Monday, May 27, 2019

Tea at the British Embassy, Festival de Loire d'Orleans

When you get an invitation for tea at the British Embassy for the upcoming FESTIVAL DE LOIRE D'ORLEANS you don't think twice. You go. No questions asked.
Do bring proper ID or you won't get past the guards or in the door.
I was a tiny bit late so I had the place to myself somewhat.Quite nice to wander about on my own.
Glorious floral bouquets.
Magnificent paintings.
Lovely clocks.
All very grand indeed. Was the Queen there?
Of course she was.
The garden looked lovely.
Admittedly I was expecting a grand tea. Still the embassy crown china was stunning.
I've been painting it all week.
On to the purpose of our gathering. The biggest boat festival in France in September. A 5-day extravaganza of fireworks, boat races, dancing, picnicking and most definitely tasting of Loire vallé wines. And British Thames boats have been invited.
Start planning now for the FESTIVAL September 18 through the 22nd. I'll be going bien sur👍🏻 Meanwhile I'll go back to painting the Queen's lovely china. Thanks for reading Parisbreakfast. If you enjoyed this please share with a friend. Get monthly Paris letters, maps and watercolors in your mailbox at ETSY.
xxx💋Carolg and Bear 🐻 in Paris


  1. Love your painting of the china & the event sounds fun. Will have to look into it if it might be a possible day trip.

    1. The Loire event looks astonishing!
      Suddenly I'm becoming very boaty

  2. The china is beautiful and what an honor to be invited.

    1. The china was lovely!
      We were nvited for the festival de Loire presentation.
      Good enough for moi

  3. Your embassy post is to die for!!

    1. I would love to go back to sketch onsite
      If only...🎨

  4. Cup and biscuit watercolor looks.terrif !!

  5. What a glorious place!
    Lucky you

  6. Bonnie L6:54 AM

    How fun to have gotten into the British invitation! The facade, on the rue, is so forbidding. Tea must have been good (earl grey??). But, no crumpets? no clotted cream?? The regatta in Orléans looks fabulous. You live a charmed life Miss C.

    1. The facade was hidden behind a fortified wall of course...2nd pic I think..
      It was def not a full afternoon tea...ahem
      No British biscuits..only mini madeleines mostly gone by the time I arrived..
      Say la vie

  7. Your tea cups are sheer magnificence.J'adore.

  8. Lynne C11:32 AM

    How utterly fabulous.

    1. When the brass ring comes around...
      Grab it!

  9. Bonjour Carole,

    Thank you for giving me such a wonderful and continuous insight into a day in the life of Paris on a regular basis. Your blog is truly inspirational and I love, love your paintings and your interpretation of places that you visit.

    I still have the signed copies of your tea cup prints in our salon de the here in Fontevraud l'abbaye and cannot thank you enough for your kindness when we met in the Loire Valley at the wonderful local château.

    Please do call in to Chez Teresa/A Taste d'Angleterre anytime that you are in the area. You would be assured of a warm and friendly welcome and of course a complimentary pot of your favourite tea and a slice of our gateau du jour which is usually the Queen Victoria Sandwich, scones or a rich chocolate cake. Not that we ever try to compete with the gorgeousness that is French patisserie at its best in the locale...but I think that you would enjoy our cakes.

    Best wishes

    Teresa Dolan
    Chez Teresa/A Taste d'Angleterre

    1. Thank you Teresa!
      How could I forget your cupcakes at Ch. du petit Thoars
      Very nice to hear from you ❤️

  10. Erin Hill3:44 PM

    Another not to be missed occasion. You are definitely on the A list.
    Looks marvellous. Enjoying your sketches.

  11. MValezza6:04 AM

    Did you get a macaron or scone with your tea at least?

  12. Nice tea set, maybe that's the best place to get a strong cup of black English tea with milk in Paris?!


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