Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Papeterie map & Pets in Paris Portraits

This is an alert to lets those waiting for their Paris mail 📮 to arrive...
The September papeterie map shipped out today!
Who doesn't love Paris papeterie (stationary) shops?
You'd have to be mad not to love ❤️ them.
A yellow favorite 
In the 6th arron.
Filled with such colorful goodies.
Color themes that can break your heart ❤️ so beautiful.
Be like Marie-Antoinette and write ✍️ with a Paris plume
Or plume de ma tante. You should have the latest Paris map in your letter box shortly. Map makers are organized people as I found out the hard way.
On the other hand (one wants to say paw..) all the big dogs in Dieppe reminded me that I miss painting their portraits.
Little dogs too barked a few times.
Then a sign came to me enroute to the pool the other morning. OK I know a duck is coming out of the back of his neck but this looks alot
Like my darling Rudi...non?
And you have been sending requests.
Painting your pets in Paris has always been a delight
So why not do them again. You can order directly in my Etsy shop.
S'il vous plait include tails and paws in your reference photos. Most helpful. The more photos the better and tell me the name of your pet. It helps.
Thanks for reading Parisbreakfast!
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  1. I love color themes too..and papers and pens..Goulet pens always have beautiful montages /colors..on their blog and Instagram..
    Your pets are so cute..who would not love a pet portrait hanging in their home?
    Kudos for your beautiful much work have to scout everything first..sad I never made it to Marie-Tournelle..I just ordered more nibs..and empty half the vintagey looking nib boxes ..
    the map looks wonderful..Carol on your envelopes..I love the red white and blue sticker..and all your stamps.

  2. I think Rudi is generously giving the duck a ride across the street.

    1. So glad I'm not the only one with a vivid imagination!!

  3. Love your....color, color, COLOR! (It) makes my heart...sing. I'm all :-)'s.

    1. There is a lot of color in Paris because its a predominantly grey city. Color is the spark of life.

  4. Your pets are quite adorable, Carol, but I'm especially wild about your map. What a great subject!

  5. Dear Carol. I've just ordered one of these fabulous stationery shop maps. I could not resist! (Doing my homework.) xo

  6. Leslie H1:43 PM

    Love the paper stores in France! They are my first stops in my travels. I owned 3 paper stores in the bay area for 17 yrs. so it is in my blood!

  7. And I have a painting of my dog Tazzie in front of Lauderee done by from a friend; I treasure it!!!

  8. Totally awesome…’re so very talented!
    And i love, but of course, all of the postcard and paper stores new and those to be remembered.

  9. Your darling Rudi is a darling…oui !!

  10. Sharon B12:33 AM

    Carol, What a treat to see Coco and Daisy in today's letter! Merci beaucoup.

  11. You are just sooo funny and su-per!!
    'duck in the back of the neck.....hahahah....!)

  12. Yay! I will look forward to getting my September map letter. I love both the sketch and map letters, but understand the map letters are a LOT of organising so will get them all till you stop next year then switch to the sketch letters. I wish I had a pet to get painted but I don't........ personally I love stationary shops in Japan but haven't spent much time looking them out it Paris. Next time I hope!

  13. Go Carol !! Thank you for all the good vibes and great info you send out into the world
    on Paris Breakfasts !! A true labor of love and good will ! Un grand merci !

  14. I am extremely impressed along with your writing abilities, Thanks for this great share.


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