Wednesday, August 04, 2021

Paris Mon Amour | Galeries Lafayette


This is fun!

For those of us left in Paris for August, Galeries Lafayette has sent us an early valentine❤️

The a love ❤️ letter 💌full of all the good things ‘made in Paris’.

Hanging from the rafters inside, an Ace of hearts, which traditionally is the card of love, happiness and celebrations 🥂🍾

Lots of Eiffel Towers in the windows definitely works for me.

I saw the signs all over town and in the Metro, ‘Paris, Mon Amour’ and wondered what’s going on?

A call to buy Paris-made goodies is what’s going on.

Like these Confiture Parisienne. I got a pretty jar during my strawberry obsession.

I was going to call this post ‘Desserts, Mon Amour’ since most of you are happy 🤸🏾‍♀️to see more desserts…

Or ‘Framboise, Mon Amour’…

This week I went to a local boulangerie who usually has nice little blueberry/myrtille 🫐 tartes but they were out. I got the framboise version of Yan Couvreur’s piled high tarte but it did not look like this.

More like this…

I thought I should taste le vrai chose/the real thing. But Couvreur has moved on. He no longer makes his famous architecturally-arranged framboise tarte because everyone else is. Now he’s doing piled high blueberries/myrtille 🫐

Here’s a Galeries Lafayette funny version of the famous whipped creamy, Riviera tarte, ‘la tropezienne‘ but shaped like an Eiffel Tower.

Naturally there are Metro seats in Galeries Lafayette’s window…with Paris Opera reflections.

Naturally, our favorite Luxembourg chairs are in their windows.

I put together 
a new 6-pack of Eiffel Towers for you.
And a new bunch of delicious(I know. I ate em) berry 🫐 tarte watercolors to taste now in my etsy shop.
All ‘Made in Paris’! Please share with a friend 🐻🐝🫐
Bon Wednesday PBers XOXO❤️💋🇫🇷


La Table De Nana said...

A visit there is unforgettable

Ga From Dekalb said...

Leave it to Galeries Lafayette to come up with a fab marketing campaign!
I LOVE the red Luxembourg chairs.❤️🪑

Pamela M said...

Paris knows what to do with berries, those tarts look so delicious! And, always love seeing what’s new at fabulous and unforgettable Galeries Lafayette!

marilyn said...

ALL beautiful and YUMMMMMM! Thanks for beautiful insight and art!!!!!

Bonnie L said...

YAY! for Galeries Lafayette, their windows inspire joy. Who knew there were so many products made in Paris? YAY! to Carol for creating fabulous calorie free watercolors of scrumptious Parisian pastries. Love them. ❤️

Parisbreakfasts said...

Calorie-free for you cherie
Not pour moi ;((
Not really complaining :))

Jeanie said...

I need to check your etsy and see if you do EIffel Tower cards. I love those designs and they'd be wonderful notes or greeting cards.

sukicart said...

I'm dying to get to Galeries Lafayette and love they have a made in Paris promo- hope they keep it up as I only want to buy things made there for gifts and souvenirs.

Kay said...

love this post!!