
Want to add to your watercolor chair 🪑 Collection? Want your name ‘personalized‘ on a gold runway chair just like Anna, Suzy or Catherine. Its the perfect gift 🎁  if you missed this year’s Paris fashion shows. Or any years for that matter ☺️🐻🇫🇷❤️💋 Bisou Bisou 💋 Kiss Kiss


Bonnie L said...

Parsons School of Design?? Is there anything you haven’t done in your fabulous life, Carol? It’s no wonder that we learn so much from you. Definitely putting the YSL Museum on my Paris list. Love your gold runway chairs!

nanturner said...

Hi Carol - I was in the fashion design program in 76 - 77. When were you there?

Parisbreakfasts said...

I was there a few years before Nan
Your marketing tours look like fun. I’d love to visit Dior’s Grandville!

Ga From Dekalb said...

Exquisite! I always linked him to the beautiful Catherine Deneuve. ❤️

Parisbreakfasts said...

You are right Ga They were very much like sister and brother
YSL had quite a few ‘sisters’ I believe…

Christine said...

I used to collect orphan chairs on the side of the road and rehab them. My family finally broke my habit, but chairs remain a favorite for me. And YSL?!
Bien sur!!

sukicart said...

The YSL museum has been on my list (but there are so many) maybe I need to notch it up a few spaces.

Lisa D. said...

Yves was always my favorite. I came of age during the time that he designed all that gorgeous couture with the very colorful silk fabrics. Thanks for the memories, Carol.

P.S. I love your watercolors, and am suffering from a serious case of "house location envy" that you live on the Ile Saint Louis!

365 Dresses said...

Merci for the preview! Happy to see that the exhibit will be there when we arrive in October.

G said...

that was gorgeous! The Master!

La Table De Nana said...

Right up your alley!!

Anonymous said...

C! Merci! YSLs North African experience of growing up there really charged his color sense.JG

C+Y said...

Oh, how I love YSL's use of color, especially jewel tones, and his prints! I really miss seeing beautiful prints in fashion, although it seems there's been a slight resurgence over the past year for small prints a la Liberty fabrics. I'll have to look up this exhibit online and hope there are some photos. Merci Carol for the heads up!