Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Revelations at Grand Palais

When I went to REVELATIONS at Grand Palais previously it was a mostly all-French affair with just Norway as guest.
The latest edition last weekend of 
The 4th arts and craft biennale was
 a delight
Since 33 more guest countries were added.
The mix of craft artists working in so many mediums was outstanding.
Usually I'm not so thrilled by crafts but the grand scale, strong colors, variety of textures, materials and shapes made for an exciting experience.
At Revelations you had a chance to speak with the creators about their medium. Quite a few were honing their craft on site.
Revelations will be back in 2021 for another four days at Grand Palais. Its well worth planning ahead.  
All the brilliant colors and textures inspired me to do a new set of subscription bonus watercolors. Thanks for reading Parisbreakfast. If you enjoyed this please share with a friendGet monthly Paris letters, maps and watercolors in your mailbox at ETSYxxx💋Carolg and Bear 🐻 in Paris


  1. You are living your perfect life..Thanks for taking us all along:)I love the colors in that green and blue dress!!

    1. Stunning non? Organza pleated and wrapped.
      It would look good on you Monique!

    2. perfect life would be as a beach comber living on a tropical isle...eating clams daily. Yum
      We are never satisfied.

  2. Loved it all. Art work is fun and love the colors

  3. Wow, Carol! You go to ALL THE BEST PLACES!

  4. Bonnie1:34 PM

    The venue and displays were breathtaking.
    Love the dress that had the turquoise shirring.

  5. Demara1:37 PM

    In 2021, same time of year? May?
    Open to the public?
    Hope you are enjoying the lovely days of Spring.

    1. Absolutely open to the public Demara !

  6. There are so many different facets to art - this exhibit looks marvelous with all the color and variety.

    1. Exactly Suki.
      This exhibit was inspiring, expansive.
      Not just paint and canvas same ole, same ole

  7. Bill Ternay9:08 PM

    Loved the four water colors at the end of this post.
    So free, so fun and wonderfully casual.

    1. Thanks Bill!
      I really enjoyed doing those too.

  8. Hi Carol and Bear!

    I so enjoyed my Paris postcards!! They were a delight to find in my mailbox at the end of a busy day at work.

    Merci beaucoup!!

  9. Lovely painting Carol. Thanks for sharing this exhibition.


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