Sunday, May 19, 2019

May Strawberry Map + a 2-fer

The Paris maps began in May 4 years ago so
you will get 2 maps this month🥂🍾 Two birthdays/anniversaires this weekend! I'm celebrating mine in DEAUVILLE, but not telling any birthdates...ahem.

French strawberries are May’s theme.

As always the usual preparatory doodles.

Saying the French madly love strawberries/fraises is an understatement. Deauville is a good place for Normandy Garigette fraises.

In the marché on Fridays 
La Fraiserie Hardy has ripe, ready-to-eat berries. Plus the best jam on the planet.

I thought I'd be painting strawbs all weekend.

Barbara sent a picture of her beautifully framed watercolor parasols. I put the fraise tartes (and sorbet) away and got thinking beach umbrellas.

Parasols stay up come rain or shine. Its misty and drizzly this weekend. No matter.

The colors are even brighter when the sky is overcast. The shapes are just as fanciful. It costs 17€ to rent one for 1/2 a day. Next time.

My watercolor teacher, David Dewey always said,"When you travel, the best light is in the hotel bathroom so paint in there". Too true. This bathroom is big enough to fit a table in! I would like to take it back to Paris.

I'm staying at small, reasonable
 HOTEL DU POLO, a few blocks from the train, close to centre ville and a 20-minute walk to the beach and Deauville's Olympic salt-water pool. A spa birthday weekend misty or not.😄
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xxx💋Carolg et Bear 🐻 in Paris


La Table De Nana said...

I remember you mentioning the light to paint in a bathroom:)
And I LOVE all these.All.
And Happy Birthday to someone who fills our lives with inspo and color!
And Paris and it's surroundings.
I went because of you.
I did.
They're all so beautiful.

Parisbreakfasts said...

Awww Thank yiu Monique❤️
Now to get you to Deauville and Normandie

Barbara said...

I’m honored! I do love this watercolor!
We haven’t been to Deauville but these
beach umbrellas are my incentive to get there.

Sally said...

Happy birthday, Carol! You share dreams.

Gayle said...


Janet said...

Happy Birthday Carol!!

Hope to see you next year in beautiful Paris!!

Fred said...

Hope you had a nice birthday. Love the colors we are getting this month.

Barry Lewis said...

love your travels from paris. some places i've been when i lived there years ago; some places i've never been. u bring it all so alive. and those fraises will do me in & they were red all the way thru. strawberries & creme fraiche.

Linda said...

Wishing you a wonderful birthday filled with beautiful, juicy strawberries and glorious days at the spa!

sukicart said...

I hope it was a wonderful, wonderful birthday, Carol! I hope Bear gave you something special & an extra hug from me.

MR said...

Thank you so much, dear Ms. Carol for feasting our eyes with your great art!! For all the giggles your uplifting writings cause me.

Eugenia said...

I’m just home from the grocery store with a box of gorgeous strawberries - inspired by your yummy May map. Vive la fraise!

MR said...

I just received my special surprise of 2 Maps- so much detail in both!
Thank you!