Friday, April 26, 2019

Les Parasols de Deauville

Last Easter weekend JANE invited me to DEAUVILLE.
I didn't plan on falling in love ❤️ with the famous parasols on the beach. That's why they call it 'le coup de foudre'. Struck by lightening, instant love.
I love their shapes, tied up like dancer's skirt.
 Watch the video.
I love the brilliant blocks of 'color like bonbons'. Delicious
You can rent les cabines to change in, relax or escape the sun. Things haven't changed that much on the beach at Deauville
There's a terrific boardwalk (les planches) with cafes, ice cream sellers, all the essentials.
Even better, walk barefoot in the fine sand.
My painting workstation inside.
My workstation at breakfast time with Normandy Neufchatel, jam from the strawberry lady, plus her strawberries, a hunk of semi-sel (salted butter) bought in Deauville's daily marché from the fromager, a chewy baguette de tradition, pain au raisin (my current addiction), organic Normandy yogurt. Yum, yum
I ❤️ Deauville. Have you been?
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xxx💋Carolg et Bear 🐻 in Paris


  1. I love beachy scenes.How charming et oh les belles aquarelles!!

  2. Kathkeen H10:17 AM

    Love the parasols ('le coup de foudre' and the breakfast table!!!

  3. Anabel10:19 AM

    Wow it is so amazingly beautiful there! I'm feeling a bit nostalgic and jealous.

  4. The parasols are enchanting and your watercolors make them even more so- love the colors as so many places are one color only.

    1. Yes I was impressed with their complimentary colors too.

  5. Judy J4:39 PM

    Carol, this is an absolutely beautiful post. The colors! And seeing your paint table, and your
    breakfast table was a joy. Your umbrellas are gorgeous. And now I'm hungry.
    (I love your paintbox).

  6. Sally4:44 PM

    Perfect. I need a beach tent and that breakfast.

  7. Lynne C4:47 PM

    Loved this one. Umbrellas great and the old shot of the beach is wonderful.

  8. Janine9:10 PM

    I grew up in Normandie...close to Deauville. Spent many summers at the beach....
    Sure miss the beach, the fromages, fraises, pain etc.....
    Love your art....parasols are just a wonderful reflection "de la plage".

    1. What a lucky girl you are Janine !!!

  9. Theresa7:32 PM

    I love Deauville! Our French friends have a flat there and showed us all around. So beautiful!

  10. Vicki H7:34 PM

    Would love to join you for breakfast!!! Your work continues to astound me. I just LOVE your newsletters.

  11. Kathleen7:47 PM

    Love the parasols ('le coup de foudre' and the breakfast table!!!

  12. Allie2:23 PM

    Love the blog and the beach umbrellas---_-most especially the exuberant first rendition.

  13. So those parasols are not an outdoor art installation, but there for use??????? AMazing, and thanks for sharing the video!! Yes, they are delicious, love them without people! You sure did have fun with THAT subject!!!!!


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